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OSSCD89 It's No Secret


A re-release of a classic CD

It's No Secret brings together three of Ireland's finest traditional musicians, performing reels, polkas, jigs, hornpipes, airs, slides and barndances in solo, duet and trio formats. They make music in a human scale. I'ts No Secret is the next best thing to having them perform in your own living room. Six songs complete the picture. Seamus contributes the tongue-in-cheek, "In Praise of Mullingar" and "The Plains of Drishane". Hammy brings "The Sea Apprentice" and "Erin's Green Shore" from his native Ulster. Con performs two songs of his own making, "The Spoons Murder", which describes the fate of a spoons player who attempts to disrupt a session, and a hilarious re-working of Shakespeare's classic tragedy "King Lear". Both of these will become folk club classics. The CD booklet features all the song texts.

1. Mick Doyle's Favourite / Dinny O'brien's
2. The Sea Apprentice
3. Din Tarrant's / West Kerry Polka
4. Lament for Oliver Goldsmith
5. The Spoons Murder
6. An Chliabh Mhóna / Jimmy Doyle's Favourite
7. In Praise of the City of Mullingar
8. The Cocktail / Mary MC Mahon's Reel
9. King Lear 10. The Dances At Kinvara / The Hills of Tara 11. Erin's Green Shore
12. Nicholas MC Auliffe's / Barrack Hill
13. The Plains of Drishane
14. A Night At the Fair / The Haunted House
15. Paddy Taylor's / The Earl's Chair



































































CRCD007 Magnetic South


1. Thadelo's /My Love in the Morning /Behind the Bush in the Garden (slides)

2. D. D. Cronin's Polkas /The Glin Cottage (polkas)

3 The Abbey of Kilcrea (song)

4. An Bhean Dubh /The Spaniard (hornpipes)

5. Quill's /The Pope's Toe (reels)

6. Bill the Weaver's /A Thousand Farewells /Follow me Down to Carlow (jigs)

7. The Pope's Toe (song)

8. Dha Chich Danaan (air) /Tom Sullivan's /The Borlin /As I Went Out Upon the Ice (polkas)

9. I'd Rather be Married than Left /John Cronin's (slides)

10. Bruach na Carraige Baine (song)

11. Paddy carey's /Captain Whites (jigs)

12. The Glenbeigh Hornpipe /Jackie Tar /The Scroll in the Stout (barndances)

13. Nuair Bhuaileas (song)

14. Cashman's /Lehane's (polkas)

15. O'Keefe's Woman of the House /The Man of the House /The Setting Sun (reels)


































































CRCD02 The Square Triangle 


Excellent Cork based band specialising in their local music as well as writing their own comic songs.


1. Scatter the Mud / Union Quay / Rogha an Mháistir

2. Jack Sweeney's / Billy Mahony's / Sonny Riordan's

3. Fitzgerald's Hornpipe / Kimmel's Hornpipe

4. Idir Corcaigh agus Dúghlas

5. The Swallow's Tail / The Heather Breeze

6. Merrily Kiss the Quaker / The Quarry Cross

7. Abha an tSuláin / The Honeymoon Reel

8. The Walking Jig / Michelle O'Sullivan's / Bímís ag Ól

9. The Miltown Cockroach

10. Barney Brallaghan's / Ride a Mile / The Sport of the Chase

11. The Lost Polka / The Rakes of Mallow

12. The Banks of the Lee

13. Temple House / The Boy in the Boat / The Red Haired Lass

14. Ode to Whiskey

15. Hymn to St Finbarr

16. Going for Water / Mick Lynch's










































































TSCD583 Wild Mountain Thyme

The McPeake Family’s Wild Mountain Thyme, also known as Will Ye Go Lassie, Go, is one of the most famous songs to emerge from the folk revival of the 1950s, being covered by an incredible variety of artists including Fotheringay, The Byrds, Mark Knopfler and Rod Stewart as well as Ewan MacColl, The Chieftains and Clancy Brothers.

Often containing as many as three generations, the Belfast born and bred McPeake Family played as far afield as Moscow and was a great favourite on the BBC. Their distinctive combination of uilleann pipes, harps and harmony vocals set a new standard for Irish music in the 1950s & 60s. Not content to showcase instrumental virtuosity, their warm ensemble sound brought out the depth of the songs making them one of the most loved Irish groups on the 1950s and early 60s.

1  Will Ye Go Lassie, Go
2  I Know My Love
3  McLeod’s Reel
4  A Bucket Of The Mountain Dew
5  Eileen Aroon
6  An Durd Fain
7  My Singing Bird
8  The Lament of Aughrim
9  Carraig Dun
10  The Derry Hornpipe
11  The Old Piper
12  Slieve Gallon Brae
13  Ireland, Boys, Hurrah
14  Cock Robin
15  An Coolin
16 The Verdant Braes Of Screen
17 Juanita
18 Jug Of Punch










































































VVCD007 The Tunes We Like to Play on Paddy's Day  


Joe, Louis and Mike took New York by storm in the 1920s with their unique brand of showmanship and sparkling playing. 78rpm recordings with none repeated from the old Topic album.


1. The Cavan Reel - Reels
2. The Grand Hotel in Castlebar - Song
3. International Echoes - Novelty Piece
4. Flanagans at St. Patrick's Parade - Comic Sketch
5. Buttermilk Mary - jigs
6. Little Bridget Flynn - Song
7. Chicken Reel American - Reels
8. Up the Hill of Down Highland - Flings
9. Mick from Tralee - Song
10. Boys at the Lough - Reels
11. Just Like Home 6/8 - Two Steps
12. Fun at Hogan's - Comic Sketch
13. Around The Old Turf Fire - jigs
14. Ireland's 32 - Song
15. An Carrowath - Hornpipe
16. Tom Steele Medley - Reels
17. Erin go Bragh - Song
18. The Green Mountain - Reels
19. By Heck - Barndances
20. Maloney Puts his Name above the Door - Song
21. The Rights of Man - Hornpipe
22. The Coach Road to Sligo - jigs
23. The Half Crown Song - Song
24. The Tunes We Like to Play on Paddy's Day - Reels































CICD 168 A Tribute to Andy McGann


Andy McGann was born and raised in New York to Sligo parents and became one of the key figures in traditional Irish music in the US. He would eventually become the standard-bearer of the Sligo-American style made famous by Coleman and, indeed, pass the tradition on to other players including his protégé Brian Conway. On 1 April 2006 in the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Joe Burke, Felix Dolan and Brian Conway performed together in a concert titled ‘A Tribute to Andy McGann', honouring a great musician and friend who had passed away in 2004. The CD booklet includes extensive notes on Andy McGann and on the three musicians on the album.

1. Jigs: Molloy's Jig / The Humours of Castlelyons
2. Reels: Crowley's Reels
3. Hornpipes: The Cliff Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe (Joe Burke solo)
4. Jigs: The House in the Glen / Coleman's Maid on the Green
5. Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Boys of the Lough (Brian Conway solo)
6. Air & Hornpipe: Bantry Bay / The Bantry Hornpipe
7. Reels: Miss Lyon's Fancy / The New-Mown Meadow
8. Air: The Blackbird (Joe Burke solo)
9. Carolan Piece (tune): Carolan's Draught
10. Jigs: The Old Grey Goose / Rosewood (Brian Conway solo)
11. Reels: The Bunch of Currants / The Gossoon that Beat his Father
12. Slip Jigs: Kitty, Come Down to Limerick / The Kid on the Mountain
13. Air & Reel: The Coolin / The Fisherman's Island (Brian Conway solo) icon
14. Jigs: The Luckpenny / The Pipe on the Hob icon
15. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens (Joe Burke solo)
16. Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Maid in the Meadow
17. Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / Reidy Johnson's / The Bucks of Oranmore








































CICD 170  Island Eddy


sland Eddy is the new album from the group by the same name with musicians Brendan Larrissey (fiddle), Brian Duke (flute), Jim McKee (vocals, guitar) and Martin Gavin (bodhrán). Brendan Larrissey, from Dundalk, Co. Louth and living in Galway for almost twenty years, has established a reputation as an excellent fiddler. Jim McKee is from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone and penned three new songs for this album based on his experience of life in Northern Ireland. Brian Duke is from Roscommon, the home of traditional flute-playing and is a gifted exponent of that same tradition. Martin Gavin is a talented bodhrán player from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway and has a great interest in the music of east Galway.

1. Jigs: Castle Jig / The Nightingale
2. Reels: Larry Redican's / Leitrim Lilter
3. Dignity Beyond the Flowers
4. Hornpipe & Jigs: Cuckoo's Nest / Cuigiu Lassies / Scatter the Mud icon
5. Waltz: Helen of Moy icon
6. Bradley
7. Reels: Father O'Grady's Trip to Bockagh / Limerick Lassies / The Mountain Top
8. Air & Reel: Guitar Island / Matt People's Reel
9. The World Around icon
10. March & Reels: Breton March / Molly Bhán / Dan Cleere's
11. The Bomb went Boom
12. Reels: Dinny O'Brien's / Bris an Fhuinneog / Farewell to Connaught

































CEFCD110 Women of Ireland

Mna na hEireann is a collection of songs and tunes which celebrates a musical adventure which began in Dublin in 1984. It was then that more than twenty women came together to express their music and their creativity as a group. No better day for it than March 8th, International Women's Day. Although all the women were based in Dublin they brought with them music from all parts of the country adding richness and interest to the overall sound of the band. They came from Clare, Galway, Wexford, Meath, Westmeath, Donegal, Belfast, Dublin, Kerry, and Cork.


1. An Cailin Aerach
2. Reels: O'Dowd's - The Union Reel
3. Mna na hEireann
4. Jigs: An Seanduine Doite - Paddy Canny's
5. Bhi Mise La
6. Reels: Blackberry Blossom - Lord McDonnell - Vinvent Broderick's
7. Highlands - The Congress Reel
8. Eibhlin Gheal Chiuin
9. Jigs: Cobblers - Strop the Razor
10. Taimse 'gus Maire
11. Hornpipes: The Chancellor - Paddy Sullivan's
12. Aililiu na Gamhna




















































CEFCD034  Ceol Porter


Composer, arranger, lecturer, broadcaster & orchestrator A.J.Potter does the notational work and the RTE Light Orchestra play the end result.

1. Jigs: The Joys of Wedlock - The Caravat Jig - Splayfoot Nance
2. Cailin Deas Cruite namBo
3. Reels: Castle Kelly - Roger McMura
4. The Green Bushes
5. Jigs: The Night of the Fun - Ballyoran - The White Calf
6. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
7. Jigs: The little Brown Calf - Castle Morris - Blow the Chaffe
8. An Draighnean Donn
9. An Chuileann
10. Hornpipes: The Frost Is All Over - The Piper In the Meadows - The Spaniard's Leg
11. Sliabh Gallen Braes
12. Jig: Carrickmacross
13. Carrigdhoun
14. Reels: The Goroum - Toss the Feathers - The Peeler's Jacket
15. Roisin Dubh
16. Rosc Catha na Mumhan





























CEFCD154 Na Casaidigh 1691


A concept album about the events and battles of 1691. Unique album from a talented family group of Irish traditional musicians. Music and song recalling the heroism of Patrick Sarsfield and the battles of 1691 during the war in Ireland between two English kings, James II and William III. (See also CEFCD198)


1. 1691 - Na Casaidigh
2. Slán le Pádraig Sáirséal [Farewell to Patrick Sarsfield] - Na Casaidigh
3. Thugamar Féin an Samhradh Linn - Na Casaidigh
4. Lilliburlero - Na Casaidigh
5. Briseadh Na Bóinne [the Battle of the Boyne] - Na Casaidigh
6. Sergeant Costume - Na Casaidigh
7. Clare's Dragoons - Na Casaidigh
8. The Battle of Aughrim [Briseadh Eachroma] - Na Casaidigh
9. Aughrim's Departure [an Filleadh Ó Eachroim] - Na Casaidigh
10. Ballineety's Walls [Ballaí Bhaile an Fhaoitigh] - Na Casaidigh
11. Sarsfield's March [Máirseáil an Tsáirséalaigh] - Na Casaidigh
12. Marbhna Luimnigh [Limerick's Lamentation] - Na Casaidigh
13. Siúil, A Ghrá [Farewell My Love.] - Na Casaidigh

























































CEFCD185 La An Dreoilin (Wren Day)


Songs and tunes from the excellent young Irish group. Barndances, slip jig, airs, reels, hornpipes, hop jigs, highland flings, set dances and lilting.Oisin MacDiarmada on fiddle & vocals, John Blake on flute & guitar, Paul Finn on accordion & concertina, Sean MacElwaine on banjo and Tristan Rosenstock on bodhran.

1. Song: Brid Thomais Mhurchadha
2. Hornpipes: Stepping Stones - An tSeanbhean Bhocht
3. Reels: The League Reel - Peter Horan's - The Flannel Jacket
4. Set Dance: The Ace and Deuce of Piping
5. Reels: Humours of Lissadell - Maude Miller - The Jolly Tinker
6. Song: Thios i dTeach an Torraimh
7. Fling, Slip Jig & Reel: Highland Chluain Aird - Clarke's - The oxhunter's Jig - The Old Maid
8. Barndances: John Egan's - Saunders' Fort
9. Jigs: Tom Cawley's - Ta An Coilleach Ag Fogairt an Lae - Rowsome's - Clancy's Jig
10. Air: The Trip We Took Over the Mountain
11. Jigs: King of the Pipes - Queen of the Fair - The Woodcock
12. Song: Piopa Ainde Mhoir
13. March & Reel: The North Wind - Lady Kelly's Reel - Sporting Nell
14. Jigs: The Green Blanket - Up Sligo - Up Leitrim



















































CEFCD188 Inne Amarach


Quintet Teada reflects a deep cultural fascination with the interaction of past and present.

1. Reels: Lady Montgomery - Follow Me Down - Give the Girl Her Fourpence - Tie the Bonnet
2. Jigs: The Tenpenny Piece - Comb Your Hair & Curl It - Larry McDonagh's
3. Barndance & Reel: Jamesy Gannon's - McDermott's - Over the Moor to Peggy
4. Polkas: Ta Dha Ghabhairin Bhui Agam - The Shelf
5. Descriptive Piece: Nora Criona
6. Jigs: Delia Keane's - The Horse's Leotard - Sean Bui - The Dawn Chorus
7. Hornpipes: The Ebb Tide - Peter Wyper's
8. Reels: Sarah's Delight - Paddy Sean Nancy's - The Ireland We Knew - The Ewe Reel
9. Planxty, Polka & Slide: Planxty Crilly - Micho Russell's - Mickey Callaghan's
10. Jigs: Port Aitheantais na gCaipini - Johnny's So Long At the Fair
11. Reels: Bonnie Ann - John Kelly's - The Boy In the Boat




























































CEFCD195  Ceol & Cuimhne (Music & Memory)


Steeped in tradition, Téada present the music to today’s audience with verve. Guests: Gráinne Hambley (harp) and Tommy Martin (pipes). Téada regularly headline international festivals in the US, Europe and farther afield.

1. Miss Cassidy's Reel
2. The Bog Of Allen
3. Poitin March
4. The Russians Are Coming
5. Murty Rabbett's
6. Gan Ainm
7. A Sligo Air
8. Ril Liatroma
9. Granuaile Barndance
10. Clothiers
11. Paddy Fahy's Reel































































CEFCD190 Cnuas Le Ceoltoiri Laighean


A two CD collection featuring the best of . Among their members were some of the very finest individual performers of Irish traditional music and song. But they are even more important as a group, for the ideal they represent, blending their talents in the lively expression of a noble tradition. Featuring John Kelly, James Kelly, Paddy Glackin, Mary Bergin, Micheal Crehan, Michael Gavin, Eamon de Buitlear and many others....

Disc One - The Crooked Road:

1. Reels: An Bothar Cam, Diuc Laighean agus a Bhean

2. Slainte Bhrea Hewlett

3. Double Jig: Airgead Realach

4. Song: Mathair mo Cheile

5. Reels: Neil Spoirtiuil, Amhar 'sa nGra

6. SlowAir: Sean O' Duibhir a' Ghleanna

7. Harp Tune: Murtach Mac Cana

8. Song: De Bheatha-sa, a Pheaiti

9. Reel: Drucht na Maidne

10. Song: Amhran an Steaimpi

11. Reel: Na Cosain Ghriothail

12. Harp Tune: A GHra, Luigh Laimb Liom


Disc Two - The Star of Munster

1. Polkas: Cnoc na gClarach, Bainis Cnoc na gClarach

2. Reel: Miko Russell's Ashplant

3. Song: Mo Ghile Mear

4. Song: An Cgruach Tobac

5. Harp Tunes: Carraig an Aoibhnis, An Speic Seoigheach

6. Slow Air & Reel: An tSean Bhean Bhocht

7. Set Dance: Gairdin na Noimini (The Garden of Daisies)

8. Jig: Port Thom Bhilly

9. Reel: Realt na Mumhan (The Star of Munster)

10. Slide: Sleamhnan Inis Cathaigh

11. Song, Airs & Reel: Dha Ghabhairin Bhui

12. Jig: Dinny Delaney's










































CICD 180 Reelin' in Tradition


Following their outstanding 2005 recording 'Notes from the Heart' on the Cló Iar-Chonnachta label, Mick Mulcahy and his daughters Louise (26) and Michelle (24) are back with a new album, Reelin’ in Tradition. If their first album was a revelation for the rhythmic and beautiful Mulcahy sound – as well as the virtuosity across several instruments of Michelle and Louise – Reelin’ in Tradition presents a new level of musicianship exploring their collective repertoire.Mick, Louise and Michelle Mulcahy regularly perform in Ireland the USA and have an unmistakeable, infectious sound. As Martin Hayes writes, ‘I first became familiar with the music of Mick Mulcahy from his first solo recording... I remember that both my father and I felt that his music had a great depth of feeling. That same feeling that first made an impression on me has been handed on to his daughters and continues all the way through this recording.'

1. Reels: Mullingar Races / Coen's Memories / Jim Donoghue's
2. Jigs: Munster Buttermilk / The Sheep in the Boat / Charlie Mulvihill's
3. Reels: The Pullet / The Boys of Portaferry / The Dunmore Lassies icon
4. Polkas: Captain Moonlight's Army / Tom Billy Murphy's / Johnny O'Leary's
5. Jigs: Happy to Meet Sorry to Part / Martin Hardiman's
6. Reels: Down the Broom / The Bush in Bloom icon
7. Jigs: James McMahon's / The Fairhaired Boy / John McKenna's
8. Reels: Devanney's Goat / The Flax in Bloom
9. Jigs: Hughie Travers / What Would I Do if the Kettle Boiled Over?
10. Hornpipes: The Home Ruler / Jerry Daly's
11. Slow Air: Mountains of Pomeroy icon
12. Reels: Mick O'Connor's / McDonagh's / McCabe's
13. Jigs: Kitty Lie Over / Connie the Soldier
14. Reels: The Sailor's Jacket / Wexford Lasses
15. Jigs: Jerry Holland's / Humours of Rahey / Paddy Conneely's
16. Reels: Maids of Castlebar / Toss the Feathers / Lucy Campbell




















































CICD185 and so the story goes


Sean Tyrrell, renowned for his unique singer/songwriter talents, legendary fiddle player Kevin Glackin and creative uilleann piper Ronan Browne will fuse their talents on stage, for what promises to be an inspiring tour. Gigs have been scheduled across Ireland, from Dublin to Clifden and from Monaghan to An Daingean. Seán, Kevin and Ronan have been playing together socially and for tours and shows since the 1980s but are only now (after major hounding by their fans) releasing a CD of songs and tunes. The CD is nicely balanced between gentle and wild music, without suffering from that dreadful modern ailment of over-production - just warm, friendly music and singing

1. The Hunt/Dunphy's Hornpipe
2. The Skie's O'er Ballyroan. (song)
3. Micho Russell's Jigs
4. Dan O'Hara. (song)
5. The Old Grey Goose.
6. The Cat That Kittled in Jamie's Wig/The Errigal Reel/The Black Mare of Fannad.
7. The Quaker's Meeting. (song)
8. Paddy's Ramble Through the Park. (air)
9. Cronin's Jigs
10. The Man from Galway/The Rambling Pitchfork. (song & jig)
11. An Gasúr Mór/The Glen Road to Carrick. (hp & reels)
12. An Phis Fhliuch. (slip jig)
13. The Cap & Bells/The Frost is all Over. (song & jig)
14. The Old BUsh/My Love isin America/Trim the Velvet.
15. Mickey Free/ The Mountain Road. (song & reel)































CEFCD196  Clannad 2 & Dúlamán

Two of the group’s seminal recordings now in one double CD pack!  Clannad 2 and Dúlamán are ranked as ‘must haves’ for fans of Irish traditional music. Dúlamán represents the band before they progressed to a more 'pop' style after signing to RCA in the early 1980s. The music retains the authentic feel, and is performed with passion. The title song (which translates as 'seaweed') revolves around a conversation between a young suitor and her stubborn father - other tracks are traditional love songs from Donegal. Bonus track An Bealach Seo 'ta Romham is a single from 1975. Clannad 2 was produced by Donal Lunny and Micheal O Domhnaill, who both also guested on the album.

Clannad 2 -

1. An Gabhar Ban

2. Eleanor Plunkett

3. Coinleach Glas An Fhomair

4. Rince Philib a Cheoil

5. By Chance It Was

6. Rince Briotanach

7. Dheanainn Sugradh

8. Gaoth Barra na dTonn

9. Teidhm Abhaile Riu 10. Fairly Shot Of Her 11. Chuaigh Me 'na Rosann.

Dúlamán -

1. Dúlamán

2. Cumha Eoghain Rua Neill

3. Two Sisters

4. Eirgh Suas a Stoirin

5. Galtee Hunt

6. Eirigh Is Cuir Ort Chuid Eadaigh Coiriu

7. Siuil A Run

8. Mo Mhaire

9. dTigeas a Damhsa

10. Cucanandy / The Jug Of Brown Ale

11. An Bealach Seo 'ta Romham.

































TARACD 3007 Crann Ull

This is the group's fourth album, and as well as their distinctive vocal styleit shows off Máire's harp playing and also features a fuller band sound which was a feature of their live shows at the time. Clannad, who hail from Co. Donegal in the North West of Ireland, take their name from the Gaelic word for 'family', which is most appropriate for when they started out playing in their farther Leo's bar about 1970 Maire Brennan was accompanied by her brothers Ciaran (vocals, guitar, bass), Pol (guitar, percussion, flute, vocals) and two of their uncles, Padraig Duggan (guitar, vocals, mandolin) and Noel Duggan (guitar, vocals).  The Brennans come from a very musical family, their father Leo was a former cabaret band leader and their mother was a school teacher who ran the local choir. With their reputation growing at a steady pace they began playing folk festivals in Ireland. In 1973 they released their first album simply titled "Clannad' which showed a band aware of the Irish music of the time, there was a taste of modern influences as well as traditional songs, sung in the Irish language. In 1975 they released their second album 'Clannad Two' which was produced by Donal Lunny of Planxty and Bothy Band fame. This was followed the following year by the Dúlamám album. By this time the group's reputation was spreading throughout Europe where standing ovations were commonplace. At this point they came to the attention of Tara who recorded their next album 'Crann Ull' which in addition to featuring Máire's harp playing also featured a fuller band sound which was a feature of their live shows at the time. In 1981 they recorded their second album with Tara 'Fuaim' (meaning Sound). For this album they were joined by their sister Enya on keyboards and vocals. Fuaim' album the group introduced an even bigger sound with the use of synthesiser, electric guitar, clarinet, saxophone and percussion. The following year Enya left the group to pursue a solo career and the band set about recording their 'Magical Ring' album (which included 'Harry's Game'). This was to prove a major turning point in their career, shooting them to stardom and worldwide recognition.


1. Ar A Ghabhail 'N A 'Chuain Damh

2. The Last Rose Of Summer

3. Cruscin Lán

4. Bacach Shile Andai

5. Lá Coimhthioch Fan Stuath (A Strange Day In The Countryside)

6. Crann Ull

7. Gathering Mushrooms

8. Bunan Bui

9. Planxty Browne



































TARACD 3008 Fuaim

1982's FUAIM--pronounced "foom," and meaning "sound"--is a defining album for Clannad. Fuaim CD music The Brennan siblings, having made six previous albums of fairly traditional Celtic folk, here went into something largely different, combining traditional-style Irish folk melodies with expansive, largely electronic arrangements heavy on lush, drifting keyboard sounds, odd percussion and heavily-reverbed overdubbed harmonies. The youngest Brennan sister, who would later achieve worldwide fame as new age songstress Enya, makes her only appearance as a member of Clannad on this album, singing lead on two Gaelic-language tracks, "An Tull" and "Buaiereadh An Phosta. " One can only wonder how influential she was in the group's change of direction, as the ideas first explored here are the ones which define her later solo albums.

 1 Na Buachailli Alainn
2 Mheall Si Lena Glorthai Me
3 Bruach Na Carraige Baine
4 La Brea Fan Dtuath
5 Tull
6 Strayed Away
7 Ni La Na Gaoithe La Na Scoilb?
8 Lish Young Buy-A-Broom
9 Mhorag's Na Horo Gheallaidh
10 Green Fields of Gaothdobhair
11 Buaireadh an Phosta
























TARACD 3014 The Storm


The classic fusion album of Irish traditional with jazz/ funk, featuring Davy Spillane (uilleann pipes, low whistle), Declan Masterson (uilleann pipes), Keith Donald (soprano and alto sax, bass clarinet), Noel Eccles (percussion), Matt Kelleghan (drums), Eoghan O'Neill (bass), Donal Lunny (bouzouki) and Greg Boland (guitar). (1992 re-release of 1985 recording)


1. The Lark (The lark in the Morning / Earl the Breakfast Boiler / O’Broin’s Flightcase / In the Mountains of Holland / Oh Hag! You’ve Killed Me / Peter O’Byrne’s Fancy / Langstrom’s Pony

2. The Titantic (An Irishman in Brittany / A Breton in Paris)

3. The Storm (The Storm in the Teashirt / The Staff in the Baggot

4. Finore

5. Tribute to Peadar O’Donnell

6. May Morning Dew.














5046 695232 Donal Lunny's Definitive....


Donal Lunny chooses his favourite Moving Heart tracks.

1. The Girl In the Big House
2. Allende
3. McBride's
4. Faithful Departed
5. Downtown
6. All I Remember
7. Let Somebody Know
8. Before the Deluge
9. Category
10. Irish Ways & Irish Laws
11. The Lark Set
12. Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian roulette
13. Ballinspittle Boogie
































TARACD4004 Many's the Foolish Youth

The Voice Squad represent the melding of two related but separate traditions -- a British harmony-singing tradition (as exemplified by the Copper Family and the Watersons) and the unaccompanied solo singing tradition of Northern Ireland (as exemplified by such legendary artists as Paddy Tunney and Joe Heaney). By taking the traditional Irish repertoire and harmonizing it in a generally British style, the three members of the Voice Squad have created something new and absolutely wonderful. All three singers have excellent voices, but tenor Fran McPhail is the one who brings something tonally unique to the ensemble; his voice has an eerie, almost horn-like quality that blends beautifully with the harder-edged voices of tenor Phil Callery and baritone Gerry Cullen. This 1995 reissue of Many's the Foolish Youth, originally released in 1987, brings improved sound quality to a set of songs that showcases this group at its best, on a program that ranges from the romantic regret of "The Banks of the Bann" to the traditional parting song "The Parting Glass" and stops off in between for a couple of Christmas songs ("The Holly She Bears a Berry," "Kilmore Carol," "Shepherds Arise"). The Voice Squad deliver everything with a marvelous combination of power and tenderness that is bound to touch your heart.

1. When A Man's In Love

2. The Bonny Irish Maid

3. Willie Taylor

4. The Banks of the Bann

5. The Holly She Bears A Berry

6. The Parting Glass

7. Kilmore Carol

8. Annan Waters

9. Shepherd's Arise

10. Ode to Autumn

11. Oh Good Ale




























TARACD4013  Holly Wood

Three traditional style, unaccompanied 'iron bar voices' in harmony - Phil Callery, Fran McPhail and Gerry Cullen. Largely recorded in the 1000 year-old St Kevin's church in Hollywood, Co Wicklow, where the acoustics give an extra special aura to the recording.
Three voices in perfect unison, singing in the most unique and beautiful way.

1. The Coventry Carol

2. The Cocks Are Crowing

3. The Sheepstealers

4. A Stor Mo Chroi 5. Jimmy Murphy

6. I Am Stretched On Your Grave

7. Good People All

8. The Brown and the Yellow Ale

9. Sarah Jane

10. Down In Yon Forest

11. A Fond Kiss

12. Annan Waters

13. The Parting Glass.




























LUNCD 11 Midnight Well

Formed in the mid 1970’s by Irish-American singer-songwriter Thom Moore, Midnight Well was composed of Moore, vocalist Janie Cribbs, guitarist Gerry O’Beirne (The Waterboys, Sharon Shannon Band, Patrick Street) and button accordionist Martin O’Connor (Boys of the Lough, De Danann).

1. Gwebarra Bridge
2. Ships in Full Sail/The Humours of Ballyloughlin
3. Nathaniel Gow's Lament for His Brother
4. Wooden Whale
5. Three Sea Captains
6. Molka
7. Mr. P.C.
8. Bird and the Goat
9. Bliggish
10. Chanela
11. Paddy Fahy's Jig
12. R?
13. Jimdance
14. Mo Ghile Mear




























CHC 6 The Killaville Sessions


Ceoltoiri Coleman is a group of musicians associated with the Coleman Heritage Center of Gurteen, Co. Sligo, and includes such luminaries as Colm O'Donnell (vocals, flute, tinwhistle) and Michael Hurley (flute, fiddle). This particular CD, recorded just prior to the ensemble's 2001 tour, follows the format of the live show, alternating numbers performed by the full ensemble with others recorded by singers or musicians playing solo or in duets, all very good. Throughout, the music has the vitality and energy, yet flowing quality associated with South Sligo, "Coleman Country" as it is known. Many of the tunes recorded are standards of the Sligo tradition, but there are a few rarities thrown in as well. The songs are performed by the great Colm O'Donnell and his daughter Siobhan.

1. Reels: The Providence / Paddy Mills' / Maids of Castlebar
2. Jigs: The Pipe on the Hob / Cailleach a Airgid
3. Song: The Shamrock Shore
4. Reels: The Blackberry Blossom / Ah Surely
5. Jigs: Brendan Tonra's /The Killavil / The Man in the Bog
6. Reels: Josephine Marsh's / John Brosnan's
7. Hornpipe & Reels: The High Level / Dunmore Lasses / Old Maids of Sligo
8. Song: Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
9. Jigs: The Enniscorthy Set
10. Slow Reels: Cuz Teahan's
11. Reels: George White's / Carracastle Lass
12. Slow Air: A Stor Mo Chroi
13. Jigs: Garrett Barry's / Sean Ryan's / The Piper's Chair
14. Reels: The Monasteraden Fancy / Paddy Jim Frank's
15. Song: The Maid of Sweet Gurteen
16. Jig: The Lark in the Bog
17. Jigs: The Wandering Minstrel / Fasten the Leg in Her / Tansey's Dream
18. Reels: Finn's Favourite / Jackie Coleman's / The Sligo Duke




























GLCD1177 The Best of Altan


Packaged together with a bonus CD of the band recorded live in Germany in January 1989, The Best of Altan provides a companion compilation to the previously released Altan - The First Ten Years. The nine songs and seven tunes chosen for this collection thoroughly illuminate the breadth of talent in this band, highlighting each member's individual virtuosity as well as the overwhelming strength of their arranging skills.


Disc 1

1. Tommy Peoples / The Windmill / Fintan McManus's

2. Moll Dubh A'Ghleanna

3. Jimmy Lyon's / The Teelin' / The Red Crow / The Broken Bridge

4. The Sunset

5. Glory Reel / The Heathery Cruach

6. The Flower of Magherally

7. Mazurka

8. A Bhean Udai Thall

9. King of the Pipers

10. Si Do Mhaimeo I

11. The Jug of Punch

12. The Emyvale / Ril Gan Ainm / The Three Merry Sisters of Fate / An Mhaighdean Mhara

13. Dulaman

14. Drowsy Maggie / Rakish Paddy / Harvest Storm

15. An Feochan.

Disc 2

1. Con Cassidy's / Neil Gow's Highland / Moll and Tiarna / McSweeney's

2. The Yellow Tinker / Lady Montgomery

3. Thug Me Ruide

4. Ta Mo Chleamhnas A Dheanamh

5. The Curlew / McDermott's / Three Scones of Boxty / Unnamed Reel

6. Tuirse Mo Chroi

7. Paddy's Trip to Scotland / Dinky's / The Shetland Fiddler

8. Johnny's Wedding / Rogue's Reel / The Gravel Walk.






























GLCD 1200 Otherworld


Without a doubt, Lúnasa is one of the most celebrated new bands to come out of Ireland in a long time. Their music befits the background of its members: Trevor Hutchinson (The Waterboys, Sharon Shannon Band) and Donough Hennessy (Sharon Shannon Band) on acoustic bass and guitar, Kevin Crawford (Moving Cloud) on flute, and Seán Smyth (Coolfin) on fiddle. Otherworld, their first worldwide release, introduces this band with eleven tracks of instrumental fire, brilliant solo playing over intense guitar and bass grooves.


1 Goodbye Miss Goodavich /Rosie's Reel
2 Floating Crowbar/McGlinchey's/The Almost Reel
3 Butlers of Glen Avenue/Sliabh Russell/Cathal McConnell's
4 January Snows/Laura Lynn Cunningham
5 Miller of Drohan See All 2
6 Dr. Gilbert/Devils of Dublin/Black Pat's
7 Autumn Child/Heaton Chapel
8 Stolen Apples
9 Taylor Bar, 4am/Ceol Na Mara
10 Lafferty's/Crock of Gold/Lady Birr/Abbey Reel
11 O'Carolan's Welcome/Rolling in the Barrel

































GLCD1213  Merry Sisters of Fate


Lúnasa has become one of the best and most exciting Celtic ensembles in the world by updating Irish tradition in a way more subtle than usual. Where other bands incorporate Asian or African percussion, synthesizers, and electric instruments, Lúnasa mostly relies on a different rhythmic approach while keeping the core instrumentation largely traditional (with the exception of string bassist Trevor Hutchinson).


1 Aoibhneas Eillis Ni Cheallaigh/Jimmy Ward's/Not Safe With a Razor
2 Donogh and Mike's 1st August/Windbroke
3 Killarney Boys of Pleasure
4 Merry Sisters of Fate/The Longacre
5 Inion Ni Scannlain
6 Casu See All 2
7 Paistin Fionn
8 Minor Bee
9 Scully's
10 Return From Fingal
11 Morning Nightcap















































GLCD1224 Redwood


A new album from one of the best Irish bands is always a welcome treat. The aim behind Redwood -- recorded in a ten-day break from Lúnasa's 2002 U.S. tour -- was to re-create the feel of their live set in the studio. And they succeed beautifully in that. There's a rare fire and flow to the music


1 Cregg's Pipes: Cregg's Pipes/Uist Reel/Johhn Doherty's
2 Welcome Home: Welcome Home Grainne/I Have a House of My Own With a ...
3 Harp and Shamrock: Harp and Shamrock/Mick O'Connor's Reel
4 Fest Noz: Ridees Six Temps
5 Spoil the Dance: Cillian's Midnight Dip/Tuttles Reel/Spoil the Dance
6 Stor Mo Croi: A Stor Mo Croi/Stack of Rye/Ladies Step Up to Tea
7 Dublin to Dingle: James Kelly's/The Foxhunt/John Brosnan's/West ...
8 Lady Ellen: Tana/Lady Ellen
9 Cotati Nights: Enez Sant Loran's/Princess of the Manor/Hunter's Road
10 Two-Fifty to Vigo
11 Temple Hill: Patrick Conneely's/Johnny McIljohn's/Temple Hill






























GLCD1150  Moving Cloud

Moving Cloud represent the living tradition in its truest form, performing high-powered dance music with virtuosic talent. All have distinguished solo credits, & among them possess over twenty All-Ireland Championship titles. Personnel: Maeve Donnelly (fiddle, viola); Manus McGuire (fiddle); Adele O'Dwyer (cello); Kevin Crawford (flute, percussion); Paul Brock (accordion, melodeon); Carl Hession (piano); Trevor Hutchinson (double bass).

1 Dances at Kinvara Peach Blossoms
2 Avonmore/More Luck to Us/The Coachman's Whip Reels: The Avonmore
3 Old Woman's Purse of Money/The Maids on the Green
4 Virginia Waltz
5 Colonel McBain's/Grogan's Favourite/The Sailor on the Rock Reels
6 Seanbhean Bhocht/Sweeney's (Hornpipes)
7 Chinese Polka/Williams Durette's Clog/The Boys of the Lough
8 Tongs by the Fire/Buttermilk Mary/Joy of My Life: The Tongs By The Fire
9 Tommy's E-Flat Clog
10 Bluebell Polka
11 Cill Chais
12 Loudon's Braes Are Bonnie/Pat Ward's/The Mountain Top: Pat Ward's
13 Do You Want Any More?/The Visit to Ireland
14 George White's Favourite/Touch Me If You Dare/The Green ...: Touch Me If You Dare


































PMCD001 Green Grass Blue Grass

The extraordinary collaboration between Brock McGuire Band/Ricky Skaggs and American Guest Musicians. Released at a live performance on March 11th 2011 by Brock McGuire Band with Ricky Skaggs at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, “Green Grass Blue Grass” is a cross- cultural CD which celebrates the music of the Irish and Appalachian traditions. “This is one of the most unique assemblies of talent that have appeared on an album in recent years. The most unique aspect of it is that the purity of the music is maintained, while at the same time displaying bravery to explore new territories."


1. Reel: Moving Cloud
2. Reels: Tom Ward's Downfall - Lucy Campbell
3. Indian Springs
4. Wild Fiddlers Rag
5. Reels: Because It's There - The Coalminer
6. Chinquapin Hunting
7. American Polka
8. Johnny Will You Marry Me - Phil the Fluter's Ball - The Rookery
9. Aineis
10. French Canadian Reels
11. The Bluebell Polka
12. Taylor's Joy
13. The Darling Girl From Clare - Turkey In the Straw
14. Fish On A Snag - Wheel Hoss - Ships Are Sailing
15. Chase Me Charlie - Poor Old Liza Jane - Dance Boatman Dance - Miss Monaghan
































GLCD1071  Patrick Street

"An overall joy" Irish traditional music performed with unassuming fervor and fidelity."" The Irish Echo

This great band’s first album featuring original members Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Andy Irvine, and Arty McGlynn. With Donal Lunny as producer, the question is not whether it is good, but can it get any better? These musicians, once aptly labeled "the legends of Irish music," will leave you breathless

1. Patrick Street / The Carraroe Jig,

2. Walter Sammon's Grandmother / Concertina Reel / Brendan McMahon's,

3. The Holy Ground,

4. The Shores of Lough Gowna / Contentment is Wealth / Have a Drink With Me,

5. French Canadian Set "La Cardeuse",

6. Loftus Jones,

7. The Dream / Indiana,

8. Martin Rochford's Reel / Roll Out the Barrel / The Earl's Chair,

9. Mrs. O'Sullivan's Jig / Calliope House,

10. The Man With the Cap.

































GLI 1088  No. 2 Patrick Street

A four-star group took the Irish music world by storm when they came together for a one-off tour in 1986. Called the Legends of Irish Music and featuring fiddler Kevin Burke (Bothy Band), singer/bouzouki player Andy Irvine (Planxty) and accordion virtuoso Jackie Daly (DeDannan) and acclaimed guitarist Arty McGlynn,, the tour quickly became a tour-de-force, and the quartet released an album called Patrick Street (after a road or avenue found in towns across Ireland. A band was born.

Originally released in 1988, 2, Patrick Street (GLCD1088) is another giant of an album. Patrick Street’s combination of great traditional style with virtuosic talent causes one to feel that the musicians are playing both for themselves and for the listener -- the lift in their playing is unmatchable; their total performance is spellbinding. And, with newly redesigned packaging, it looks as fresh as it sounds! Kevin Burke fiddle, backing vocal, Jackie Daly button accordion, backing vocal, Andy Irvine bouzouki, harmonica, mandola, mandolin, vocals, Arty McGlynn guitar, Edna Walsh keyboards

1. John Mckenna's Jigs
2. Braes of Moneymore
3. Hard by Seifin/Woodcock Hill
4. Tom Joad
5. Benton's Jig/Benton's Dream
6. William Taylor
7. Caherlistrane Jig/Gallowglass Jig/Kanturk Jig
8. Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhrán/Jack Keane's Reel
9. Facing the Chair
10. Sweeney's Wheel




















































GLCD1105  Irish Times

Dublin-born fiddler James Kelly and uilleann pipes/low whistle/keyboards player Declan Masterson (a former member of Moving Hearts), join Kevin Burke, Andy Irvine, and Gerry O’Beirne on rousing instrumental sets including flings, polkas and reels. Irish Times (GLCD1105) also has five songs, among them the strikingly powerful Forgotten Hero,written by Andy Irvine. Jackie Daly and Arty McGlynn add their own touches of magic here, as does ace Dublin studio musician Bill Whelan.

Kevin Burke fiddle
Jackie Daly accordion
Andy Irvine bouzouki, harmonica, mandolin, vocals
James Kelly fiddle
Declan Masterson keyboards, uilleann pipes, low whistle
Arty McGlynn guitar
Gerry O’Beirne guitars, vocals
Bill Whelan keyboards

1. Music for a Found Harmonium
2. Brackagh Hill
3. Brian O'Lynn-The Wood of Old Limerick
4. Strokestown
5. The Newmarket Polkas
6. A Forgotten Hero
7. Doorus Mill
8. In the Land of Patagarang
9. Boston O'Connor/John Gaffney' Fling
10. The Humours of the King of Ballyhooley


































GLCD1160  Corner Boys

It began as so many formidable projects do, with a modest idea: get four recognized masters to join forces for a tour, bill it as "The Legends of Irish Music," and make a recording. Built around the core group of fiddler Kevin Burke (ex-Bothy Band, now leader of Open House), Jackie Daly (ex-DeDannan) and singer/guitarist Andy Irvine (ex-Planxty, and currently with the EastWind Trio), Patrick Street has indeed evolved into "legendary" status! On their fifth album, Corner Boys (GLCD1160), they welcome new recruit Ged Foley (formerly of the Battlefield Band, and now in The House Band), whose inventive guitar licks pprovide ideal underpinning for Andy Irvine’s intricate songs and Kevin Burke and Jackie Daly’s seamless duets on fiddle and accordion. Corner Boys adds yet more luster to a group whose tightly executed arrangements and unparalleled musicianship know no equal. Daly brings his wide repertoire of Kerry music to the fore with a dazzling slide set (which includes a surprise polka to keep you on your toes!), and Burke lays into his reel solos with a gentle ferocity. Irvine’s bouzouki playing has long been a standard by which others are judged, and he is in great form here, both instrumentally and vocally. This is especially true on his medley of songs about the hunting of the hare (with the delightful bonus of Foley’s Northumbrian pipes). All in all, it’s another hit from the Irish group that first popularized Music For a Found Harmonium. This all-star quartet just keeps getting more diverse and eclectic over time, and Corner Boys shows them at the peak of their form.Kevin Burke fiddle, Jackie Daly accordion, Ged Foley guitar, Northumbrian smallpipes, Andy Irvine bouzouki, harmonica, mandolin, vocals

1. The White Petticoat / The Kerry Jig / Katy is Waiting

2. Sweet Lisbweemore

3. Mike McDougall's / Paddy Canny's / Jim Keefe's 4. Devanney's Goat / The Leitrim Rover / Michael Ryan's

5. Moorlough Shore

6. The Kanturk Polka / Joe Burke's

7. Portarlington Jig / Billy McCormick's / Munster Buttermilk

8. Pity the Poor Hare- On Yonder Mill / Merrily Tripping / O'er The Plain / The Kilgrain Hare / Pity the Poor Hare

9. The Lighthouse / Neilie Boyle's * Down by Greer's Grove

10. Killanan's Fancy / The Dash to Portobello / Anna Maculeen


































LUNCD 3002 1975


The first album from the seminal group. Electrifying fiddler Tommy Peoples made his first and only recording with The Bothy Band on 1975, the band's debut album. Peoples propels the group through a brilliant selection of jigs, songs and especially reels.


1. The Kesh Jig / Give Us A Drink Of Water / The Flower Of The Flock / Famous Ballymote

2. The Green Groves Of Erin / The Flowers Of Red Hill

3. Do You Love An Apple

4. Julia Delaney * Patsy Gearys / Colemans Cross 5. Is Trua Nach Bhfuil Me In Eirinn

6. The Navvy On The Line / The Rainy Day

7. The Tar Road To Sligo / Paddy Clancys

8. Martin Wynns / The Longford Tinker

9. Pretty Peg / Craigs Pipes

10. Hector The Hero / The Laird Of Drumblaire

11. The Traveller / The Humours Of Lissadel

12. The Butterfly

13. The Salamanca / The Banshee / The Sailors Bonnet


































LUNCD 3007  Old Hag You Have Killed Me


Second album from the seminal group from the 1970s, featuring fiddler Kevin Burke who replaced Tommy Peoples. The powerful arrangements and original group sound made The Bothy Band one of the most significant groups ever to emerge from Irish music. First released in 1976 this album was immediately hailed by critics and listeners alike as a signal that a new direction in Irish music was being forged. Over thirty years later it is every bit as awesome, with possibly the greatest Irish line-up ever: Matt Molloy, Paddy Keenan, Kevin Burke, Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, Micheal O Domhnaill and Donal Lunny.


1. Music In The Glen

2. Fionnghuala

3. Farewell To Erin

4. The Ballintore Fancy

5.  The Maid Of Coolmore

6. Michael Gormans

7. 16 Come Next Sunday

8. Old Hag You Have Killed Me

9. Calum Sgaire

10. The Kid On The Mountain

11. Tiochfaidh An Samhradh (Summer Will Come) 12. The Laurel Tree.

























LUNCD 3013  Out Of The Wind Into The Sun

In the three years the Bothy Band were together, they emerged as one of the exciting bands in Celtic music history. Although much of their repertoire was rooted in the traditional music of Ireland, their enthusiasm and musical virtuosity set off ripples that continue to be felt. By the time of this, their third album, there was no doubt that siblings Micheal and Triona, rhythm genius Donal Lunny, piping king Paddy Keenan, flute virtuoso Matt Molloy and brilliant fiddler Kevin Burke stood at the very summit of Celtic music..


1. The Morning Star

2. The Maids Of Mitchelstown

3. Rip The Calico

4. The Streets Of Derry

5. The Pipe On The Hob

6. The Sailor Boy

7. The Blackbird

8. The Strayaway Girl

9. The Factory Girl * Slides
























LUNCD 3030  After Hours (Live in Paris)


The legendary Irish band recorded live in Paris in 1978. Moving songs and blistering instrumentals ensure that this album sounds as good today as it did when first released.


1. The Kesh Jig

2. The Butterfly

3. Casadh An tSugain

4. Farewell To Erin

5. The Heathery Hills Of Yarrow

6. The Death Of Queen Jane

7. The Pipe On The Hob

8. The Priest

9. How Can I Live At The Top Of A Mountain

10. Rosie Finn's Favourite

11. The Green Groves Of Erin.

































LUNCD 41 The Best of the Bothy Band


Classic tracks - The Bothy Band, along with their contemporaries De Dannan and Planxty, helped define the modern traditional Irish band. The Best Of The Bothy Band, released four years after the band split up, is a superb introduction to their blend of tradition and innovation that still inspires Celtic musicians. From ancient ballads, sung by siblings Micheal O'Dhomhnaill and Triona ni Dhomhnaill, to driving sets of dance tunes, played by uilleann piper Paddy Keenan, flutist Matt Molloy, and fiddler Tommy Peoples (and later Kevin Burke), the Bothies could do it all. The rhythmic center of the band was Donal Lunny, who provided the heartbeat on bodhran, bouzouki, and guitar


2. Reels: The Salamanca/The Banshee/The Sailor's Bonnet

2. Song and Reel: Pretty Peg/Craig's Pipes

3. Air, Set, Dance and Reel: The Blackbird

4. Reel: The Maids of Mitchelstown

5. Song: Casadh An tSugain

6. Reels: Music in the Glen/The Humours of Scariff/The Otter's Holt

7. Song: Fionnghuala

8. Jig: Old Hag You Have Killed Me

9. Song: Do You Love An Apple?

10. Jig and Reels: Leitrim Fancy/Round the World for Sport/Rip the Calico/Martin's Wynne/The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land

11. Song: The Death of Queen Jane

12. Reels: The Green Groves of Erin/The Flowers of the Red Hill.
































LUNCD 17  Molloy, Brady, Peoples


This album is something of a summit meeting between two major powers in Irish music -- fiddler Tommy Peoples and flutist Matt Molloy, both veterans of the legendary Bothy Band and world-class instrumentalists. Guitarist Paul Brady plays a supporting role, though he steps out front to sing, beautifully, on the bitter "Shamrock Shore." Throughout most of the album, Molloy and Peoples take turns leading the trio through sets of traditional jigs and reels. Interestingly, the program includes a few session standards ("Speed the Plough," "Toss the Feathers," "The Connachtman's Rambles") but consists primarily of more obscure tunes. Molloy solos on a set of reels consisting of "The Crosses of Annagh" and "McFadden's Handsome Daughter" and delivers them with his trademark offhanded eloquence; Peoples shows off his sharp, astringent attack to perfect effect on "The Newport Lass" and "The Rambling Pitchfork."


1.Matt Peoples [Reels]
2 The Creel of Turf/Tom Billys [Jigs]
3 Crosses of Annagh/Mcfaddens Handsome Daughter [Reels]
4 The Newport Lass/Rambling Pitchfork [Jigs]
5 Sharock Shore [Song]
6 The Munster Buttermilk/Connachtman's Rambles [Jigs]
7 Speed the Plough/Toss the Feathers [Reels]
8 The Limerick Lasses/Foxhunters [Reels]
9 The Mick Finn's/Blackthorn [Reels]
10 The Fergal O'Gara/Cloon [Reels]
11 Mulqueeney's/Out in the Ocean [Hornpipe/Jig]
12 The Rainy Day/Grand Canal [Reels]
13 The Scotsman over the Border/TheKillavil [Reels] 
14 John Brennans (Silver Spire)/Drag Her Round the Road [Jigs] 
15 The Graf Spee [Reel]























































517391 2 Live 2004

After a break of 23 years, Planxty came together again for a series of concerts in January and February. I was at the opening night, and the atmosphere was raw with expectation. What ensued was a triumph of music, memories and nostalgia. Veteran Planxty fans weren?t disappointed, and a substantial proportion of the audience, who weren't even born when Planxty last played, had their eyes opened. It was a peg to hang a memory on, and the experience was captured on tape. You can enjoy it now on CD. The emphasis is on well-tried favourites from long ago (after all that was what the shows were about). It's great music and it proves that these lads are only in their prime. 'Sean O Duibhir' is the hidden track on the CD.

1 Starting Gate.
2 Good Ship Kangaroo.
3 Clare Jig.
4 Arthur McBride. See All 2
5 Little Musgrave. See All 2
6 Vicar St. Reels.
7 Blacksmith/Black Smithereens.
8 Dark Slender Boy.
9 Christy Roves Out.
10 Andy Roves Out.
11 Kildareman's Fancy.
12 Raggle Taggle Gypsy.
13 West Coast of Clare.
14 O'Dwyer of The Glen



































TARACD3001  After the Break


In 1972 Planxty was born out of the recording of Christy Moore's album "Prosperous". The core members were Christy, his old school mate Donal Lunny, piper extraordinaire Liam O'Flynn, and Andy Irvine. So it was that this recording led to the formation of Planxty, a band who were at the cutting edge of the revival of Irish Traditional and folk music. There were several additions and changes to the original lineup most notably the addition of Matt Molloy.This is the classic lineup that recorded "After The Break". The original lineup have recently played a series of sold out dates in Dublin. The pleasure and excitement of the early years is still there, making this an ideal time to re-assess the extraordinary power of this collaboration.


1 The Good Ship Kangaroo
2 East at Glendart/ Brian O'Lynn/ Pay the Reckoning
3 You Rambling Boys of Pleasure
4 The Blackberry Blossom/Lucky in Love/The Dairy Maid
5 The Rambling Siuler
6 The Lady on the Island/The Gatehouse Maid/The Virginia/Callaghan's
7 The Pursuit of Farmer Michael Hayes
8 Lord Mcdonald/The Chattering Magpie
9 The Bonny Light Horseman
10 Smeceno Horo



































TARACD3005 The Woman I Loved So Well

Musicians: Donal Lunny - Bouzouki. Christy Moore - Vocals and guitar. Andy Irvine - Vocals, bouzouki, harmonica and mandolin. Liam O'Flynn - Uilleann pipes and whistle. Matt Molloy - Flute. Noel Hill - Concertina. Tony Linnane - Fiddle. Bill Whelan - Keyboards.

1. True Love Knows No Season

2. Out On The Ocean / Tiocfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom ('you will come home with me'?) Double Jigs

3. Roger O'Hehir

4. The Tailor's Twist (hornpipes)

5. Kellswater

6. Johnny of Brady's Lea

7. The Woman I Never Forgot / The Pullet / The Ladies Pantalettes (Reels)

8. Little Musgrave.























CC2CD Chieftains 1

In more than twenty five years playing, The Chieftains have brought Irish music to the farthest parts of the world. Their first record, the catalyst that inspired a complete new generation of traditional musicians, is a good introduction to their later work. Made in 1964, the record remains fresh and exuberant, and is still a bestseller. Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes & tin whistle Michael Tubridy; flute & concertina Sean Potts; tin whistle  Martin Fay; fiddle David Fallon; bodhrán  

1. 'Sé Fáth mo Bhuartha; slow air, The Lark on the Strand; jig, An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach; air, Trim the Velvet; reel
2. An Comhra Donn, Murphy's Hornpipe; hornpipes
3. Cailín na Gruaige Doinne; slow air
4. Comb Your Hair and Curl it, The Boys of Ballisodare; slip or hop jigs
5. The Musical Priest; The Queen of May; reels
6. The Walls of Liscarroll; jig
7. A Dhruimfhionn Donn Dílís; slow air
8. The Connemara Stocking, The Limestone Rock, Dan Breen's; reels
9. Casadh an tSúgáin; air
10. The Boy in the Gap; reel
11. Saint Mary's, Church Street; polkas Garrett Barry, The Battering Ram; jigs Kitty Goes A-Milking Rakish Paddy; reels























CC7CD Chieftains 2

The Chieftains' second record was hailed as a worthy successor to their first. Drawing on traditions from all parts of Ireland, they play a selection of dance music with some song airs. Michael Tubridy; flute, concertina, tin whistle Seán Potts; tin whistle Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes, tin whistle Martin Fay; fiddle Seán Keane; fiddle Peadar Mercier; bodhrán and bones.

1. Banish Misfortune; Gillian's Apples; double jigs
2. Planxty George Brabazon
3. Bean an Fhir Rua; slow air
4. Pis Fhliuch (O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick) slip jig
5. An Páistín Fionn; air, Mrs Crotty's; The Mountain Top; reels
6. The Foxhunt
7. An Mhaighdean Mhara; slow air, Tie the Bonnet; O'Rourke's; reel
8. Callaghan's; Byrne's; hornpipes
9. Pigtown, Tie the Ribbons, The Bag of Potatoes; reels (Michael Tubridy and Peadar Mercier)
10. The Humours of Whiskey; Hardiman the Fiddler; slip jigs
11. Dónall Óg; slow air
12. Brian Ború's March
13. Sweeney's, Denis Murphy's, The Scartaglen Polka; polkas  

















































CC10CD Chieftains 3


 A mighty collection of music continuing the refreshingly innovative approach of The Chieftains. The arrangements are delightful, but they never intrude on the individual musician’s prerogative to use his instrument freely and fully: a record with a heart as well as a head. Musicians Michael Tubridy; flute, concertina, tin whistle, Seán Potts; tin whistle, Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes & tin whistle, Martin Fay; fiddle Séan Keane; fiddle, Peadar Mercier; bodhrán & bones, Pat Kilduff; lilter.

1. Strike the Gay Harp; jig, Lord Mayo; air, The Lady on the Island, The Sailor on the Rock; reels
2. Sonny's Mazurka, Tommy Hunt's Jig
3. Eibhli Gheal Chiúin Ní Chearbhaill; air, Delahunty's Hornpipe
4. The Hunter's Purse; reel
5. The March of the King of Laois
6. Carolan's Concerto
7. Tom Billy's, The Road to Lisdoonvarna, The Merry Sisters; reels
8. An Ghaoth Aneas; air
9. Lord Inchiquin
10. The Trip to Sligo; jig
11. An Raibh Tú ag an gCarraig? air
12. John Kelly's, Merrily Kiss the Quaker, Denis Murphy's; slides

























































CC14CD Chieftains 4


Derek Bell’s harp joins in for the first time. The outstanding tracks here include Sean Keane’s solo interpretation of the Bucks of Oranmore, and Moloney’s outstanding arrangement of The Battle of Aughrim and The Morning Dew, one of The Chieftains’ best known pieces. The standard set by Chieftains 1 is maintained and developed on each successive venture. Marvellous! Musicians Michael Tubridy: flute, concertina & tin whistle, Seán Potts: tin whistle, Paddy Moloney: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Martin Fay: fiddle, Seán Keane: fiddle, Peadar Mercier: bodhrán, bones, Derek Bell: harp

1. Drowsey Maggie
2. Morgan Magan
3. The Tip of the Whistle; air
4. The Bucks of Oranmore; reel
5. The Battle of Aughrim
6. The Morning Dew
7. Carrickfergus; air
8. Hewlett
9. Cherish the Ladies; double jig
10. Lord Mayo; march
11. Mná na hÉireann; air
12. O'Keeffe's Slide, An Súisín Bán; set dance, The Star Above the Garter, The Weavers; slides























































CC16CD Chieftains 5

The music on this album covers the entire spectrum of traditional instrumentation, and the range of tunes is also quite comprehensive, from the stateliness of the older pieces to the bounding rhythms of the dance tunes. Musicians Paddy Moloney: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Seán Potts: tin whistle, Michael Tubridy: flute, concertina & tin whistle, Seán Keane: fiddle, Martin Fay: fiddle, Derek Bell: harps, oboe & tiompan, Peadar Mercier: bodhrán, bones, Ronnie McShane: bones

1. The Timpán Reel
2. Tabhair dom do Lámh (Give me your Hand)
3. Three Kerry Polkas
4. Ceol Bhriotánach (Breton Music)
5. The Chieftains' Knock on the Door
6. The Robbers' Glen
7. An Ghé agus Grá Geal (The Goose & Bright Love)
8. The Humours of Carolan
9. Samhradh, Samhradh (Summertime, Summertime)
10. Kerry Slides


























































CC20CD Chieftains 6


Ireland’s European history echoes in Paddy Moloney’s interpretation of Napoleon’s campaign and its Irish implications. The historic links are obvious with songs such as The Bonny Bunch of Roses and The Green Linnet sung by Dolores Keane (see CC23) and the hornpipe The Rights of Man. Musicians Paddy Moloney: uilleann pipes, tin whistle & bodhrán, Seán Potts: tin whistle & bodhrán Martin Fay: fiddle, Michael Tubridy: flute, concertina & tin whistle, Derek Bell: harps, oboe & tiompan, Seán Keane: fiddle with Ronnie McShane: bones, Kevin Conneff: bodhrán, Dolores Keane: vocals

1.The Chattering Magpie
2. An Chéad Mháirt den Fhomhar (The first Tuesday of Autumn) and Green Grow the Rushes O
3. Bonaparte's Retreat
4. Away with Ye
5. Caledonia
6. Iníon Nic Diarmada or The Princess Royal, Máire Dhall (Blind Mary) and John Drury
7. The Rights of Man
8. Round the House and Mind the Dresser






















































CC24CD Chieftains 7

On this album different members of the band contributed their own arrangements of favourite pieces. You’ll find here music from the distant past right beside the reels and jigs of contemporary Ireland. Musicians Seán Potts; tin whistle, bones. Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes, tin whistle
Seán Keane; fiddle, tin whistle. Martin Fay; fiddle, bones, Derek Bell; neo Irish harp, medieval harps, tiompán, oboe, Kevin Conneff; bodhrán Michael Tubridy; flute, concertina, tin whistle.

1. Away We Go Again
2. Dóchas (Hope)
3. Hedigan’s Fancy
4. John O'Connor and The Ode to Whiskey
5. Friel’s Kitchen
6. No. 6 The Coombe
7. O’Sullivan’s March
8. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering
9. The Fairies’ Lamentation and Dance
10. Oh! The Breeches full of Stitches
























































CC29CD Chieftains 8


The Chieftains propel us into a session of dance music, airs and descriptive pieces. The moods evoked vary between the joyous excitement of the reels and the emotional melancholy of the slow air. Good music played by great musicians. Musicians Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Seán Potts; tin whistle, Seán Keane; fiddle, Martin Fay; fiddle, bones, Michael Tubridy; flute, tin whistle, concertina, Derek Bell; neo Irish harp, mediaeval harp, tiompán, Kevin Conneff; bodhrán.

1. The Session
2. Dr. John Hart
3. Seán sa Cheo
4. An tSean Bhean Bhocht
5. The Fairies’ Hornpipes
6. Sea Image
7. If I had Maggie in the Wood
8. An Spéic Seoigheach
9. The Dogs among the Bushes
10. Miss Hamilton
11. The Job of Journeywork
12. The Wind that Shakes the Barley / The Reel with the Beryle
















































CC30CD Chieftains 9 - Boil The Breakfast Early


As varied a selection of music as they’ve recorded, this is the first record on which the great Matt Molloy joins The Chieftains, and it includes two songs from Kevin Conneff. Musicians Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Seán Keane; fiddle, Martin Fay; fiddle, bones, Derek Bell; neo Irish harp, mediaeval harp, tiompán, Kevin Conneff; bodhrán, Matt Molloy; flute, tin whistle, Jolyon Jackson; cello, with: The Rathcoole Pipe Band drum corps

1. Boil the Breakfast Early
2. Mrs. Judge (Turlough O'Carolan 1670-1738)
3. The March from Oscar and Malvina
4. When a Man's in Love
5. Bealach an Doirín (The Path through the Wood)
6. Ag Taisteal na Blárnan (Travelling through Blarney)
7. Carolan's Welcome
8. Up Against the Buachalawns
9. Gol Na mBan san Ár
10. Chase around the Windmill






















































CC33CD Chieftains 10


In their eighteenth year together, The Chieftains made their tenth record. Their sound, which has taken the world by storm, remains absolutely fresh. Horizons are expanding with a French carol, some Manx pieces and a dance tune from America - and naturally there’s plenty of Irish music.

1. The Christmas Reel
2. Salut á la Compagnie
3. My Love is in America
4. Manx Music
5. Master Crowley's Reels
6. The Pride of Pimlico
7. An Faire (The Gold Ring)
8. An Durzhunel (The Turtle Dove)
9. Sir Arthur Shaen & Madam Cole
10. Garech's Wedding
11. Cotton-eyed Joe






















































CCF15CD Ballad Irish Horse


When National Geographic made a television special on the Irish horse, The Chieftains were asked to provide the music. The score, reproduced on this record, was composed and arranged by Paddy Moloney, and captures among other things, the excitement of the hunt, the chaos of the fair, and the boisterous atmosphere of the race course.

1. Ballad of the Irish Horse Main Theme
2. The Green Pastures; jig
3. The Birth of the Foals
4. Lady Hamphill
5. Horses of Ireland - Part 1
6. Chasing the Fox
7. Going to the Fair
8. Galway Races
9. Sceal an Chapaill - The Story of the Horse
10. The Boyne Hunt/Mullingar Races/ The Five Mile Chase; reels
11. Horses of Ireland - Part 2
























































CC66CD The Chieftains Collection


The best-known traditional Irish band in the world began their recording career with Claddagh Records. In this selection from the original group (which included Seán Potts, Michael Tubridy and Peadar Mercier) we hear the band at their refreshing best, playing with just as much confidence as they display nowadays. There are jigs, reels, slow airs, slides and polkas in the sparkling, beautiful arrangements that have always marked The Chieftains' music.

1. The March of the King of Laois or Ruairí Óg Ó Mordha; air
2. The Musical Priest,
The Queen of May; reels
3. An Páistín Fionn (The Fair Child); air
Mrs.Crotty's Reel, The Mountain Top; reels
4. Three Kerry Polkas
5. Tabhair dom do Lámh (Give Me Your Hand); reels
6. Strike the Gay Harp; jig
Tiarna Maigheó (Lord Mayo); air
The Lady on the Island, The Sailor on the Rock; reels
7. The Morning Dew
8. The Foxhunt
9. Bean an Fhir Rua (The Fair-haired Man's Wife); slow air
10. John Kelly's Slide,
Merrily Kiss the Quaker,
Denis Murphy Slide; slides
11. Mná na hÉireann; air
12. The Walls of Liscarroll; jig
13. Sonny's Mazurka,
Tommy Hunt's Jig
14. Samhradh, Samhradh (Summertime, Summertime); air
15. Seóirse Brabston (George Brabazon) 





















































CC67CD The Chieftains Collection Vol 2


Another collection of tunes from the early Chieftains' catalogue. This one would make an ideal present for someone wishing to acquaint themselves for the first time with good traditional Irish music.

1. Kerry Slides
2. The Hunter's Purse
3. Callaghan's / Byrne's
4. Round the House and Mind the Dresser
5. Brian Ború March
6. An Mhaighdean Mhara
7. Ceol Bhriotánach
8. Drowsy Maggie
9. Away with Ye
10. Carolan's Concerto
11. Cherish the Ladies
12. Dónall Óg
13. Ríl Mhór

















































CC42CD  The Chieftains In China


In 1984 The Chieftains toured China. Chinese audiences reacted to their first encounter with Irish music immediately and spontaneously. They loved it. The Chieftains were feted everywhere they went and had many sessions with local musicians. Obvious disparities between Irish and Chinese music did not prevent a search for common ground, and The Chieftains themselves play several Chinese pieces, while a Chinese ensemble joins in on some of the Irish tunes. Musicians Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Seán Keane; fiddle, Martin Fay; fiddle, bones, Derek Bell; neo Irish harp, tiompán, Kevin Conneff; bodhrán, Chinese gong and vocals, Matt Molloy; flute.

1. Full of Joy
2. In a Suzhow Garden
3. If I had Maggie in the Wood
4. The Reason for My Sorrow
5. The Chieftains in China
6. Planxty Irwin
7. Off the Great Wall
8. A Tribute to O'Carolan
9. The Wind from the South
10. China to Hong Kong
















































CC21CD Chieftains Live!


Earlier records portrayed The Chieftains in their more serious studio guise, but the live atmosphere of the concert hall allows them to be completely uninhibited. Along with the exciting group playing, each Chieftain shows his individual virtuosity. Musicians Seán Potts; tin whistle, bodhrán, Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Seán Keane; fiddle, tin whistle, Martin Fay; fiddle, Derek Bell; neo Irish harp, tiompán, Kevin Conneff; bodhrán, Michael Tubridy; flute, concertina, tin whistle.

1. The Morning Dew
2. George Brabazon
3. Kerry Slides
4. Carrickfergus
5. Carolan's Concerto
6. The Foxhunt
7. Round the House and Mind the Dresser
8. Solos:
Caitlín Triall
For the Sake of Old Decency
Carolan's Farewell to Music
Banish Misfortune
The Tarbolton / The Flogging Reel
9. Limerick's Lamentation
10. O'Neill's March
11. Ríl Mhor




























































9026 631202  Celtic Wedding


Though associations with pop musicians such as Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, and many others have established The Chieftains as one of the premier traditional ensembles in Ireland, it's their dedication to exploring the depths of the Celtic culture that best proves their musical worth and skill. The focus in CELTIC WEDDING is on Breton wedding traditions.Highlights of this 1986 release include "Dans Mod Koh A Vaod," an old fashioned dance that was known only in the small town of Baud, France, and which has not been performed since around 1950. The pivotal 20-minute title track is a medley of processional and recessional marches, hymns, and various celebratory dances. A thorough and well-researched album, CELTIC WEDDING is as insightful as it is enjoyable. Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, Dublin, Ireland in May 1986. Personnel: Kevin Conneff (vocals, bodhran); Nolwenn Monjarret (vocals); Derek Bell (harp, oboe, organ); Martin Fay, Seán Keane (fiddle); Matt Molloy (flute, tin whistle); Paddy Moloney (tin whistle, Uilleann pipe); Alain Guerton, Bernard Pichard, Michel Bertae (bombard).

1 Dans Mod Koh A Vaod
2 Breton Carol
3 Dans-Tro Fisel
4 Marches
5 Dans Bro-Leon
6 Heuliadenn Toniou Breizh-Izel
7 Ev Chistr 'Ta, Laou!
8 Jabadaw
9 Celtic Wedding

























































9026 636372  Water from the Well

WATER FROM THE WELL was nominated for the 2001 Grammy Award for Best World Music Album. On 1999's TEARS OF STONE, the Chieftains' prior effort, the venerable Irish institution collaborated (surprisingly successfully) with a number of pop performers, some of whom (Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Merchant, Joan Osborne) had little or no discernible connection with traditional Irish music (apart from enjoying it, of course). On the aptly titled WATER FROM THE WELL, the Chieftains return to more authentic Irish turf, and the results, unsurprisingly, are gorgeous; nobody plays this music more ravishingly. About a third of the album is sung (Frankie Lane--no, not the "Rawhide" guy--guests on the jaunty "Jack of All Trades"), but the strictly instrumental numbers are often the most impressive, with Chieftain Derek Bell's harpsichord lending astonishing orchestral textures on "Lots of Drops of Brandy," the Belfast Harp Orchestra fleshing out the seraphically lovely "Planxty George Brabazon," and Dubliner (and almost Chieftain) Barney McKenna adding piquant banjo on "Within a Mile of Dublin." Kilfenora Ceilidh Band: Michael Kelleher, Tommy Peoples (fiddle); Seamus Hynes (flute); Mary Corocoran (piano). The Chieftains: Kevin Conneff (vocals, bodhran); Sean Keane, Martin Fay (fiddle); Derek Bell (harp, piano, harpsichord, tiompan); Matt Malloy (flute); Paddy Moloney (tin whistle, Uilleann pipes, accordion). Altan: Daithi Sproule (guitar); Ciaran Curran (bouzouki); Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, Ciaran Tourish (fiddle); Dermot Byrne (accordion). Additional personnel: Laurence Courtney (vocals, banjo); Seamus Begley (vocals, accordion); Frankie Lane, Daith O Se, Ciaran O Gealbhain (vocals); Barney McKenna (banjo); Noel Grady (bouzouki); Ashley MacIsaac, John McHugh, James Murphy, Cora Smyth (fiddle); Janet Harbison, Laoise Kelly, The Belfast Harp Orchestra (harp); Rev. Gary Hastings, Peter Horan, Peter Molloy (flute); Dave Munnelly (accordion); Eoin O Beaglaoich (concertina).

1 Lots of Drops of
2 Bean An Fhir Rua (The Red Haired Man's Wife)
(Different version)
3 Jack of All Trades
4 Within A Mile Of Dublin/The Old Blackthorn
5 Dusty Miller
6 Lovely Sweet Banks Of The Moy
7 Poc Ar Buile (The Mad Puck Goat)
8 Dingle Set: Tom Billy's/the Gladston/the Star Above the Garter
9 Planxty George Brabazon
10 Donegal Set: Willy's Single/King of the Pipers/the Glen Road To Ca rrick
11 May Morning Dew
12 Kilfenora Set
13 Buinnean Bui (the Yellow Bittern) /the County Tyrone/Newry Hornpipe
14 Ballyfin Polkas
15 Casadh an Tsugain (Twisting of the Rope)
(Different version)
16 Fred Finn's/Castle Kelly/the Red Haired Lass Live From Matt Molloy's Pub
17 Gaoth Aneas (The Wind From The South)





























































9026 639172  The Wide World Over


This a companion disc to a later release of 2002, DOWN THE OLD PLANK ROAD, celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Chieftains. Additional personnel includes: Sinead O'Connor, The Coors, Ricky Skaggs, Joni Mitchell, Diana Krall, Sting, Linda Rondstat, Los Lobos, Erich Kunzel, The Cincinnati Pops, Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones. There are few groups so closely and unalterably associated with their home country as the Chieftains. These carriers of the traditional Irish folk torch had spent 40 years as Ireland's musical ambassadors by the time of this commemorative collection. On the one hand, they're unquestionably fine at laying down Irish tunes in the grand old style with bodhran and pipes blazing away (as on such tradition-minded fare as "Mo Ghile Mear" and the medley involving "King of Laois" and "Paddy's Jig." On the other, they've always been open to collaboration with artists from every corner of the music world, whether it's a former new wave hellion like Elvis Costello searching for his roots on "Long Journey Home" or countryman Van Morrison sounding entirely at home joining the lads for the evocative folk song "Shenandoah." As THE WIDE WORLD OVER makes abundantly clear, a large part of the Chieftains gift is in knowing how to mix the old and the new without compromise on either side of the equation.

1 Medley
2 Foggy Dew
3 I Know My Love with Corrs
4 Cotton-Eyed Joe with Ricky Skaggs
5 Magdalene Laundries with Joni Mitchell
6 Live From Matt Molloy's Pub 2:
7 Shenandoah with Paddy Moloney
8 Medley
9 Morning Has Broken with Art Garfunkel, Diana Krall
10 Morning Dew/ Music From The Film "Barry Lyndon"
11 Mo Ghile Mear with Sting
12 Carolan's Concerto
13 Medley with Kepa Junkera, Linda Ronstadt, Los Lobos
14 Full Of Joy with Chinese Traditional Ensemble
15 Here's A Health To The Company with Kevin Conneff
16 Chasing The Fox
17 Long Journey Home with Elvis Costello
18 Rocky Road To Dublin with Rolling Stones
19 Redemption Song with Ziggy Marley

























































9026 639712  Down the Old Plank Road


This a companion disc to an earlier release of 2002, THE WIDE WORLD OVER, celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Chieftains. Additional personnel includes: Buddy & Julie Miller, Earl Scruggs, Martina McBride, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Bela Fleck, Ricky Skaggs, Patty Griffin, John Hiatt, Alison Krauss, Lyle Lovett, Del McCoury, Jeff White, Martina McBride, Vince Gill. DOWN THE OLD PLANK ROAD was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album. "Sally Goodin" was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Country Instrumental Performance. Those eclectic ambassadors of Irish music are at it again, this time taking their act to Nashville for sessions with some of country music's most popular artists. On the one hand, you'd think that the most famous Irish folk group in the world would spend more time simply playing Irish music instead of guesting with artists from and dipping into seemingly every other conceivable genre. On the other, when you've recorded as much amazing Irish traditional music as exists in these guys' back catalog, you've pretty much got carte blanche to do whatever the hell you want. Anyway, Irish music played a major role in the coalescing of early country music, so DOWN THE OLD PLANK ROAD turns out to house a pretty good musical fit. Still, there are plenty of musical surprises afoot. It might not be a revelation to hear Lyle Lovett singing a traditional tune like "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down," but to hear it with added Celtic flavoring is quite an ear-turner. The lads work similar magic with everyone from Gillian Welch to venerable bluegrass patriarch Del McCoury, showing that this is one Irish outfit that refuses to be pinned down to a predictable sound.

1 Down The Old Plank Road
2 Country Blues
3 Sally Goodin
4 Dark As A Dungeon
5 Cindy
6 Molly Ban (Brawn)
7 Don't let your deal go down
8 Medley: Ladies Pantalettes/Balles of Blackville/First House in Connaught (Reels)
9 Whole Heap Of Little Horses
10 Rain and Snow
11 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
12 Tennessee Stud
13 Katie Dear
14 Give The Fiddler A Dram (Finale)




























































9026 686022  Santiago


Additional personnel includes: Linda Ronstadt, Ultreia Choir (vocals); Eliot Fisk (guitar); Ry Cooder (mandola); Carlos Nunez (gaita, recorder, whistle, bombard); Los Lobos. SANTIAGO won the 1997 Grammy Award for Best World Music Album. The region of Galicia, a green and hilly area located in the northwest corner of Spain, forms the inspiration for this 1996 album. Ireland and Galicia have religion, music, and a certain Celtic ancestry in common; Spanish sailors were washed up and in some cases settled in Ireland after the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The Chieftains, traditional music pilgrims of the world, here seize the opportunity to work with the young recorder, whistle, and gaita (Galician bagpipes) player Carlos Nunez on SANTIAGO. It's intriguing to hear the similarities between traditional Irish and Galician music as they intermingle here. Many other similar musical styles are sampled on SANTIAGO, too, including music from Portugal and even Mexico, with help from Los Lobos. Standout tracks include "Dun Paterfamilias/Ad Honorem" a medieval chant enhanced by the beautiful harp playing of Derek Bell, and the live, joyous romp of "Dublin in Vigo."

2. Arku Dantza - Arin Arin
3. El Besu
4. Nao vas ao mar, Toino
5. Dum Peterfamilias - Ad Honorem
6. Duelling Chanters:
Sixpenny Money - Polka de Vilagarcia
7. Galician Overture
8. Guadalupe
9. Minho Waltz
10. Setting Sail - Muineira de Frexido
11. Maneo
12. Santiago de Cuba
13. Galleguita - Tutankhamen
14. Tears of Stone
15. Dublin in Vigo: Alborada Gallega - Miudino - Lola - Jackson's Morning Brush - Muineira de Cabana - Muineirs de Chantada

























































9026 689632  Long Journey Home


The two-CD set THE ESSENTIAL CHIEFTAINS provides a longview of the traditional Irish folk ensemble's vast discography. The discs cover two separate facets of the band. Disc one, entitled "The Chieftains' Roots," spans from the 1970s through the 2000s and includes the band's versions of traditional songs like "O'Sullivan's March" and "The Donegal Set." Disc two, entitled "The Chieftains and Friends," focuses on collaborations between the band and the likes of Van Morrison, Emmylou Harris, Sting, Marianne Faithful, and others. Throughout, the ensemble's classic sound of pipes, fiddle, tin whistle, and bodhran rings with authenticity and authority, while the superior musicianship that has earned them honors as one of the best Celtic music outfits on the planet is in ample evidence.The Chieftains: Kevin Conneff (vocals, bodhran); Seán Keane (fiddle); Paddy Moloney (tin whistle, Uilleann pipe, accordion); Matt Molloy. Additional personnel: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Emmylou Harris, Sinéad O'Connor, Sting, The Corrs, The Rankins, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello.

1 Lots of Drops of Brandy
2 O'Sullivan's March
3 Poc Ar Buile/the Dingle Set
4 Carolan's Concerto
5 Wind That Shakes the Barley/the Reel With the Beryle
6 Sea Image
7 Boil the Breakfast Early
8 Women of Ireland (the Love Theme From Barry Lyndon)/the Morning Dew
9 Full of Joy with Chinese Traditional Ensemble
10 Green Fields of America with Kevin Conneff
11 Santiago De Cuba
12 Donegal Set
13 Jabadaw
14 Bells of Dublin/Christmas Eve
15 French March
16 Stone
17 Munster Cloak/Tabhair Dom Do Lamh (Give Me Your Hand)
18 Chasing the Fox


























































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