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VT162CD 'My true love he dwells on the mountain' Tracks & more information

Archival recordings of tradional music from the West of Ireland recorded by Terry Yarnell in the early 1970s  featuring: Willie Clancy, Vincnet Griffin, Chris Droney, Jim & Seamus Donoghue, Gabe O'Sullivan, Festy Conlon, Paddy Bán Ó Brion with Frankie Gavin, Dan O'Dowd and Rita & Sarah Keane and family.

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VT162CD 'Tabhair mo ghrá go Conamara - Bring my love to Connemara' Tracks & more information

Archival recordings of sean-nós singing from Co.Galway recorded by Terry Yarnell featuring: Rita & Sarah Keane, Pádraic Ó Conghaile, Tom Pháidín Tom, Cáit Bean Uí Chonluain and Colm Ó Caoidheáin

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VT160CD 'The Cat's Rambles' - Michael Sheehy  Tracks & more information

Music from the Sliabh Luachra tradition.

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VT132CD 'Donegal & Back!' - Packie Byrne  Tracks & more information

Songs, ballads & whistle tunes

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BH003CD 'The Spirit of West Clare' - Bobby Casey  Track list

This is probably one of the most important releases of the decade! illustrious fiddle player Bobby Casey (1926-2000) was born near the Crosses of Annagh, Co. Clare. His father was John 'Scully' Casey, the leading fiddler of his day in West Clare, although it wasa ctually from Junior Crehan that Bobby learnt his first tune. Moving to London in 1952 Bobby forged several key musical friendships with other exiled Claremen including Tommy McCarthy, Joe Ryan and Vincent Griffin, and exerted enormous influence on London's traditional Irish music scene.

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BH002CD 'The Porthole in the Kelp' - Sean Casey  Track list

A stalwart of the London Irish scene (as was his father, Clare-born Bobby Casey) shows off his his unique and even eccentric fiddle style.

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CNF005 'Nil Gar Ann!' - Frank Cassidy (& in duet with John Doherty) Track list

These recordings cover a period in time from 1946 to 1967 and feature 35 Tracks. The CD features some speech items, the voice of Frank himself also his cousin Con Cassidy, Séamus Ennis and Dr Malachy McCloskey voicing their opinion of Frank’s playing. Séamus Ennis often said he was the best fiddle player that he had ever met! The album comes with extensive notes and maintains the high production standards set by the previous releases from the CNF Series.

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TC001 'The Conifers'  Track list

The Conifers are made up of four young musicians, all of whom are rooted in a strong musical background from Clare, Sliabh Luachra and Donegal. Bryan O'Leary (button accordion) Cathal O Currain (Bouzouki & fiddle) Felix Morgenstern (Bohran) Conor O'Loughlin (concertina) Marty Barry (guitar) and they all sing.

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An Mileoidean Scaoilte


CICD157 'An Mileoidean Scaoile' - Johnny Connolly  Track list

More melodeon wizardry from the Connemara master with piano accompaniment from Charlie Lennon

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MJM001 'The Living Stream' - Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch  Track list

On this CD, two of the most prestigious performers of Irish traditional music, Matt Cranitch (fiddle) and Jackie Daly (accordion), join together to celebrate their common musical heritage – the Sliabh Luachra tradition. Each in his own right has had a long and distinguished career in Irish music; each has left a lasting influence on that tradition.”

CD - £11.99  Currently unavailable



MJM002 'Rolling On' - Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch  Track list

Jackie Daly’s accordion and Matt Cranitch’s fiddle have long been in close concert, revelling in the music of that elusive rushy glen known as Sliabh Luachra. Rolling On sees the pair retread their tyres, rising to an enviable momentum with a bountiful mix of old and new tunes

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CICD110 'The Fertile Rock' - Chris Droney  Track list

Clareman Chris Droney is one of Ireland's most legendary exponents of concertina music. 

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VT123CDR 'Heart & Home' - Lucy Farr  Tracks & more information

The music on this album spans some seventy years, from Lucy Farr's childhood in Ballinakill, County Galway, right through to her involvement with the London Irish scene.

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VT141CD 'They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay' - Liam Farrell & Joe Whelan Tracks & more information

Banjo and button accordion music in London with James Carty on flute and Reg Hall on piano.

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CRCD007 'Magnetic South' - Four Star Trio Track list

The second album from the dynamic trio of Con O’Driscoll (accordion) Johnny McCarthy (fiddle & flute) and Pat ‘Herring’ Ahern (guitar).

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RGCD01D 'May Morning Dew' - Rita Gallagher Track list

One of the finest singers in Ireland today with a wide range of songs both rare and well-known including some from her native Donegal. The first of the two CDs, 'May Morning Dew' contains new recordings while the second CD is a re-issue Rita's acclaimed 1997 cassette 'Easter Snow'. A must for anyone with an interest in Irish traditional singing.

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AGKMY102 'At the Ceili' - Giro  Track list

Giro started in Galway Citty, 2011 as a project between an international collection of musicians with the goal of bringing the sounds and atmosphere of the early 20th centruy back to the stage. Here is 'GIRO At The Ceili', re-creation of nostalgic Irish ceili band music from the 1930s.

CD - £9.95  Currently unavailable


TERRCD001 'Path Across the Ocean' - Barry Gleeson  Track list

Songs of emigration from a stalwart of the Goilin Singers' Club in Dublin. Rich, resonant singing with vocal support from Grace Toland, the Goilin singers and the Voice Squad, plus accompaniment from Kevin Conneff on bodhran, Brendan Gleeson on mandolin and Gay McKeon on uilleann pipes. 

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TSCD474 'Her Mantle so Green' - Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry  Track list

The Queen of London Irish pub singers in the scene's hey-day in the mid 1950s. Plus tunes from the formidable Michael Gorman and Martin Byrnes, with some extra tracks that were not on the original Topic LP.

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LG016D 'The Great Fiddle Player' - Michael Gorman  Track list

A new collection of archive recordings of the famed Sligo fiddle player, who was active during the hey-day of Irish tradition music scene in the pubs of North London, often accompanying street singer Margaret Barry.

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CC41CD 'You Lovers All' - Len Graham  Track list

Fine singing from the ever popular Co. Antrim singer

CD - £14.99 Currently unavailable




OSSCD89 'It's No Secret' - Hammy Hamilton, Seamus Creagh & Con O'Discoll  Track list

Three of Ireland's finest traditional musicians, performing reels, polkas, jigs, hornpipes, airs, slides and barndances in solo, duet and trio formats. They make music in a human scale, plus six songs complete the picture. The CD booklet features all the song texts.

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LUNCD052 'The Piper's Apron' - Tommy Keane Track list

This is Tommy Keane's debut solo recording and includes the first sighting of a musical duet with his wife Jacqueline McCarthy on concertina.

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MMCD51 'The Wind Amongst the Reeds' - Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy  Track list

This album is the first to feature uilleann pipes and concertina as a duet.  Accompaniment is provided by Alec Finn of Dannan on bouzouki and guitar.  Also guesting is West Clare concertina player Tommy McCarthy (Jacqueline's father). The album was mixed by PJ Curtis.
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VT137CD 'The Girls Along the Road'  - John Kennedy  Tracks & more information

'Traditional songs ballads and whistle tunes from Co. Antrim

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COMD2089 'Nightingale Lane' - Pat Kilbride  Track list

This is Pat Kilbride's fourth solo album and the years he has spent touring and absorbing different cultures have coalesced with a finely honed technique to create an album of beauty, from a mature musician. Here is consummate guitar playing that is both crisp and accurate when playing melody, driving or sensitive when accompanying others, his cittern skipping delightfully along with the other instruments.
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VT158CD 'Easy & Bold' - John & Tim Lyons 

Tracks & more information

Classic Songs and tunes from Co.Cork and beyond

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Kyloe108/109 'On the tip of my tongue' - Audrey Parks  Track List

Belfast born Audrey Parks is a master storyteller. Resident in Edinburgh for many years, she has a store of Irish and Scottish folktales many learned from her grandmother.

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TSCD471 'Classics of Irish Piping' - Leo Rowsome Track list

A superb collection of recordings from one of the legendary masters of the uilleann pipes. Made between 1926 & '48

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JSCD01 'A Taste of Tradition' - Jim MacFarland  Track list

The fine Derry singer who is a resident at the Goilin Singer's Club in Dublin with his first solo album.

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VAC001 'Our Ship She Lies Ready' - Jim MacFarland and Jackie Boyce  ‎Track list

A cross section of emigration songs that Jackie Boyce and Jim MacFarland have collected and heard over the years.

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TSCD674 'The Heart is True' - Sarah Makem Track list

Classic traditional singing from South Armagh

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TMVL0302 'Jauling the Green Tober' - Thomas McCarthy & Viv Legg  Track list

A great CD from two singers with traveller roots. Not a duet CD but a collaboration to share their repertoires.  

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VT125CDR 'The Long Strand' - Sean McNamara, Eamon Coyne, Peggy Peakin  Tracks & more information

Irish fiddle music from Liverpool.

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VT134CDR  'Linkin' O'er the Lea' - Maggie Murphy Tracks & more information

Traditional folk songs and ballads from Tempo, County Fermanagh

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IRB30 'Hunting the Hair and other pursuits' - Con Ó Drisceoil  Contents

A new book and CD of 11 finely crafted comic songs written by Con Ó Drisceoil which he describes as 'many cheap laughs being provided'.

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CRCD006 'Havoc in Heaven' - Jerry O'Reilly  Track list

A second CD from the popular Dublin singer from Goilin Club. A fine selection of songs with title track dedicated to the late, great Frank Harte and closing set of a tribute to the Navvy with songs from Kieran Halpin, Ewan McColl, Bob Davenport and Seamus Duffy. Accompaniment is provided on some tracks by Mick Willis, Jock Burns, Con 'Fada' O'Drisceoll and Johnny McCarthy.

CD - £12.99  Currently unavailable


VT149CD 'My Colleen by the Shore' - Bruce Scott  Tracks & more information

Songs in the Irish tradition from Liverpool.

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CEFCD158 'Idir Dha Chomhaire - In Two Minds' - Áine Uí Cheallaigh  Tracks

This recording shows Áine Uí Cheallaigh to have a powerful voice, capacious enough to cover a wide range of song styles and emotions, each piece touched with an individuality that is, further enhanced by the sensitive production skills of Mel Mercier.

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VT156CDR 'With thanks /Le buíochas  - Roisin White  Tracks & more information

Roisin's second CD of traditional songs from Ireland.

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VT126CD 'The First of my Rambles' - Roisin White  Tracks & more information

Folk Songs from Ulster

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IRB32 'Tis pretty to be in Ballinderry' - Robert Cinnamond 1884 -1968  Contents

Roisin White has researched into the life and songs of Robert Cinnamond for many years and this new production celebrates her work. A 60 page booklet plus the 1975 Topic LP ‘You Rambling Boys of Pleasure’, on CD and a new CD of recordings of more of Cinnamonds songs sung by Len Graham, Jane Cassidy, Brian OhAirt, Maurice Leydon, Méabh Meir, Jennifer Orr and Roisin White.

Book & 2 x CD - £16.99  Add to Basket



TSCD679T 'It was mighty!' - The Early Days of Irish Music in London  Track list

Three discs featuring a total of more than 100 vital performances by, among others: Michael Gorman, Bobby Casey, Martin Byrnes, Julia Clifford. Jimmy Power, Nan Landers, Vincent Griffin, Edmond Murphy & Tommy McCarthy.

CD x 3 -  £15.99  Currently unavailable



TSCD680T 'It was great altogether!' - The Continuing Tradition of Irish Music in London  Track list

Three discs featuring 89 tracks with performances by, among others: Lucy Farr, Billy Clifford, Amby Whyms, Lamond Gillespie, Brian Rooney, Joe Whelan, Reg Hall, Karen Ryan & James Carty.

CD x 3 -  £15.99 Currently unavailable



TSCD677T 'The Flax in Bloom'  Track list

A wide selection of traditional music from Ulster across three themed discs, from the pioneering recordings of 1952-3 by Peter Kennedy and Sean O'Boyle.

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TSCD603 'Paddy in the Smoke' Track list 

Irish Dance Music From a London Pub. The classic album of Irish music from London's 'Favourite' pub recorded in the 1960s. Including: Martin Byrnes, Danny Meehan, Sean O'Shea, Bobby Casey, Tony McMahon, Julia Clifford, Con Curtin, Andy Boyle, Jimmy Power & Lucy Farr.

CD - £11.99  Currently unavailable



An Goilin 007-8 ' Early Ballads in Ireland 1968-1985' Track list

Twenty traditional singers performing rare and unusual ballads from the north and south of Ireland. Edited by Tom Munnelly and Hugh Shields this album was originally released on cassette.

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