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Irish CDs

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Packie Byrne

Sarah Makem

VT132CD 'Donegal & Back!'

TSCD674 'The Heart is True'
James Carty Jim MacFarland

VT141CD 'They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay'

JSCD01 'A Taste of Tradition'
Bobby Casey VAC001 'Our Ship She Lies Ready'
BH003CD 'The Spirit of West Clare' Sean MacNamara
Sean Casey VT125CDR 'The Long Strand'
BH002CD 'The Porthole in the Kelp'

Thomas McCarthy

Frank Cassidy

TMVL0302 'Jauling the Green Tober'
CNF005 'Nil Gar Ann!'

Maggy Murphy

Áine Uí Cheallaigh

VT134CD 'Linkin' O'er the Lea'

CEFCD158 'Idir Dha Chomhaire - In Two Minds'

Con Ó Drisceoil

Johnny Connolly

IRB30 'Hunting the Hair and other pursuits'

CICD157 'An Mileoidean Scaoilte'

CRCD007 'Magnetic South'

The Conifers

Bruce Scott

TC001 'The Conifers' VT149CD 'My Colleen by the Shore'
Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch

Michael Sheehy

MJM001 'The Living Stream'

VT160CD 'The Cat's Rambles'

MJM002 'Rolling On'

Roisin White

Lucy Farr

VT126CD 'The First of my Rambles'

VT123CDR 'Heart & Home'

VT156CDR 'With thanks /Le buíochas'

TSCD679T 'It was mighty!'

Various artistes

Liam Farrell & Joe Whelan

Various Irish singers

VT141CD 'They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay'

VT162CD 'Bring my love to Connemara'

Four Star Trio

Various Irish musicians

CRCD007 'Magnetic South'

VT125CDR 'The Long Strand'

Rita Gallagher

Various Irish singers & musicians

RGCD01D 'May Morning Dew'

TSCD677T 'The Flax in Bloom'

Barry Gleeson

Various musicians and ceilidh bands

TERRCD001 'Path Across the Ocean'

VT163CD 'My true love he dwells on the mountain'

Michael Gorman

Compilations - England, Ireland & Scotland
LG016D 'The Great Fiddle Player' VTC1CD 'Stepping it Out'

John Kennedy

VTC10CD 'Stepping it out again!'
VT137CD 'The Girls Along the Road' TSCD751 'Voice of the People' samplier
Pat Kilbride TSCD651 'Come Let Us Buy the Licence'

COMD2089 'Nightingale Lane'

TSCD654 'Farewell my Own Native Land'

John & Tim Lyons

TSCD662 'We've Received Orders to Sail'

VT158CD 'Easy & Bold'

TSCD668 'To Catch a Fine Buck Was My Delight'
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