It's the final week!


We are all missing our summer festivals, including the chance to pick up CDs we can’t see anywhere else! So here is our 'Virtual Festival CD Stall'.


Here you will find our extensive racks of CDs from England, Ireland and Scotland, plus a smattering of Americana and Blues. Plus a ‘table’ of books and DVDs.

If you are a regular visitor to our website, welcome back and we hope these CD stall pages will give you a different shopping experience, with much easier browsing.

The CDs are displayed in, what we hope, is a more user friendly way, incorporating alphabetical racking. You can also search by English county or by English, Irish and Scottish instruments, or you can just browse the whole stock for one country.

So do have a browse around our stall using the map below and we hope you find something you are looking for.




American & Blues

Alphabetical CD racks

All American CDs

Stall plan

Books & DVD table

All books & DVDs


Alphabetical CD racks

All Irish CDs


Alphabetical CD racks

All English CDs


Alphabetical CD racks

All Scottish CDs



If you click onto any of the above links it will take you to the page indicated.


If you would like to search by English county or by English, Irish and Scottish instruments  Click here



The ‘Virtual Festival CD Stall’ will be open throughout August and September and all purchases will be dispatched with free postage to UK addresses.

Stock will be changing and we will be featuring various festival artistes and special offers, so do visit us regularly.