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Veteran Mail Order welcome page






We have recently changed our online prices, some have gone up a bit, some have gone down a bit, but basically the whole Veteran catalogue is now consistently priced at £10 per single album and £13.50 for a double. If you find any glitches in the new system, please let us know by email at info@veteran.co.uk Download prices remain the same. We are aware of some download options being unavailable, this should soon be fixed.


Albums on the Kyloe label have also been reduced in price. If you are not aware of Kyloe, it specialises in Scottish and Northumbrian music and story-telling and was established by the respected collector and producer, Mike Yates.



More details about the individual albums are on the Scottish and English pages of this website.






Like the proverbial swans, all may look quiet on the surface, but underneath there is a lot going on!


I have a couple of excellent helpers working with me to sort out all of John Howson's recordings - reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes, DAT tapes, minidisks and CDs - and we are making sure that all the Veteran masters are safe. Gradually we will be able to sift through all the other material and pick up on some unfinished projects which I would hope would see the light of day either late this year or in 2025.Amongst these projects are some potential new Veteran albums and a newly expanded edition of John's book 'Songs Sung in Suffolk' - though this could take a while longer to reach publication as work on this was in its very early stages when John died eighteen months ago.


Anyway it's all looking very positive, just taking a while to sort out!


In the meantime the entire existing Veteran catalogue remains available either online or as physical CDs - see the Veteran catalogue page, or the individual album pages for download options.



We will be having some pop-up shops again this year, so far confirmed at: Moreton Traditional Singing Weekend in Gloucestershire, 1st-3rd March, Whitby Folk Week, Yorkshire, 17th-23rd August and East Anglian Traditional Music Day, Stowmarket, Suffolk, 21st September.






Veteran Advent Calendar


Here's a novelty for any of you who use Facebook! We have a Veteran Mail Order page, and this December, each day we will feature some of the older albums from our label, in an "Advent Calendar" with bonus photos from our extensive personal collection. It may also be viewable without signing up to Facebook.

We hope the series will shine a light on some of the lesser-known albums on the Veteran label, and we also hope people will enjoy looking at the extra photographs.

Here's a suitably seasonal photo of me and Font Whatling at a Christmas session, c.1985. A village hall somewhere, nearly 40 years ago - I don't remember where!

If you want to buy any of the CDs in time for Christmas, you’ll have to order early! But downloads are, of course, available "24-7".

Seasonal best wishes,

Katie Howson


By the way, you might find this search facility useful on our website:


To search for artistes on the Veteran label click here  




The Veteran label and mail order service is now being run by Katie Howson, following the death of John Howson in June 2022.


The short term aim is to keep the existing Veteran catalogue available and to run the mail order service in a smaller way. Long-term plans are being made to ensure that the Veteran business will be able to develop and expand.


John led an exceptionally busy and influential life in folk music, as described in several obituaries, which you can read here: Living Tradition folk magazine; The Guardian and the East Anglian Daily Times.


Further information about the history of the Veteran label can be found on our About Veteran page.








Veteran pop-up sales - Summer 2023



We will be at Whitby Folk Week (19th-25th August - in the Craft Fair)

and Traditional Music Day (2nd September, Stowmarket, Suffolk),

with a full range of Veteran CDs, the last of our book stock and

some bargain CDs from other labels too, so do look out for us!












CD-Rs being phased out


For the last couple of years, we made some of the early Veteran albums available on CD-R. These were not commercial releases and were only be available from our website. The first, and probably most popular of these was VT123CDR Heart and Home - Irish Fiddle Music from Lucy Farr.


We are now making a permanent change to our products, in that we will not be producing any more CD-Rs in the future. All Veteran CDs are produced using professional glass mastering, and we would never use CD-Rs for a new release, as the format is not stable enough. (see: What is the difference between a CD and a CD-R).


Any albums which are not available as glass-mastered CDs will continue to be available as downloads. We are aware of a couple of problems with the download system at the moment and are working to resolve these.


Please note, this does not mean no more proper CDs on the Veteran label! We are still laying plans for the future of the label, so it is early days yet to make any announcements. The full range of Veteran CDs remains available.


Currently we have limited stocks of the following CD-Rs, so if you would like one, please order soon - just click on the the link to the album page to purchase.


When they're gone they're gone (but still downloadable!). UPDATE 1.12.23: no CD-Rs available now.


VT113CDR   A Dartmoor Country Dance Party - Bob Cann's Pixie Band CDR now SOLD OUT

VT114CDR   One of the Best Songs from Derbyshire - George Fradley CDR now SOLD OUT

VT121CDR   What a Lovely War - various, including Gordon Hall, Hamish Henderson et al

VT125CDR   The Long Strand - Liverpool Irish Fiddlers CDR now SOLD OUT

VT128CDR   Put Another Log on the Fire - Duncan Williamson CDR now SOLD OUT

VT129CDR   I've Come to Sing a Song Cornish Family Songs - Vic Legg

VT132CDR   Donegal & Back! Songs, ballads & whistle tunes - Packie Byrne CDR now SOLD OUT

VT134CDR   Linkin' o'er the Lea - Maggie Murphy CDR now SOLD OUT

VT136CDR   The Yellow Handkerchief England’s greatest gypsy singer’- Phoebe Smith

VT149CDR   My Colleen by the Shore Songs in the Irish tradition from Liverpool - Bruce Scott

VT156CDR   Le Buíochas Traditional singing from Ireland - Roisin White







The traditional Veteran winter sale is here again!


And to help you celebrate and to add to your Christmas stocking list we are offering reduced prices on  many albums from our festival stall back stock on the Wild Goose, Ossian, Greentrax, Topic and Fledgling labels. Some are reduced by as much as 50%, so browse away and find some bargains!


All sale items are within the main listings which can be accessed via the Welcome page.


Here are a few seasonal offerings to tempt you too - but be quick, we only have a few of each in stock!




CSCD4 Coppers at Christmas - The Copper Family Track List

The Copper Family on this album comprises John and Jill Copper, Jill's husband Jon Dudley, and The Young Coppers: Mark, Andy and Sean Barratt and Ben, Lucy and Tom Copper. The last recording featuring John and Jill's father, the legendary Bob Copper. Bob's father Jim and cousin Ron appear on the archive tracks. Booklet notes by Dr. Vic Gammon.

CD - £11.99    - Sold out


FLED 3060 'Carolling & Crumpets' - John Kirkpatrick  Track List

A remarkable journey through the English Midwinter in music and song. The customs and traditions of England at Midwinter yield a breathtaking array of dazzling riches. Accordion maestro John Kirkpatrick takes the listener through tunes celebrating Midwinter dance, rhymes of hope and luck-bringing, songs in honour of food and seasonal merriment and an original song all about the Nativity from the on-looking creatures viewpoint.

CD - £11.99  - Sold out



FLED 3006 'The Holly Bears the Crown' - The Young Tradition  Track List

A collection of seasonal songs from some of the finest voices of the 1960’s English folk revival. The majestic, uplifting vocals of the YOUNG TRADITION – Heather Wood, Peter Bellamy and Royston Wood – are joined by Shirley and Dolly Collins. Legendary, long lost recordings from 1969. A collection of seasonal songs from some of the finest voices of the 1960’s English folk revival.
CD - £11.99  - Sold out



WG366CD 'Frost Bites' - Belshazzar's Feast  Track List

An unusual musical celebration of Christmas. The album contains songs, tunes and carols related to Christmas and originating from England, Europe and America. Vocals, melodeon, fiddle, oboe, cor anglais and bass clarinet and percussion, from Paul Hutchinson and the late, much lamented Paul Sartin.

CD - £10.99 - Sold out




And we've finally got the two Irish music books we mentioned earlier up on the website:




This brand new book (2022), contains over 200 tunes composed by legendary accordion player Jackie Daly. Jackie was born in Co. Cork, where he was surrounded by the rich musical tradition of Sliabh Luachra, and he went on to become one of the most influential box players in Irish music . He has performed all over the world with bands including De Danann, Patrick Street, Buttons and Bows, and in a duo with Matt Cranitch. The tunes have Jackie's characteristic witty titles and remarks, and include jigs, hornpipes, reels, polkas, slides and planxties.


Book - £25.00 Add to Basket



IRB34 THE IRISH FIDDLE BOOK: The Art of Traditional Fiddle Playing

This book (and accompanying CD) by respected musician, teacher, lecturer and broadcaster Matt Cranitch, explains and shows in detail the various techniques used by fiddle players in creating a traditional style of playing Irish music. It is aimed not only at the beginner, but also the fiddle-player (or violinist) with some knowledge and experience who wishes to learn more. Particular emphasis is given to bowing and ornamentation, with individual chapters devoted to jigs, slides, polkas, hornpipes, airs and reels. The book also attempts to convey something of the excitement felt in playing music, and the CD is an invaluable aid to learning as it allows the listener to hear how the music and ornamentation should sound.

Book & CD - £22.00 Add to Basket







We're still here! Apologies for the amount of out-of-stock notices on the website at the moment, we've been selling at a couple of festivals, and it's also taking a long time to work through all the issues following John Howson's death three months ago.


We do have one or two new items of stock, including two books of Irish music -The Jackie Daly Collection (226 tunes composed by the accordion grand master himself). It is priced at £25 plus P&P. We'll get it up on the site properly when we can, but in the meantime, if you're desperate to get hold of a copy, email us at info@veteran.co.uk


The other book is by Jackie's musical partner-in-crime, Matt Cranitch - The Irish Fiddle Book - which is a tutor book complete with CD, costing £22.






We are very sad to inform you that the founder of the Veteran label and mail order service, JOHN HOWSON, died on 13th June 2022.


We apologise for any difficulties in using this website at the present time, while we work out how to handle everything.


Much of our stock is still available, and payment can still be made by card as normal.


We will sort out Paypal payment again soon, but in the meantime, if you wish to pay by another method, email us at  info@veteran.co.uk with your mail order enquiries and we should be able to sort it out.


Thank you for your custom in the past, and please look out for improvements to the website in the future.


Katie Howson


John led a busy and influential life in folk music, as described in several obituaries, which you can read here: Living Tradition folk magazine; The Guardian and the East Anglian Daily Times.


Further information about the history of the Veteran label can be found on our About Veteran page.





The first reviews of our new CD have arrived.


Magazine reviews of VT163CD  'My true love he dwells on the mountain' have now been published in 'The Living Tradition', 'English Dance & Song' and 'Folk London' and they seem to like it !!!!


Here's some snippets:

"Together these recordings form a glorious kaleidoscope of all available instrumental colours. This well-sequenced disc contains not a single performance you’d want to miss (just like stumbling on a great pub session!), and it represents something of an evocative time-capsule, captured in remarkably good sound given the circumstances."  The Living Tradition

"Veteran continues to produce consistently high-quality products and this CD is no exception. Fantastic, evocative music with the occasional pub background noise to provide context and, of course, the obligatory step dancing on some tracks. That is, after all, what this music is all about."  English Dance & Song

"Here are relaxed and delightful performances by some really fine players, many of them well known from their own albums. The CD is presented as neatly and informatively as we have come to expect from the redoubtable Veteran. This super snapshot of a vibrant musical scene is highly recommended."  Folk London

To read the full reviews click here.




New Veteran release!


Yes we have a new CD and what a cracker it is ..............


Our last release VT162CD  'Tabhair mo ghrá go Conamara' - 'Bring my love to Connemara' focused on the Terry Yarnell's recordings of Sean-nós singers from Co.Galway.


Now we continue the story of his early 1970s field trips with a remarkable collection of twenty instrumental tracks from some of the finest traditional musicians to be recorded in the West of Ireland:


Willie Clancy (uilleann pipes), Vincent Griffin (fiddle), Chris Droney (concertina), Jim & Seamus Donoghue (Clarke's tin whistle & tambourine), Gabe O'Sullivan (fiddle & flute), Festy Conlon (tin whistle), Paddy Bán Ó Brion with Frankie Gavin (stepdance & tin whistle), Dan O’Dowd (uilleann pipes) and Rita & Sarah Keane and family (accordion, fiddle, flute and percussion).


Available Now!


VT163CD  'My true love he dwells on the mountain'

Traditional music from the West of Ireland

More information, track listing and links to the musicians biographies.


CD - £11.99  Add to Basket 







Well, Christmas is almost upon us and we have been holding back from wishing you all a festive greetings but the time has come!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

to all our customer old and new!


and to help you celebrate and to add to your Christmas stocking list

we are giving you a festive discount:


Christmas /New Year offer

Over this festive season we are offering the full Veteran catalogue, that's all CDs and CDR copies

with a 10% discount. All you need to do is to add a promotional code at checkout,


Have a look at our Offers page

to see what to do.


and of course you might also be interested in all the other goodies available on on our web-site (but please use a separate order form) including our most popular CD at this time of the year

CSCD4 The Coppers at Christmas





Autumn has arrived and our festival stall has closed, but you of course can still order from our web-site as usual, and do watch this space for new releases and offers!




It's festival time!


But unfortunately many festivals, this year have again had to pull the plug or produce a scaled down event, so we are again offering our on-line festival stall. for two month with free UK postage





Keep a check on it as new stock will be added over the next couple of month!


The Veteran Virtual Festival CD Stall




Will Noble first album revisited


Athough seven of of the tracks from Will Noble's 1992 cassette VT124 'In that beautiful dale' are now available on various Veteran  compilation CDs the nine other tracks have not been available. To remedy this we are submitting the whole of the album for digital release, and we offering a CDR copy as we have done with our other 'digital download only' releases.


VT124CD  'In that beautiful dale' - Will Noble


CDR - £5.99  Add to Basket 


Available now!





New payment method

We have had some comments and complaints about the unreliability of PayPal as a payment gateway. Basically the problem has been that if a customer elects to use a credit or debit card, more often than not the only payment method actually offered is via a Paypal account.

We have therefore added another way to pay using your credit or debit card, via the highly recommended, secure payment gateway called ‘Stripe’. So there are now two buttons at checkout: one for credit /debit card payments, and one for payment with a PayPal account.

We hope our new system will make website payment far more straightforward!



New Year bargain bundles! Just £20 for three CDs.


Fred Jordan

VTD148CD 'A Shropshire Lad'  (CD x 2)

Mabs & Gordon Hall

VT115CD 'As I went down to Horsham'

Various English singers

VTC7CD 'It was on a market day - Two'


English singing bundle - £20.00 



The Rice Family - Dartmoor mouthorgan and concertina

VT144CD 'Merrymaking'

Michael Sheehy - Music from the Sliabh Luachra tradition

VT160CD 'The Cat's Rambles'

Various East Anglian dulcimer players   (CD x 2)

VTDC12CD 'I thought I was the only one'


Music bundle - £20.00 




Will Noble & John Cocking

VT147CD 'Yon Green Banks'  A nights singing recorded live

VT143CD 'Uppards!' North country monologues from John

VT161CD 'It's gritstone for me' Will's newest recording


Yorkshire bundle - £20.00 




New Year honours for John Kirkpatrick


Congratulations from all at Veteran to John K for his well deserved MBE in the New Year's honours list. If your not familiar with his music we have the following CDs currently in stock.


Image of The Duck Race

Image of God Speed The Plough

John Kirkpatrick: Every Mortal Place (Fledg'ling FLED 3089)









FLED 3043 'The Duck Race'


FLED 3060 'Carols & Crumpets'


FLEG 3084 'God Speed The Plough'


FLED3089  'Every Mortal Place'


FLED 3099 'Tunes From The Trenches'


FLED 3104  'Coat-Tails Flying'




A new review in the Folk Music Journal!


VT162CD 'Tabhair mo ghrá go Conamara' - 'Bring my love to Connemara'


"The producers of the CD have shown great sensitivity in their treatment of these field recordings. It is to be hoped it will bring the featured singers and their songs to the attention of a wider audience and a new generation of singers. It will be a welcome and useful addition to the collection of anyone who has an interest in traditional singing."


Read the full review here: VT162CD reviews


 First published in the Folk Music Journal, 12, 1 (2021) with permission of the editor.




Merry Christmas to all our regular and new customers.


Welcome to our new style website. We had several comments about our summer virtual festival stall, saying that it was easier to navigate, so we have simplified the whole site in a similar way. We hope you like it!


And as Christmas is on the doorstep here is some festive listening to consider:





CSCD4 Coppers at Christmas - The Copper Family Track List

The Copper Family on this album comprises John and Jill Copper, Jill's husband Jon Dudley, and The Young Coppers: Mark, Andy and Sean Barratt and Ben, Lucy and Tom Copper. Bob Copper was still well enough to record this album with us but sadly died in March 2004. Bob's father Jim and cousin Ron appear on the archive tracks. Booklet notes by Dr. Vic Gammon.

CD - £11.99 




WG366CD 'Frost Bites' - Belshazzar's Feast  Track List

An unusual musical celebration of Christmas. The album contains songs, tunes and carols related to Christmas and originating from England, Europe and America. Vocals, melodeon, fiddle, oboe, cor anglais and bass clarinet and percussion.

CD - £6.99 



FLED 3060 'Carols & Crumpets' - John Kirkpatrick  Track List

A remarkable journey through the English Midwinter in music and song. The customs and traditions of England at Midwinter yield a breathtaking array of dazzling riches. Accordion maestro John Kirkpatrick takes the listener through tunes celebrating Midwinter dance, rhymes of hope and luck-bringing, songs in honour of food and seasonal merriment and an original song all about the Nativity from the on-looking creatures viewpoint.

CD - £11.99  A




FLED 3006 'The Holly Bears the Crown' - The Young Tradition  Track List

A collection of seasonal songs from some of the finest voices of the 1960’s English folk revival. The majestic, uplifting vocals of the YOUNG TRADITION – Heather Wood, Peter Bellamy and Royston Wood – are joined by Shirley and Dolly Collins. Legendary, long lost recordings from 1969. A collection of seasonal songs from some of the finest voices of the 1960’s English folk revival.
CD - £11.99




TECD411 ‘Under The Christmas Tree’ - The Albion Christmas Band  Track List

The Albion Christmas Band is a four piece band of Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol, Simon Care and Kellie While. They tour every December promoting tradition and self-penned English Christmas songs so popular at that time of year. They were formed in 2003 and continue to tour to this day. Under the Christmas Tree is a specially made compilation from the band’s most loved material plus three special tracks recorded for Bob Harris’s Under the Apple Tree Radio Sessions.

CD - 11.99





New stock just added to the Virtual Festival CD stall


Yes! Lots of new CDs from the 'Talking Elephant' label including: Cyril Tawney and Morris dance CDs.


Have a look:  The Veteran Virtual Festival CD Stall




We are open! Come and browse!


The Veteran Virtual Festival CD Stall







Our May sale is over but we are still open for business.




Covid-19 news and a on-line sale


Our mail order service has continued throughout these difficult times and although deliveries are, as to be expected, taking longer, the Post Office are doing a brilliant job. So thumbs up to them!


Their working practices have changed so social distancing and extra cleanliness is observed in their depots and door step deliveries are contact free.


As for us we are not having any new stock delivered and we are using Royal Mail 'Click & Drop'. This means we print out pre-paid postal labels and our packets go straight into the post box, not over a post office counter.


And if you need something new to listen to during the lockdown:



Three dozen CDs and books at knock down prices!

The sale is for one month only and will close at midnight on 31st May

Stock is limited so first come first served!





Two more albums from our back catalogue available on CD-R


Crowd pleasing comic songs have always been a favourite amongst traditional singers in the eastern counties and two of our most popular albums feature an abundance of them. Originally produced on CD, then as downloads only, we are now offering them on CD-R.


VTC3CDR  Various artistes - 'Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk'

Comic Songs, Music Hall Songs & Parodies sung by traditional singers'.

£6.99 - CDR






VT155DR Ray Hubbard - 'Norfolk Bred'

Songs, tunes and stories from a Norfolk horseman

£6.99 - CDR 





All original Veteran CDs are produced using professional glass mastering. What we are offering here are CD-Rs.

(see: What is the difference between a CD and a CD-R).




We nearly missed another great review!


We knew there was to be a review of VT162CD 'Tabhair mo ghrá go Conamara' - 'Bring my love to Connemara' in the 'Irish Music' magazine but we missed it in December!



Anyway read it here in all its glory: VT162CD reviews




Lucy Farr on CD-R

We have had quite a bit of interest recently in our Lucy Farr album VT123DR Heart & Home.

It was originally produced on cassette but more recently has been a 'digital only' release. Although that has given it worldwide accessibility, there are still enthusiasts who dislike downloads particularly as they are compressed MP3 files which can compromise audio quality.

All Veteran CDs are produced using professional glass mastering. We would never use CD-Rs for a new release. (see:What is the difference between a CD and a CD-R).

We are however making high quality wav. files of our ‘digital only’ releases available on CD-R. These will not be commercial releases and not sold in shops, they will only be available from our website. The first of these is VT123CDR Heart and Home - Irish Fiddle Music from Lucy Farr.

CDR - £6.99 (plus P+P) 

Watch out for more in coming months! 



A five star review!


VT162CD 'Tabhair mo ghrá go Conamara' - 'Bring my love to Connemara' has received a sparkling five star review from major world music magazine Songlines.


Read it here: VT162CD reviews





A superb new book, just in time for Christmas



The Spirit of the Reels - The story of the Famous Liverpool Céilí Band

'The book relives the times and triumphs of The Famous Liverpool Ceílí Band. Following this traditional Irish band from their Liverpool origins, to their All-Ireland victories in the 1960s and their remarkable tour of the States. Bringing to life the humourous exploits of these outstanding musicians in a fascinating history of traditional Irish music and the social change they lived through. 



Book - £22.00 (plus £3.50 UK P+P) 

This is a heavy hardback book - see overseas postage prices)






New CD of Scottish mouth music


CDTRAX9028  Track List

‘Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh’ - ‘Dance Songs of the Scottish Gaels'

Volume 28 of the highly rated Scottish Tradition Series from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies the album features songs which were used for dance. Performed  by a vast array of Gaelic singers includes such notables as Mary Morrison, Annie Arnott, Kate MacDonald, Kitty MacLeod, Calum Johnston, Kenneth MacIver, John Shaw, John MacInnes, Dr William Mathieson and Donald MacColl.

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  


Popular CDs back in stock!



Charlotte & Betsy Renals & Sophie Legg - 'Catch me if you Can' - A classic album of songs from Cornish Travellers.

We have discovered a small batch of CDs left in stock. First come first served!


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 

EFDSSCD10   Track List


The Bismarcks  The second CD from what was one of England's leading country dance bands.




CD - £7.99 (plus P+P)      New low price!


Recent releases from WildGoose



Better Days a Comin


Mother and son duo playing great American music


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)  


Framed - The Alice Wheeldon Story


A fascinating story and a fantastic collection of songs


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 




English dance music from everywhere.



CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 




New on the Veteran label!



'Tabhair mo ghrá go Conamara' - 'Bring my love to Connemara'

Sean-nós singing from Co.Galway

A remarkable collection of songs in both English and Irish from: Seán 'ac Dhonncha, Rita & Sarah Keane, Pádraic Ó Conghaile, Tom Pháidín Tom, Cáit Bean Uí Chonluain and Colm Ó Caoidheáin recorded in the early 1970s by Terry Yarnell.


More information, track listing and links to the singers biographies.


CD - £10.99 




New Irish melodeon CD and return of a couple of old favourites



in stock

A new melodeon CD celebrating his father Johnny Connolly from Johnny Óg Connolly

Fear Inis Bearachain

CD - £14.95 (plus P+P) 




CICD 110

in stock

The Fertile Rock

Back in stock the classic concertina CD

from Chris Droney

CD - £12.95 (plus P+P)  

An Mileoidean Scaoilte


in stock

An Mileoidean Scaoile

Also back is the CD of the master of Irish melodeon Johnny Connolly

CD - £12.95 (plus P+P) 




Recent releases from WildGoose



Watching for Winkles


Funny and traditonal songs, and great harmonies.

  CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)


Out of Hand


A grest modern Ceilidh Band



  CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 


Here at the Fair


'New show with 1850 Fair background



   CD x 2 - £10.99 (plus P+P) 




Re-issue and new CD from Northern Ireland



in stock

'Tis pretty to be in Ballinderry

Robert Cinnamond 1884 -1968


Roisin White has researched into the life and songs of Robert Cinnamond for many years and this new production celebrates her work.


A 60 page booklet plus the 1975 Topic LP ‘You Rambling Boys of Pleasure’, on CD and a new CD of recordings of more of Cinnamonds songs sung by Len Graham, Jane Cassidy, Brian OhAirt, Maurice Leydon, Méabh Meir, Jennifer Orr and Roisin White.



Book & 2 x CD - £16.99 (plus P+P) 





Three new releases!



in stock

Go Home And Have Your Dinner

Jimmy Power

Newly released archive recordings of the great Waterford /London fiddle player.

More information & track list


CD - £14.95 (plus P+P) 



in stock
Good Company

The Harbour Lights Trio

Alvar Smith, Derek Simpson & Rob Neal sing Music Hall ditties and Suffolk songs.  .

More information & track list


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 



in stock

Far and Wide

Nick Dow

Unaccompanied songs, from a variety of sources in England and Ireland.

More information & track list


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 



The long awaited jig doll book has arrived!


ENB31  in stock

The Brightest of Entertainers - Pat Pickle and Katie Howson

A new book about Jigs Dolls from England and beyond - packed with photographs.



Book - £10.00 (plus P+P)








BGCD01  in stock

Melodeon Mad!  Bobby Gardiner

The master of Irish melodeon, Bobby Garner has produced his first CD totally dedicated to the instrument having put the button accordion on the back seat for now.  More information & Track list


CD - £13.95 (plus P+P) 





A catch up on new releases from WildGoose, Fellside and Fledg'ling



Shine On

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham

Track List



CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 



Mischief Afoot

Mischief Afoot

Track List




CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)  


Roam the Country Through

Jeff Warner

Track List  



CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 


Hector Gilchrist

Track List



CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 


Echoes of Alfred

Bob and Gill Berry

Track List



CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 


Various artistes
Track List





3 x CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 


FLED 3098


Reinventing Richard

Track List




CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)


FLED 3099

Tunes From The Trenches

John Kirkpatrick

Track List



CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  

FLED 3100

Ever Popular Favourites

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons

Track List



CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  


FLED 3104

Coat-Tails Flying

John Kirkpatrick
Track List




CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  

FLED 3106

From Granmaw And Me

Hedy West

Track List



CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  

FLED 3107

A Garland For Joey

Bob Fox

Track List




CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  





A new book and CD of comic songs


IRB30  in stock

Hunting the Hair and other pursuits  Con Ó Drisceoil

A new book and CD of 11 finely crafted comic songs written by Con Ó Drisceoil which he describes as providing 'many cheap laughs'.



Book & CD - £22.50 (plus P+P)






Also back in stock!


CRCD007 Magnetic South  Four Star Trio - featuring Con on button accordion  More information & track list

CD - £13.95 (plus P+P) 






Reviews of Will Noble's CD 'It's gritstone for me' are arriving. See what they say......




'It’s gritstone for me’ goes a long way towards catching the skill, the elegance and the downright humanity of the singer, and makes the listener more determined than ever to be in the audience and hear The Real Thing.

Tykes News


If you enjoy good singing in the traditional style, and a broad range of songs delivered in a relaxed and confident manner, then you should go out and get this one. The Living Tradition

Rather more unexpected would be Little Musgrave. His wonderful way of putting this over is one of the highest of quite a number of the album’s delights. fRoots

Here are a dozen songs, including Watter Rattle, The Outlandish Night, Boys of Marsden and The Brown Hare at Whitebrook, and Mr Noble hopes that it will prove to people that there is more to Yorkshire’s folk heritage than On Ilkla Moor Baht’At. The Yorkshire Post

Will Noble is part of a dying breed, an authentic traditional singer from the South Pennines, He maintains a lightness of touch that makes it worth a listen for anyone who enjoys unadorned traditional song. Rock & Reel

Will has an excellent great line In traditional songs. which he performs with clarity in the understated, well paced style of the best old fashioned singers. Folk London


Read the full reviews

VT161CD  CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)


and just released!


HebeCD009  in stock

everything and ...  Duck Soup

An eclectic set of tunes and songs accompanied on a melodeon, mandolin, bass, tiple, marimba, phonofiddle and (as the notes say) yes, the kitchen sink! Performed with panache by 'Duck Soup' - Dan Quinn, Ian Kearey and Adam Bushell.   Track list

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 








A new CD, one we missed and one we have re-stocked - All from Jim MacFarland



Here’s a Health to the Company

Ken Wilson & Jim MacFarland

Jim MacFarland a Derry man meets with Ken Wilson is from Teesside to sing songs from their wide and varied repertoires.

More information & track list

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)



Our Ship She Lies Ready

Jim MacFarland And Jackie Boyce

A cross section of emigration songs that Jackie Boyce and Jim MacFarland have collected and heard over the years.

More information & track list

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)


A Taste of Tradition

Jim MacFarland

Jim is one of Ireland's best traditional singers with his first CD originally released in 2005.

More information & track list

CD - £11.99






Two new stunning CDs of traditional English and Irish singing!



Jauling the Green Tober

Thomas McCarthy & Viv Legg

A great CD from two singers with traveller roots. Not a duet CD but a collaboration to share their repertoires.


More information & track list

CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 



The Heathery Hills

Rita Gallagher

A new CD from the great Donegal singer who won this year's TG4 Traditional singer of the year.


   More information & track list

   CD - £13.95 (plus P+P) 




An update on the newest releases on the WildGoose and Fellside labels



Outway Songster

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

CD - £10.99 (plus P+P) 


Here and Now



CD - £10.99  (plus P+P) 


I am the Song

Jim Causley


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)  


Poor Ellen Smith

Rattle on the Stovepipe


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)




Cyprus Well

Jim Causley


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)


The Passing Hour

Mick Ryan & Paul Downes


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)



Off the Land

Granny's Attic


CD - £10.99  (plus P+P)



Time to Rise



CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)  


Calm and Collected 

Martin and Shan Graebe


CD - £10.99 (plus P+P)



Inclined to be Red

Greg Russell


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)



The Hut People



CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 


Night Hours
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 



The Magical Christmas Tree
Emily Sanders, Chris Parkinson & Pete Morton

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 




Breaking the spell of Loneliness

Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot

  CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 


Scottish Ragtime

Vic Gammon & Friends


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)






Red Diesel

Pilgrim's Way


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 


Pete Seeger in England

Pete Seeger


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 







 New English CD added to our catalogue


  PRODAN2017  A Little Cup of Tea

  A new release from Suffolk based song and tunes band - Proper English


  CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  






 New on the Veteran label!



Will Noble - 'It's gritstone for me' - Songs from Yorkshire with Will's son and daughter, Cuthbert and Lydia.







CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)



Important information:


Topic Records no longer supply CDs directly to retailers. Their wholesale sales are handled by Proper Distribution, but they do not currentlyhold all of Topic's stock.


This means that we sometimes have to wait over a month to re-stock some items.


We have therefore decided only to offer those CDs marked 'In stock' on our English, Irish, Scottish and compilation pages until further notice.




Another great new release on Veteran!



'The Cat's Rambles' - Music from the Sliabh Luachra tradition

Michael Sheehy plays polkas and slides learned from his West Limerick father. A gem of an album!






CD -  £11.99 (plus P+P) 




Two new English CDs added to our catalogue


First off is an excellent new release from the ever popular Jim Eldon SDCD012 'Songs and Fiddle Tunes'


CD - £11.99





And the second is a double CD which passed us by when it was first released. Straight from the Dartmoor tradition comes Bill Murray with his double live CD. WrenCD013 'Down 'opn Ole Dartymoor'


CD x 2 - £11.99





fRoots Playlist for our newest CD!



We are please to announce that VTDC12CD 'I thought I was the only one!'

has been selected for the prestigious fRoots Playlist chart in the current edition of the magazine.



The fRoots review and those from other magazines can now be read on the VTDC12CD review page.





Volume 27 in the Scottish Traditions series - just released!


cover image for Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna - Traditions Of Tiree (Scottish Tradition Series vol 27)

The newest in Greentrax 'Scottish Traditions' series which makes available recordings from the School of Scottish Studies is:


CDTRAX 9027 Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna ('Sheaves From The Land of Barley') - Traditions Of Tiree

featuring traditional singers, storytellers and piping from the small Hebridean Isle of Tiree.


CD - £11.99 

And we now list the whole of the 'Scottish Traditions' series

Over the years we have missed some of the releases in this series. We have now added these and you will now find all of the 24 available CDs listed on the Scottish CDs page.


CDTRAX 9001  

'Bothy Ballads - Music from the North-East'

CDTRAX 9002  

'Music of the

Western Isles'


CDTRAX 9003  

'Waulking Songs from Barra' 


CDTRAX 9004  

'Shetland Fiddle Music'


CDTRAX 9005  

'The Muckle Sangs - Classic Scots Ballads'

CDTRAX 9006  

'Gaelic Psalms from Lewis'


CDTRAX 9007 

'Bard of Skye'



CDTRAX 9008  

'Gaelic Songs'



CDTRAX 9009  

'The Fiddler and his Art'

cover image for William MacLean - Pibroch (Scottish Tradition Series vol 10)

CDTRAX 9010D  



CDTRAX 9013D  

'Songs, Stories & Piping From Barra'








CDTRAX 9015  










'Gaelic Bards And Minstrels'

CDTRAX 9017  

'Scottish Traditional Tales'

CDTRAX 9018  

'Clo Dubh, Clo Donn'

CDTRAX 9019  

'Seonag NicCoinnich'

CDTRAX 9020  

'The Carrying Stream'


CDTRAX 9021  

'Orkney - Land, Sea & Community'


CDTRAX 9022  

'Chokit On A Tattie'



CDTRAX 9023  

'Wooed And Married And Aa'



'Songs and Ballads from the Perthshire Field'.

cover image for Gaelic Songs From The North Uist Tradition (Scottish Tradition Series vol 25)

CDTRAX 9025  

'Gaelic Songs From

The North Uist Tradition

cover image for Cruinneachadh Chaluim - Field Recordings of Gaelic Music and Song (Scottish Tradition Series vol 26)

CDTRAX 9026D  

'Field Recordings of Gaelic Music and Song''

cover image for Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna - Traditions Of Tiree (Scottish Tradition Series vol 27)

CDTRAX 9027  

'Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna - Traditions Of Tiree'



New 'Voice of the People' from Topic


TSCD679T “It was mighty!”
The Early Days of Irish Music in London

Three discs featuring a total of more than 100 vital
performances by, among others: Michael Gorman, Bobby Casey, Martin Byrnes, Julia Clifford. Jimmy Power, Nan Landers, Vincent Griffin, Edmond Murphy & Tommy McCarthy.


CD x 3 -  £15.99  (plus P+P)  


TSCD680T “It was great altogether!”
The Continuing Tradition of Irish Music in London

Three discs featuring 89 tracks with performances by, among others: Lucy Farr, Billy Clifford, Amby Whyms, Lamond Gillespie, Brian Rooney, Joe Whelan, Reg Hall, Karen Ryan & James Carty.


CD x 3 -  £15.99  (plus P+P) 



A long awaited re-release of a classic album


An Goilin 007-8

Early Ballads in Ireland 1968-1985

Twenty traditional singers performing rare ballads from the north and south of Ireland. Edited by Tom Munnelly and Hugh Shields this album was originally released on  cassette in 1985.


CD x 2 - £11.99 (plus P+P)   







Newest releases from: Fledg'ling, WildGoose & Fellside


WING 1002

English Songs

Shirley Collins

Vinyl EP - £7.99

(plus P+P) 




Songs from the Past Into the Future

Derek Gifford

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  




The Whispering Road  Seriouskitchen

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  





The Silent Majority


CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)  



The Journey Continues -

Fellside at 40


CD x 3 - £11.99 

(plus P+P) 



Game of Life

Pete Morton with Full House

CD - £11.99 (plus P+P) 






The Final Waltz

Ciaran Algar

CD - £11.99  (plus P+P) 


The Land of Time
Pete Morton

CD - £11.99  (plus P+P) 



Another stunning new release on Veteran!



'I thought I was the only one!'

Billy Bennington, Walter Jeary, Jimmy Roger, Mollie Whittacker, Billy Cooper, Tommy Sparkes, Oswald Stammers, Charlie Philpot & Reg Reader


Dulcimer players from East Anglia - Archival recordings and a film of Billy Bennington.



CD + DVD -  £15.99 (plus P+P)   




Just released on Veteran!




'An audience with the Shepherds'

'Joe Hutton, Will Atkinson & Willie Taylor


Classic 'live' recordings of Northumberland's finest traditional musicians playing smallpipes. mouthorgan and fiddle and recorded with an audience in Derby, Whitby, London and Denby Dale, between 1988 and 1991.



CD - £11.99 (plus P+P)




New releases from Topic, Fledg'ling, Greentrax, Fellside and WildGoose









TSCD591 Murmurs

A wonderful new trio of Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting & Nancy Kerr with their debut album together.









FLED3097 Traditional songs from Rottingdean

CD re-release of the classic 1963 EFDSS LP of Bob & Ron Copper recorded by Peter Kennedy in the 1950s.








CDTRAX379 Tribute to William Hannah

The tunes of William Hannah (1891-1961), one of Scotland’s premiere melodeon players, transcribed and played by virtuoso Luke Daniels








FECD265 The Vagrant Kings

A new album from singer-songwriter Joe Topping described as a “cross between Ry Cooder, Woody Guthrie and Paul Brady"








FECD267 Interloper

Best known for his work in a duo with Gren Bartley and in the group Pilgims' Way, the talented fiddle player Tom Kitching strikes out on his own.








FECD268 Magnificent Creatures

Gren Bartley is a gifted musician and lyricist whose style and flair as an 'expert fingerstyle guitarist' has put him at the top of his game.








WGS410CD Sideways
Moirai is a meeting of the musical minds of: Jo Freya (Old Swan Band Blowzabella), Sarah Matthews (Cupola) and Melanie Biggs (All Blacked Up).









WGS411CD Maid on the Shore

Born on the Fylde Coast, with an Irish father, from an early age, Niamh Boadle has been immersed in both English and Irish song & music traditions.









WGS314CD Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol.1 & 2

The re-release of the popular double CD from Belshazzar's Feast which has been out of stock for some time.





We now take payment via Paypal 


  see the link on our checkout page




Downloads without the internet!


We had a request from one of our subscribers to sell him on a USB memory stick, the ten albums we have re-released as downloads, so he didn't have to download them.


We thought what a good idea and so we are offering this service to everyone!


How to buy - 10 x Download albums on a memory stick


These are the albums which were originally only released on cassette and never made it to CD, and there are printable labels, inlays and traycards available for them all.








Heart & Home 

Lucy Farr








The Long Strand

Liverpool fiddlers








One of the Best 

George Fradley








Always Ask An Expert 

Sam Sherry








Greeny Up  

Bampton Morris Dancers







Dartmoor Country Dance Party 

Bob Can's Pixie Band







Men of Staithes 

Fishermens' Choir








What A Lovely War









Sailing Days 

Stan Hugill







VT128DR  Put Another Log on the Fire  

Duncan Williamson




And Here's a catch up on this year newest releases from Topic, Fellside, WildGoose, Musical Traditions and Fleg'ling

Follow the blue hyperlinks for more information, ordering and track lists.


Newest releases from Topic


TSCD774D Voice + Vision

Songs of resistance, democracy and peace Various including: Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Norma Waterson, Pete Seeger, Louis Killen,

Anne Briggs & Martin Carthy,

TSCD587 The Moral Of

The Elephant

First CD together of father and daughter.

Martin & Eliza Carthy



TXCD589 Vagrant Stanzas

A splendid, intimate new recording from the finger-style guitar maestro.

Martin Simpson




Newest releases from Fellside









FECD266 Let The Wind Blow

High Or Low
Their debut album of folksongs of the British Isles with driving banjo and guitar arrangements and close vocal harmonies.

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith








FECD264 Cabinet Of Curiosites
The Third remarkable album from Sam Pirt of 422 and Gary

Hammond of 'The Beautiful South'

The Hut People









FECD263 Stories Still Untold

BBC Horizon Award winner with his third album on Fellside.

Ewan McLennan










FECD262 The Call

Music from a wide range of sources from this popular duo.

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar









FECD261 The Frappin' And Rappin'

A new collection of songs, ballads and folk raps that could only have come from the pen of Pete Morton









FECD260 Turtle Dove

England & Her Traditional Songs Vol. 2

A. L. Lloyd




Newest releases from WildGoose


Days O' Grace








WGS409CD Days O' Grace
Scottish songs from

a superb singer.

Hector Gilchrist

A Celebration of Old England








WGS408CD A Celebration of Old England
A singer and songwriter

of the highest calibre.

Anna Shannon









WGS407CD Fortyssimo
The Old Swan Band

40th anniversary album.

The Old Swan Band

Just Another Day








WGS406CD Just Another Day
Songs from Minehead

then and Now

Tom and Barbara Brown


National Youth Folklore Troupe of England









Young performers of traditional music

and dance.

National Youth Folklore

Troupe  England

Far Distant Stars








WGS404CD Far Distant Stars
Great performers, wonderful

harmony, good songwriters.

Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner


A Day's Work








WGS403CD A Day's Work
A Mick Ryan folk opera about

the first world war

The Cast of A Day's Work


Only Remembered - A Retrospective








WGS402CD Only Remembered

A Retrospective Sarah Morgan's life celebrated in song.

Sarah Morgan


A Handful of Sky








WGS401CD A Handful of Sky
Great fiddle tunes and songs

Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll


Buy it, Try it (and never repent you)








WGS400CD Buy it, Try it

(and never repent you)
Great singing and


Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett


Old Virginia








WGS398CD Old Virginia
American traditional ‘Old Timey’ music with class.

Rattle on the Stovepipe



Wight Cockade








WGS397CD Wight Cockade
New album featuring songs from

the Isle of White.

The Dollymopps




Newest releases from Fledg'ling











Teach me to be a summer’s morning

Hardback book and CD showing the remarkable talents of Lal Waterson

Lal Waterson

WING 1001 The Foggy Dew

A re-mastered release of the 1959 vinyl EP

Shirley Collins




FLED 3096 The Art of Obscurity

A new release from this stalwart of acoustic folk music

Iain Matthews






And another cracking new CD from Ireland


Traditional Music from east Clare


A stunning new solo album from Ireland's greatest concertina player from East Clare.









A new wonderful new CD from Ireland



Con O Driscoll (button accordion), Johnny McCarthy (fiddle) and Pat - Herring - Ahern (guitar) are the Four Star Trio and they make amazing music from the county of Cork!








Continuing our re-release of our classic back catalogue:



'Songs and Tunes from a Scots Traveller' - Duncan singing ballads and songs and playing mouthorgan and jews harp as only he could.


This is a digital download only release with printable paper parts.





Plus four new mega CDs in the new 'Voice of the People' series: Available 28th April 2014 - but you can order now and we will send them out as soon as they arrive!




This latest addition to Topic's now-essential Voice of the People series features 60 recordings of traditional dance music from Northumberland and Cumberland.


Single CD





Astonishing field recordings and a film made in Suffolk by Peter Kennedy in the 1950s, a rich record of a community steeped in traditional song and singing.


CD + DVD (of the wonderful 1955 Blaxhall Ship film)





A wide selection of traditional music from Ulster across three themed discs, from the pioneering recordings of 1952-3 by Peter Kennedy and Sean O'Boyle.


Triple CD




TSCD678 ORKNEY - Various


A selection of the ground-breaking field recordings of instrumental music in Orkney made by Peter Kennedy in 1955.


Single CD





New CD just out!


G&T001 BORROWED SHOES - PolkaWorks

Rollicking English dance music played with zest on melodeons, fiddles, hammered dulcimer, mouthorgan and piano from: Katie Howson, Jeannie Harris, Fi Fraser, Nina Hansell, Sue Harris and Gareth Kiddier







Another digital release from our back catalogue.



These remarkable recordings are a selection from the 120 and more songs in Roy Palmer’s book. “WHAT A LOVELY WAR!” (Michael Joseph 1990) and they are sung by many of his original informants (almost all old soldiers) who relished the chance to sing these songs again. Contributors include: Gordon Hall, Hamish Henderson and Nibs Matthews.

This is a digital download only release with printable paper parts.




A new CD and two 'salty' downloads from the Veteran back catalogue


HOP009 THE PASSING MOMENT - Liz Giddings & Roger Digby

A first CD from the Dynamic fiddle and concertina duo with accompaniment from Ken Lees, Sue Lees, Martin Appleby and Ted Stevens plus four songs from Bob Davenport





VT112DR MEN OF STAITHES - Staithes Fishermens' Choir

Fisherman's Hymns and favourite songs sung by the North Yorkshire choir with piano accompaniment.


This is a digital download only release with printable paper parts.




VT127DR SAILING DAYS - Stan Hugill

Shanties and Sea Songs of the Mersey Shanty Man with chorus sung by Liverpool's Stormalong John.


This is a digital download only release with printable paper parts.





See the Digital Downloads page for more information about digital only albums









Christmas is coming and here's some suggestions to get you into the festive mood:




 John and Jill Copper, Jill's husband Jon Dudley, and The Young Coppers: Mark, Andy and Sean Barratt and Ben, Lucy and Tom Copper. Bob Copper was still well enough to record this album with us but sadly died in March 2004. Bob's father Jim and cousin Ron appear on the archive tracks. Booklet notes by Dr. Vic Gammon.



Image of Carolling & Crumpets

FLED 3060 CAROLLING & CRUMPETS - John Kirkpatrick

A remarkable journey through the English Midwinter in music and song. The customs and traditions of England at Midwinter yield a breathtaking array of dazzling riches. Accordion maestro John Kirkpatrick takes the listener through tunes celebrating Midwinter dance, rhymes of hope and luck-bringing, songs in honour of food and seasonal merriment and an original song all about the Nativity from the on-looking creatures viewpoint.


TSCD563  FROST AND FIRE - The Watersons
The original Frost & Fire album, a calendar of English ritual and ceremonial song, has been expanded with seven sacred songs by the later Watersons (from the 1977 album Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy), to make this remarkable collection of songs rooted in folk beliefs and rural practices.



The Young Tradition: The Holly Bears the Crown - Fledg'ling Records - FLEG 3006 - FLEG 3006 THE HOLLY BEARS THE CROWN - Young Tradition with Shirley Collins

A collection of seasonal songs from some of the finest voices of the 1960′s English folk revival. The majestic, uplifting vocals of the YOUNG TRADITION – Heather Wood, Peter Bellamy and Royston Wood – are joined by Shirley and Dolly Collins.




The calendar in traditional song. This CD follows the seasons with songs about the seasons or songs connected with festivals and rituals - from harvest to pace-egging.







Up-date of new releases added to our catalogue in recent months


TSCD823 THE FULL ENGLISH - Fay Hield, Seth Lakeman, Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr, Rob Harbron, Ben Nicholls

The Full English is a groundbreaking project sponsored by the English Folk Dance and Song Society that draws together for the first time the early 20th century folksong collections resulting in the most comprehensive searchable database of British folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world. To mark the launch of the project, folksong scholar and acclaimed singer Fay Hield has assembled The Full English band, pulling together half a dozen of the top talents on the English folk music circuit.


TSCD822 & 12TS822  IT WON'T BE LONG Linda Thompson

Won’t Be Long Now is Linda Thompson’s first album in six years and is a return to her folk roots and a bit of a family affair – featuring a duet with former husband Richard Thompson, regular contributions from their children Teddy and Kami, and grandson Zak Hobbs. (Available on CD and vinyl LP)



Sara Grey with Kieron Means - Down In Old DoloresFECD259 DOWN IN OLD DOLORES - Sara Grey

"Any new record from the unforgettable Sara Grey is a cause for celebration" claimed fRoots magazine whilst R2 magazine described her as "one of the finest exponents of American Old Time music". The highly respected Sing Out magazine expanded on this saying Sara has "a vast repertoire and a deep understanding of the songs she sings".




Hughie Jones, formerly of the now legendary folk group, The Spinners, returns with his fourth CD for Fellside. Hailing from Liverpool it is only natural that songs about the sea would take a major role in his repertoire and Hughie regularly sings at Maritime festivals both here and in the USA. This new collection has songs written by Hughie, songs from other songwriters, reworkings of old themes sitting alongside old favourites.



FECD257 THE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE - James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters, Lucy Ward

A Selection of songs from the new 'Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs' (originally published in 1959) compiled by Ralph Vaughan Williams and A. L. Lloyd which became the folk singer's 'bible'. Under the musical direction of the respected musician and singer, Brian Peters we have assembled three award winning singers who are at the forefront of the current folk scene.



FECD256 WINTER FIRES - Gren Bartley

Following hard on the footsteps of his previous album - FECD247 ("A quiet triumph" fRoots magazine) - Gren takes another leap forward employing his renowned guitar skills, poetic lyrics and subtly powerful voice with this stunning collection of new songs. "As an acoustic finger picking guitar and banjo player he has few if any equals in his age group; as a rooted-in-folk songwriter he's developed an alarmingly good canon of work" R2 magazine.



FECD255 EMBERS - Joe Tilson

After years on the Punk scene as a member of Random Hand, Joe (son of Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle) makes his debut as a songwriter and solo performer.




Wreck off Scilly album coverWGS399CD WRECK OFF SCILLY - Andy Clarke & Steve Tyler

Andy Clark is a fine singer and accomapanist and is joined by Steve Tyler an accliamed hurdy gurdy player.





The Boatman's Cure album cover


Despite having played on around 250 albums in bands (The Arizona Smoke Revue, The Joyce Gang, The Brighton Taverners), duos (with Phil Beer, Mick Ryan, Maggie Boyle) and sessions, this is only Paul Downes’s 5th solo album. Here is the mix of traditional, contemporary and instrumental material that you would expect from his live performances.



The Good Red Earth album cover

WGS395CD THE GOOD RED EARTH - Freshly Ground

Making up and arranging songs and tunes has been a huge pleasure since I first came to folk music some 15 years ago. More recently, I’ve been dabbling in the dangerous waters of arranging traditional songs for choirs since being invited to lead a wonderful community choir in my home village of Cheddar some four years ago. This has opened my eyes to the joys of choral singing, and has also inspired the writing of some new songs specifically for choirs.


FLED3094 OBERLIN 1968 - The Young Tradition

The live reputation of the mighty Young Tradition lives long in the memories of all who heard them during their brief career. Live recordings were thought not to exist until, 45 years later, an American fan remembered the reel-to-reel recording he’d made at Oberlin College on 17th November 1968. Carefully restored, these tapes are now released by Fledg’ling Records on CD.






New Veteran downloads now available


Continuing the re-release of our back cassette catalogue as digital downloads, four new ones are now available. All have printable paper parts available as PDFs as do all our 'digital only' releases. See the Digital Downloads page for more information.





  VT111DR 'Greeny Up'

  Songs, dances and reminiscences from Francis Shergold

  and Bampton Traditional Morris Dancers






  VT113DR 'A Dartmoor Country Dance Party'

  Bob Cann's Pixie Band






  V114DR 'One of the Best'

  George Fradley - Songs from Derbyshire






  VT118DR 'Always Ask An Expert'

  Sam Sherry - '60 years of Lancashire entertainment'




Important News!


We are closing our PO Box in September 2013.


Please change our contact details to the following address:


Veteran Mail Order, 44 Old Street, Haughley, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3NX.


Our telephone number and email address remain unchanged.




New stock added to our catalogue


Carthy ElizaTSCD772D Wayward Daughter - Eliza Carthy

To mark Eliza Carthy’s first twenty one years as a professional musician, Topic Records, have released a career-spanning ‘best of’ double album which includes live tracks, samples of a few of her many collaborations with other artists and previously unreleased material.



Songs of Old Appalachia album coverWGS394CD Songs of Old Appalacia - Alice Wylde

Alice was born and raised as one of eight children in the heart of West Viginia, the only state completely within the Appalachian Mountain range. She spent 43 years of her life living up the same holler, until she made the move to England. She learned many of her songs from her mother and from folks in the local area and has sung them all her life.



RYAN, Mick/PAUL DOWNES - When Every Song Was New (Front Cover)WGS393CD When Every Song Was New - Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

The new album contains more traditional material than their earlier albums with many songs from Mick's past.



SHEPHEARD, SPIERS & WATSON - Over The High HillsSPRCD1043 Over the High Hills - Shepheard, Spiers & Watson

It may have taken a long time - but here is the second CD collection from Pete, Tom and Arthur. They bring together a wealth of repertoire accompanied on melodeon, fiddle and whistle and gleaned directly from the many traditional singers they have known.




The are also new additions of archival recordings to our Irish catalogue. Have a look at the news page on  www.veteran.ie




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Promotional code: 06052013


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Our compilation of West Country singers Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All is now out of stock and there are no current plans to re-press it. It is therefore now only available as a digitial download and the catalogue number has changed to VTC9DR.


It is available from all of the main digital retailers and more information can be found on our Download page.


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Two new Veteran digital downloads with printable paper parts.

Yes you can now download these and our other 'download only' albums, burn them onto a CDR and then by following the links you can print from a pdf an inlay, traycard and label for each.



Heart & Home

25 tracks from the legendary Galway fiddle player Lucy Farr. Originally release in 1992 on cassette only






The Long Strand

Three great fiddle players from Liverpool, Sean McNamara, Eamon Coyne & Peggy Peakin. Originally release in 1992 on cassette only




These and all our digital downloads now have direct quick links to iTunes and Amazon download pages.




The whole of the Fledg'ling label has now been added to this web-site. Follow the blue link and find classic and award winning CDs by a host of artistes including: John Kirkpatrick, Home Service, Shirley & Dolly Collins and Fotheringay.




New additions our websites


Album coverCDA011 The Little Ball of Yarn

A new CD from the Fife Traditional Singer's Festival which includes: John Valentine, Elizabeth Stewart, Pete Shepherd, Jimmy Hutchinson, Emily PortmanBrian Dawson and  Len Graham.




and from Ireland on www.veteran.ie


TTSB2012 By Hook or By Crook

The Tin Sandwich Band are John & Pip Murphy (mouthorgans) Benny McCarthy (melodeon) and  Donal Clancy (guitar)




Come West along the Road vol. 4

RTEDVD157 Come West Along the Road Vol.4

More amazing archive footage from RTE television programmes.





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Just released on Veteran



John & Tim Lyons

Easy & Bold

John and Tim Lyons have been involved in traditional music for much of their lives although they have rarely sung together. They have now settled back home and John’s children are continuing their musical tradition. They are rightly considered two of Ireland’s finest traditional singers.







Big news for 2012!


All Veteran CDs are now available as MP3 downloads


On each Veteran CD page you will now find a link to iTunes where you can buy a full CD download for as little as £7.49 or single tracks for 79p.


What this also means is you can now listen to a sample of every track on every CD in our catalogue.


For more information have a look at: digital downloads




New additions to www.veteran.ie


MUSCD009 Louth Mouths from Drogheda

Some remarkable songs collected in Co. Louth sung by Sean CorcoranDonal Maguire and Gerry Cullen.






Len Graham - In Full Flight

CMCD4452  In Full Flight 

Len Graham is one of Ireland’s best known traditional singers who has gained an international reputation, not only for his inimitable singing style, but also for the breadth of his knowledge of Irish folk music.





Cover picture

CMCD4453  Over the Hills 

Len Graham recorded live in concert at various events during 2009











We now have a new website which specialises in Irish traditional music and songs.





Eventually this site will just contain English and Scottish material and all the Irish content will be removed.


More importantly the new site allows us to included hundreds more CDs, with even more being added over the coming months.


Have a look today and check out the pages on Fiddle, Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Tin Whistle, Button Accordion, Melodeon, Concertina, Mouthorgan, Banjo, Harp, Bodhran, Ceili Bands, Duos, Groups, Songs sung in English, Songs sung in Irish, Storytellers, Compilations and DVDs.






Free CDs


There is now a free Veteran or Kyloe CD available on our Offers page.




Two more great reviews of VTC10CD Stepping it out again! have just been added from 'The Living Tradition' and 'Mardles'.




Postal Prices


As you will know today there has been a dramatic rise in postal charges from Royal Mail.


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Also we have now instituted banded postage prices on our shopping cart so the more you order the cheaper the postage becomes. You could actually be paying less in the future, particularly if you are ordering from outside the U.K.


May Madness Sale


As the 'Summer is a-coming in Oh' (if a little wet!) we are offering you a massive spring sale with a reduction of 10% on everything you order, but there is a time limit, so order now.


Have a look at our offers page to get the promotional code - Offers





The latest news on the Topic 'Voice off the People' CDs is the release date has been put back again to 9th April, and we have the first batch of, rather good, reviews for our newest release VTC10CD Stepping it out again! with the national magazine Songlines saying:


"The variety and quality of these field recordings from the last quarter of the 20th century makes this a nigh-on essential purchase for lovers of traditional songs."


and the regional magazine Shreds and Patches enthuses:


"The presentation, as with all Veteran products, is first-class. The content, though, is (even by Veteran’s standards) special. For an extra ordinary snapshot of what drives collectors in their work, you cannot get better than this."


To read the full reviews follow this link: Read VTC10CD reviews


Next a rake of new (and old) Irish CDs have just been added (re-added) to our catalogue.


Na Fir Bolg

RaelachCD002 NA FIR BOLG

First off is a remarkable CD from two young anglo concertina players Jack Talty (Co. Clare) & Cormac Begley (Co. Kerry) playing a whole range of concertinas in a variety of sizes and keys. With so many memorable tunes this is one of the best CDs we've heard for a long time.



CRCD006 Havoc in Heaven

Second is a new CD from Dublin singer Jerry O'Reilly with another fine set of songs sung in his own distinctive style.





And finally we have at last got, back in stock, the CDs from the concertina player and piper Tommy McCarthy and family, plus three others we have not listed before.








MMCD52 Sporting Nell Tommy McCarthy   Back in stock


MMCD54 The Family Album  Tommy's son - also Tommy - and daughters Jacqueline, Marion and Bernadette uphold the family tradition with some great Clare music.     Back in stock


MMCD53 The Hidden Note Jacqueline McCarthy Debut solo recording of concertina player. Her family - Tommy Sen., Marion, Bernadette and Tommy Jun. - are also featured on the album.


MMCD51 The Wind Amongst the Reed  Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy Uilleann pipes and anglo concertina as a duet. 


LUNCD052 The Piper's Apron Tommy Keane debut solo Uilleann piping album includes the first sighting of a musical duet with his wife Jacqueline McCarthy on concertina.




Up to date news about the new 'Voice of the People'


We can now confirm the the official release date for the first four of the new Topic 'Voice of the People series is Monday 26th March (a little later than expected). Below you will find a link to the track listing and list of the performers for each. All four will be packaged in slipcases with extensive booklets of notes.


Order now to get yours on (or even before!) the release date.



Track List


TSCD671 You Never Heard so Sweet

Songs by Southern English Traditional Singers. Selected & presented by Shirley Collins from classic recordings made in the 1950s by Peter Kennedy & Bob Copper.

Ned Adams, Joe Spicer, Lily Cook, George Maynard, Noah Gillette, Bob & Ron Copper, George Burton, Lily Cook, Luther Hills & Mark Fuller, Jim Barrett, Jim Swain, Turp Brown, Fred Hewett, Mrs. Hewett, George Attrill, George Maynard, Enos White, Jim Copper, Gladys Stone, Luther Hills with Mark Fuller, George Spicer, Harry Upton, Lottie Chapman, Frank Cole, Albert Beale, Bob & Ron Copper.




Track List


TSCD672D I'm a Romany Ria

Songs by Southern English Gypsy Traditional Singers. Selected & presented by Shirley Collins from classic recordings made in the 1950s and 1960s  by Peter Kennedy.

Phoebe Smith, Tom Willett, Janet Penfold, Rebecca Penfold, Charlie Scamp, Mary Fuller, Wally Fuller, Sheila Smith, Tom Willett, Rebecca Penfold, Jack Fuller, Wally Fuller, Chris Willett, Jack Fuller, Rebecca Penfold, Chris Willett, Wally Fuller, Carolyne Hughes (29 tracks), Celia Warren, John Hughes, Carrie Hughes, John Hughes.




Track List


TSCD673T Good People, Take Warning:

Ballads sung by British and Irish Traditional Singers. Selected & presented by Steve Roud from recordings made in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Bob & Ron Copper, Jean Elvin, Maggie Chambers, Bess Cronin, Paddy Doran, Ben Butcher, Maggie Stewart, Phil Tanner, Jeannie Robertson,

Gabriel Figg, Sarah Makem, Lucy Stewart, Thomas Moran, Jim O’Neill, Mick McAlinden, Maureen Melly, Sam Larner, Phoebe Smith, Margaret Jeffrey,

Harry Cox, Mary Toner, Harry List, Dodie Chalmers, Gladys Stone, Seamus Ennis, Paddy McCluskey, Lucy Stewart, Jim Copper, Jean Mathew,

Paddy Grant, Thomas Moran, Ethel Findlater, Harry Upton, Mary Doran, Joe Thomas, Dot Foubister, Michael Gallagher, Jim O’Neill, Charlotte Higgins,

Maggie Chambers, Peter Donnelly,Togo Crawford, Mary Anne Stewart, Emily Bishop, Joseph Higgins, Michael Gallagher, Jean Mathew, Joe Moran,

Fred Jordan, George Bloomfield, Mary McGarvey & Leslie Johnson.




Track List


TSCD674 The Heart is True

Sarah Makem - Irish Traditional Singer.

Selected & presented by Rod Stradling from classic recordings made in the 1950s and 60s.




A new exciting CD on Veteran.


VTC10CD Stepping it out again!

'traditional folk music, songs and stories from England & Ireland'.

These recordings were made by John Howson between 1975 and 2000 and come from his large collection which is now housed at the British Library’s National Sound Archive. They include some remarkable performances which have, surprisingly, eluded release on CD until now. Here is a vivid insight into the diversity of traditional folk songs, tunes, stories and stepdancing in rural and urban England and Ireland. Performers include: Jimmy Lynch, Tom Smith, Septimus Fawcett, Emma Vickers, Brian & Darren Breslin, Jack Stannard, Harry Litherland, Sarah Anne O'Neill, Reg Pratley, Denys Troughton, John Campbell, David Savage, Eli Frankham, Lucy Farr & Cyril Barber.






Lots of new additions to our catalogue. Click on the album /book /DVD title to find out more about it including track listings.

  Album cover

CDAH009 Drive Sorrows Away

CDAH009 Drive Sorrows Away Sussex singer Bob Lewis recorded live at the 2009 annual FifeSing in Scotland .





For some time we have been awaiting news, from Topic Records, about the new ‘Voice of the People’ series, following the highly successful first twenty CD collection. The first four of the new series have been announced with a release date of February 2012.  More details about the each album will appear on our web site as it is made available. We are quite happy to take advance orders for them to enable you to receive them at the earliest possible opportunity, but please don’t expect them before the February release date.







TSCD671 You Never Heard so Sweet - Songs by Southern English Traditional singers

TSCD672D I'm a Romany Ria - Songs by Southern English Gypsy Traditional singers

TSCD673T Good People, Take Warning: Ballads Sung by British and Irish Traditional singers

TSCD674 The Heart is True - Sarah Makem - Irish Traditional singer


All the days of his life: Eddie Butcher in his own words

IRB4 All the Days of his Life
Songs, Stories and Memories

We are pleased that the The Irish Traditional Music Archive have produced this outstanding hard back book of the life and the songs of the great Co. Derry
singer Eddie Butcher which comes with a separately package three CDs of recordings made the late Hugh Sheilds. Including 67 previously unpublished songs!

(Hardback book with CD x 3 - £40.99 + additional postage due the weight of the book and CDs)

This packaging is now only available on special order due to the cost of the postage - email info@veteran.co.uk


Adam in Paradise

ITMA01 Adam in Paradise

A re-release of the first recordings of Eddie Butcher made by Hugh Sheilds and produced as an EP in 1969. Just four songs, but they should be in everyone collection!



The Westmeath Hunt

ITMA02 The Westmeath Hunt

William Mullaly was the first and one of the best Irish concertina players to issue commercial records. His discs, made in the United States in the 1920s, have been newly remastered for this reissue CD and it is now accompanied by a 60-page illustrated booklet.







BNF008 Drimalost and Beyond

Eagerly awaited release of a double CD of fiddle player Danny Meehan, a stalwart of the London Irish scene who hails from near Mountcharles, Co. Donegal.


RTE199CD The Return to Fingal

We have had difficulty sourcing the RTE label, but the problem has been resolved and we now have in stock (at a lower price!) all of their current traditional music CDs
including the re-issue of early recordings of piper, singer and storyteller Seamus Ennis. 



RTEDVD148 Come West Along the Road Vol.3  'Irish Traditional Music Treasures from RTE TV Archive 1960s -1980s'.

Vol.1 and Vol.2 of this superb DVDs series are back in stock and now at a lower price and we are please now to be able include Vol. 3 in our catalogue.





Album cover

CDAH010 Hurrah, Boys, Hurrah

The seventh volume of recordings from the Fife Traditional Singers Festival from the 2010 event. Guests include Geordie Murison, Sheila Stewart, Chris Coe, Joe Aitken, Phyllis Martin and Jeff Warner.





A new double DVD from England and a new triple CD from Ireland.


PRE-ORDER Here's a Health to the Barley Mow: A Century of Folk Customs and Ancient Rural Games

BFIDVD01 Here's a Health to the Barley Mow

Just arrived a new DVD set of archival films featuring English dance, song and calender customs, including the 1950s film of Blaxhall Ship 'Hear's a Health to the Barleymow' and Alan Lomax's film of Padstow May Day 'Oss, Oss Wee, Oss'. 43 films on two DVDs plus a 58 page illustrated booklet. Amazing!






BNF007 A Feeling in the Blood

A new 3 CD album from the ever impressive Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí label, featuring the fiddle music of legendary Néillidh Boyle from Dungloe, Co Donegal. Includes a 36 page booklet. 






New from Scotland.


CDTRAX9024 Scottish Traditions 24

A new addition to the Greentrax 'Scottish Traditions' series has just arrived, which features songs and ballads from Perthshire recorded in the 1950s. 15 singers include Belle Stewart, Sheila Stewart and Willie MacPhee.





Lots of new great reviews have been added to the site for the most recent Veteran releases:


VT135CD The Fox & the Hare   -    VT157CD O'er Lang at the Fair   -   VT156CD  With thanks - Le buíochas


Have read and you might fancy one of them!


And there is great news for aficionados of Irish Music and singing!


We have, until now, had difficulty sourcing CDs from the classic Irish label Gael Linn but we've cracked it! So we have now included a first selection of their on the website including a new exciting re-release:


GCEFD161 Michael Coleman 1891 -1945

At last the classic recordings of the finest Sligo fiddler ever are available again!  48 tracks of archival magic recorded in the 1920s in America when he was at his best.


Check out what else is currently available from the Gael Linn  label on the site














MCRCD1102 A Banquet of Boxes A new English melodeon compilation featuring Nick Cooke, John Spiers, Dan & Matt Quinn, Saul Rose, Mark Bazeley, Ed Rennie,
Simon Bannister, Katie Howson, Andy Cutting, Simon Care, Simon Ritchie and John Kirkpatrick.








The latest releases have been added to the Topic, Fellside and WildGoose catalogues


Topic Records



Topic Records Catalogue                  Fellside Records Catalogue               WildGoose Records Catalogue




We would like to wish all our customers, past and present,

A Happy New Year

and assure you that there will be no prices rises in the foreseeable future even with the increase in VAT which has been introduced today!


Over the holiday period we have added the words for all the songs on VT135CD The Fox & the Hare and added biographical information and photographs to the links on the VTDC8CD Many a Good Horseman page.


Make sure you come back to the site regularly in this new year as we have several new exciting Veteran projects in the pipe line and of course we will also keep you up to date with traditional music releases on other labels from England. Ireland and Scotland.




Available now! The re-release of the Harry Green recordings on CD.


VT135CD The Fox & the Hare. Harry Green was one of the finest folk singers from the county of Essex. He was ninety three, in 1967, when his classic ballads, country songs and comic recitations were recorded by the renowned folk song collector Fred Hamer. On this compilation are four other fine Essex traditional singers with songs which also give a snap-shot of a bygone life from all corners of this vibrant rural and coastal county.









Our Summer crunch time offer is now over - well it is November!

but our Christmas and New Year offer is now available

Have a look at our offers page and see how you can save money on Veteran CDs.





Two new superb books - one from England and one from Ireland.


Working Songs: Industrial Ballads and Poems from Britain and Ireland, 1780s-1980s

ENB34 Working Songs - Firstly is Roy Palmer's investigation of songs of work from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to the 1980s Miners’ strike.






Joe Holmes - here I am amongst youIRB3 Here I am Amongst You - and the other a biography of Northern Irish singer and fiddle player Joe Holmes written by Len Graham which includes many of Joes's songs and tunes









Five new CDs of Irish songs and music have been added to our catalogue.


ITCD001 Round Top Wagon

The first CD from the remarkable young London based traveller singer Tommy McCarthy.




RGCD01D May Morning Dew 

Donegal singer Rita Gallagher with an excellent double CD of unaccompanied songs.




Flute music from Sliabh Luachra

WMCD001 Echoes of Sliabh Luachra

Flute player Billy Clifford was a stalwart of the London Irish scene in the 1950s and 60s along with his mother and father John and Julia Clifford. This new solo CD is being met with great acclaim. 



RTECD276 Gold Ring

A double CD of rare recordings of the great Co.Clare piper Willie Clancy.




EC09 Unheard

Four CD set of music and song from a master of traditional Irish mouthorgan player, Eddie Clarke.







A new CD from Scotland

CDAH008 There’s Bound to Be A Row - A fifth volume of songs from the annual Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.








Five new albums from England released during the Summer.







TECD161 Absolutely Classic - The Music of William Kimber  A welcome return of this classic CD which includes some archive film footage.

HEBE006 Open on Sundays - Duck Soup Dan Quinn's melodeon and songs accompanied by an array of unexpected instruments.

ATT001 Eloise - Ralph Jordan Duet concertina maestro with his first solo CD.





It's arrived at last! Our new CD of Northumbrian smallpipes and concertina.


VT157CD O'er Lang at the Fair

Rob Say is one of today's foremost performers of traditional music from the North East of England, and on his new CD he is joined by piano player Will Chamberlain and another champion piper Andy May.








It's Summer Price Crunch Time!


Yes, we have cut the internet prices of the Veteran catalogue for the Summer.

All single Veteran CDs are are now £11.95 and doubles are £14.95. These prices include postage in the U.K.

If you're outside the U.K. then you also get cheaper postage, as our postage is calculated by a percentage of the cost of the order.

This is cheaper than anywhere else on the internet. If it is not, then please tell us.

Also new on the website are reviews of Roisin White's CD VT156CD  With thanks - Le buíochas, which you can now also get at the Summer Crunch price.




The words of the songs and new reviews have been added to the VT115CD As I went to Horsham and VTDC8CD Many a Good Horseman pages.




Two new CDs and a DVD from the North East of Scotland


The first two are tributes produced by Aberdeen University's Elphinstone Institute, to the great Scottish ballad singer Stanley Robertson who sadly died in 2009.


Stanley Robertson - The College Boy

EIC004 The College Boy

A thirty five track double CD, of Stanley's best ballads and songs, some well known and many quite rare. Comes with a 32 page booklet.





Stanley Robertson at the Blue Lamp

EIC005 At the Blue Lamp

A DVD of six of Stanley's songs filmed at the famous Aberdeen pub, The Blue Lamp by award winning director Mark van Hugten.




The third continues the popular series from Sleepytown Records of Aberdeen


SLPYCD012 The Bothy Songs and Ballads of North East Scotland Volume Four

Another selection of songs from some of the finest ballad singers including several with accompaniment and four archive tracks.      






Two new Irish fiddle double CDs have just been added to our catalogue.

CNF006 The Purple Heather

The first features the legendary Donegal fiddle player Vincent Campbell who has been heard on compilation CDs like 'The Brass Fiddle' but this is the first full album of him There are 86 tracks recorded between 1962 to 2009. The six album from the excellent specialist label Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí.


The second CDs come from West Clare and features the famous, well respected, fiddle player Junior Crehan. We knew of the existence of this album but we had been unable to source it. On a trip to Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare last weekend to launch our new Roisin White CD (follow this link to our About Veteran page to see photos of the launch) we met Ita Crehan and we now have her father's CDs in stock.


MJC1908 The Last House in Ballymakea

Junior Crehan (1908-1998) was recorded in variety of settings over many years and included on this double CD he is also joined on several tracks by family members and musician friends. As one reviewer said,

'Listening to this CD is a must. Junior's soothing voice telling stories and his tranquil music is a legacy for us all'.





The first brand new release on Veteran for some time:


VT156CD  With thanks - Le buíochas

The long awaited new CD from one of Ireland's traditional singers Roisín White. Featuring many songs which have been rarely heard before. Just in time for Christmas!








New releases from Topic


As part of their 70th year celebrations Topic records have re-released for the first time on CD seven of their most influencial albums,

TSCD126 Louis Killen, TSCD358 Jackie Daly, TSCD427 Alistair Anderson, TSCD582 Peter Bellamy, TSCD583 The McPeake Family, TSCD576D Ewan MacColl and the one we have been waiting for:


Scan Tester - I Never Played To Many Posh DancesTSCD581D I Never to many posh dances. Sussex's anglo concertina player Scan Tester's seminal album which we was originally released on vinyl and then produced on cassette by Veteran which we can now offer on double CD.






Two new collections from Veteran and Topic


VTC8CD Many a Good Horseman is, at last, available on double CD.

The collection tracks John Howson's survey of traditional music making in Mid-Suffolk and includes some archival recordings made as early as 1958. Originally released as a double cassette the new production, which has been digitally re-edited and enhanced, consists of two 39 track CDs each lasting 75 minutes, and comes with a new 32-page booklet, which includes biographies and photographs of each of the performers, as well as extensive notes about the songs and tunes.




TOPIC70 three score & ten


TOPIC70 Three Score and Ten

An amazing production to celebrate Topic's 70th year as an independent record company, consisting of 7 themed CDs presented in a 10 inch square hardback book which is packed with information and 100s of illustrations








Two new CDs, a tune book and a DVD that nearly got away!


The Green 'Un - Limited edition solo CD by Katie Howson. 24 tunes from England, Ireland, Quebec and Australia played on an Eric Martin D/G two-row.



SARK001CD Sark Voices - Rare archival recordings from Sark in the Channel Islands.





ENB33 Never on Sunday - manuscripts from 19th century West Country village church band








The has been in stock for a little while but for some reason it never made it onto the web site.

Sam Sherry - A Memorial Compilation - 3 DVD set celebrating the life of Lancashire clog dancer and Music Hall artiste.









At last (I hear you say!) we have a search engine on the website and to find out more have a look at: help with searching


and there are two new CDs from Scotland and one from England in stock.


CD AH007 Grand to be a Working Man - A fifth volume of songs from the annual Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.





Hector MacAndrew - Legend Of The Scots Fiddle (CD)

CDTRAX 335 - Hector MacAndrew - 'Legend of the Scots Fiddle'





HEBECD005 Thicker than Water - The Mighty Quinns: Dan Quinn and his son Matt's debut CD.





plus two new English books which passed us by, but we now have available.


Cover picture

ENB30 The Elliotts of Birtley - A history of the famous singing mining family by Pete Wood.







Cover picture

ENB31 The Coleford Jig - A collection of traditional Tunes From Gloucestershire compiled by Charles Menteith and Paul Burgess










Apart from Veteran and Kyloe labels and the hand-picked selections on our English, Scottish and Irish pages we now also offer the whole catalogues of three other CD labels. Click on the links to see them:


Topic RecordsTopic Records Catalogue




Fellside Records Catalogue




WildGoose Records Catalogue




Watch this space there will be more to come!




It's been a slow start to the year as far as new releases are concerned, but keep watching this page as we are just about to announce a massive increase in the number of CDs that will be available from us.


What we have had to do this year is comply to a new international initiative called PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). The aim is to ensure that all companies who take credit /debit cards on the internet us a computer that can not be compromised by a hacker who is looking for card details.


Our PC has now been remotely scanned by Security Metrics and has been found to have no security vulnerabilities. Scanning will now be carried out regularly to ensure that we continue to be compliant.





Back in stock is one of our most popular (double) CDs.



VTD145CD A Shropshire Lad - Fred Jordan




Our Christmas /Winter offer is here again. Have look at our offers page and pick up some free CDs !




- and don't forget the Copper Family's Christmas CD, which missed last year's festive season but is certainly in time for this year's!


CSCD4 Coppers at Christmas

This was Bob's last recording with all the current singing Coppers and the CD also includes an archive track of Jim and Ron Copper.




- also while tidying our stockroom we found a box of Songs Sung in Suffolk books. They have slightly marked covers but are actually in very good condition. We have certainly seen and bought books in much worse condition from book shops. We only have 40 copies up for grabs so it is first come first served! At a knock down price of course.







A new release of singing from Ireland plus two new concertina albums


CRCD04 Down From Your Pulpits, Down From Your Thrones!

Jerry O’Reilly sings songs he’s picked all over Ireland during over fifty years of singing and he has gathered together singing associates including Niamh Parsons, Maire Ni Chroinin, Jim McFarland, Tom Creen as the Goilin and accompanists Con ‘Fada’ O’Drisceoil (accordion), Aogan O’ Loinsigh (concertina) and Pat ‘Herring’ Ahern (guitar).


FSCD80 English International

After the success of ‘Anglo International’ last year Roots records have now produced a triple CD set featuring players of the English concertina.




FRRR 12 Masters of the Concertina

This is the welcome re-release of two concertina LPs on one budget CD. Originally on the Free Reed label and featuring Gordon Cutty on ‘A Grand Old Fashioned Dance’ and Tommy Williams on ‘Springtime in Battersea’. The new CD includes bonus interview tracks.




Two new releases from Ireland and two from Scotland


CNF005 Nil gar ann!

One of the finest donegal fiddlers Frank Cassidy recorded between 1946 and 1967, including duets with the great John Doherty.




CCEM001  Music From The Reeds 
Multiple All Ireland Champion Noel Battle plays a wide variety of tunes on, the often neglected instrument in Irish music, the mouthorgan



SDP09 King of the Button Box - Volume Two

A second double CD of the master of the button box Jimmy Shand with recordings made between 1935 and 1951.




CD AH006 Nick Nack on the Waa

A forth volume of songs from the annual Fife Traditional Singing Weekend including, Elizabeth Stewart, Duncan Williamson and Jock Duncan.






After a quiet period for Veteran releases we have two new exiting releases.


The first features two of the finest traditional singers to have come out of Sussex, mother and son Mabs and Gordon Hall - VT115CD As I went down to Horsham. This new production includes 12 unreleased tracks and some tracks which been released before on cassette, plus a 24 page booklet which contains much previously unknown biographical information and many unpublished photographs.

A must for anyone interested in traditional English singing.





Second comes a re-release on CD of the seminal album of 'Melodeon players from East Anglia' which was previously only available on double cassette with the catalogue number VTVS05/06.


The new double CD version is VTDC11CD The Pigeon on the Gate and includes 111 tracks plus a 24 page booklet with photographs and biographies of the musicians. There has been much demand for this album to be released on CD.






Hot news this month is that Kyloe Records are now under our wing and are now exclusively distributed by Veteran. If you've missed this excellent set of releases from Northumberland and Scotland then it it is time for you to discover them.


Click here for full details

Click here to enlarge





Have a look at the Kyloe Catalogue page


Recently added to our catalogue are CDs of two very different squeeze box players from England.


One Man Hand album cover

WGS351CD One Man Hand

Norfolk's Tony Hall with his our brand of melodeon playing and comic songs.





CDMM001 Out of the Box

and fine anglo concertina playing from Sussex's Will Duke




and two releases of traditional singing from Ireland.


CFTS001 Cascades of Song

The Clare Festival of Traditional Singing took place in Ennistymon from 1990 to 2002. Tom Munnelly, who passed away last year, recorded each of these festivals and this CD features some of the fine singers who took part between 1991 and 1999,




FRRR 08 Ballads and Songs of the north of Ireland

Re-release of  two classic 1975 Free Reed LPs on one CD. Featuring Eddie Butcher and Joe Holmes & Len Graham 

Budget price.





Four new releases from Ireland


PPCD004 Songs of Irish Travellers

Originally released in 1983 on cassette. It was always a popular album when we stocked it then and it is good see it available again on CD with large informative booklet.



BADVD01 Irish Traditional Step Dances

A new DVD from Michael and Celine Tubridy which teaches the intricacies of old time step dancing, with music provided by Michael's superb flute playing.






CCF38CD Tulla Ceili Band - 60th Anniversary Collection  

The seminal Clare band celebrate 60 years of playing some of the best ceili music around.


BallinamereCD01 The Ballinamere Céili Band

Archive recordings of the Co. Offally band which was formed in 1947. The band played live on Céili House for 10 years in the 50’s and had a huge influence over traditional music all over Ireland.




Two new CDs from the Copper Family


CSCD4 Coppers at Christmas

The Copper Family celebrate Christmas. Although it missed last years festive season it is certainly ready for this years, and for Copper Family fans it is essential listing at any time of the year. Includes an archive track of Jim and Ron Copper.




Picture of - Young Coppers Passing Out

CSCD5 Passing Out  

The Young Coppers' first album, 'Passing Out' heralds the beginning of the next generation of the Copper Family. This is their long awaited debut CD and it certainly come up to expectations. Available from 25th February - Order now!






To start the new year we have two new DVDs from Ireland.


The first celebrates the 10th series of the classic Irish television programme.

RTEDVD113 Come West Along the Road Volume 2 features more well known and not so well known luminaries from the Irish traditional music world including; The Dubliners, Paul Brady, Planxty, Mary Brogan, Kevin Burke, Peader O'Loughlin & Paddy Murphy, Triona Ni Dhomhnail & Liam Rowsome, Joe Burke & Paddy Glackin, Bobby Gardiner, Seamus Ennis and the Bridge and Kilfenora Ceili Bands.




While second is comes from Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí (friendship or association of fiddle players). CNFDVD001 The Couple Dances of Donegal  shows couple and house dances from all over Donegal. Each dance is demonstrated and background information is proved via interviews with dancers and musicians who include the Campbells, Danny Meehan, Ciaran ó Maonaigh and Aidan O Donnell.







Here is the tune book that many have been waiting for!


ENB29 Before the night was out ...

Traditional polkas waltzes, hornpipes, schottisches and jigs from Suffolk and Norfolk transcribed from recordings of more than 20 different melodeon, fiddle & dulcimer players. Plus biographies, photographs and contextual information about traditional music in East Anglian.









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A rake of new titles have hit our shelves this month.

From England two books and a CDR collection:


cover of william winer quantock tune book

ENB27 Willaim Winter's Quantocks Tune Book
A great tune book containing 376 tunes selected from the manuscript of Somerset fiddle player William Winter, (1774-1861).  The accompanying CD contains a selection 32 tunes, played by Rob Harbron (concertina), Miranda Rutter and Nancy Kerr (fiddles), with Tim van Eyken (melodeon).




ENB28 The Bosun's Locker
Stan Hugill’s collected articles, published in Spin magazine between 1962 & 1973. They contain salty tales plus over seventy sea songs & shanties with many illustrated with Stan’s own line drawings.





MTCD345-7 Down by the Riverside

3-CDR set of songs, ballads and tunes from Gloucestershire Gypsy family the Brazils.






From Scotland two new CDS


CD AH005 The Last of the Clydesdales

84 year old Gordon Easton is from the Blackhills of Tyrie near Fraserburgh, where his family has crofted for generations. He learned many of his old songs from his mother and grandmother and is well-known for his fiddle, jew’s harp and ‘moothie’ playing, not to mention his considerable skills as a ‘diddler’.




CD AH004 Some Rants o Fun

The third collection of Old Songs and Bothy Ballads recorded the annual Fife Traditional Singing Weekend





And for Irish music lovers three astounding new releases


BH003CD The Spirit of West Clare - Bobby Casey

One of the greatest fiddle players to come out of Ireland, Bobby Casey (1926-2000) was born near the Crosses of Annagh, Co. Clare. He moving to London in 1952 and exerted enormous influence on London's traditional Irish music scene. In the late 60s Bobby featured on the seminal album ‘Paddy in the Smoke’ and the music on this new CD was recorded at around the same time.


CNF004 Tradititional Fiddle Music from Donegal - Con Cassidy

More great Donegal fiddle playing in the Cairdeas series. This time from one of the finest players from that county, Con Cassidy.



AnClar 06 The Clare Set

The new definitive 6-CD archive of Concertina Traditions of Co Clare recorded in the 1970s including:  The Russell Family, Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon, Chris Droney, John Kelly amongst others.






ENB25 Marrow Bones - The long-awaited new edition of Marrow Bones! Marrow Bones was originally published in 1965 and edited by Frank Purslow, Marrow Bones played a crucial role in the burgeoning folk song revival of the 1960s, providing young singers with a whole new repertoire. Out of print for many years, Marrow Bones has been completely revised by Malcolm Douglas and Steve Gardham, with new and extensive notes on the songs.






ENB26 Hardcore English (book) - This inspired collection of 300 tunes gives an overview of our current understanding of English traditional dance music. This book includes booklists of re-published musicians manuscripts, important compilations of English traditional music. Fascinating studies of English traditional musicians, how folk music varies regionally and an up-to-date guide to the enormous resources, including thousands of tunes now available on the internet.



EFDSSCD13 Hardcore English (CD) - The double CD with the same title, also compiled by Barry Callaghan, contains thirty-two tracks of tunes played by many of the leading ceilidh bands, including The Old Swan Band, The Bismarcks, The Old Hat Dance Band, Geckoes, Florida and Pete Coe.



EFDSSCD02 A Century of Song  'A celebration of traditional singers since 1898'. This classic CD is now back in stock at the new lower price of £10.99.








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Just released a new CD from Veteran!




Here is our first release of 2007: VT155CD Norfolk Bred featuring the Norfolk horseman Ray Hubbard. It is a CD of comic songs and stories, plus tunes, songs and recitations Ray has gathered during over fifty years of playing and singing. Ray was born into a musical family and at the age of 74, his particular style of traditional entertainment is still in great demand.




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We've not come across many new releases recently but here's a couple of new Scottish ones and and an Irish re-release which puts the first DVD into out catalogue


Album cover

CD AH003 For Friendship and for Harmony

A second volume of songs from the annual gathering - the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend. Singers include Joe Aitken, Norman Kennedy, Sheila Stewart, Louis Killen, Stanley Robertson and Elizabeth Stewart.



KING OF THE BUTTON BOX –Recordings made by Jimmy Shand

SDP03 King of the Button Box

A double CDR (for the price of one) of the legendary box player Jimmy Shand recorded when he was at the height of his fame between1945 and 1956.




RTEDVD99 Come West Along the Road

2 hours 20mins of traditional music from the archives of RTE now on DVD. Including Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford, Darach Ó Catháin, Liam O’Flynn, Planxty, Tulla Ceili Band, Paul Brady, The Dubliners and Joe Cooley to name but a few.





IRB2 The Spoon Murder and other mysteries

Wonderful witty songs written by Con Ó Drisceoil from Cork. He is also of course the great box player who leads the Four Star Trio.

Many of these songs have now been absorbed into the Irish tradition. The package includes a hard-back book and a CD of Con singing the songs. Highly recommended!








ENB24 Traveller's Joy

Songs of English and Scottish Travellers and Gypsies 1965-2005
A superb new book compiled by Mike Yates with musical transcriptions by Elaine Bradtke and editorial assistance by David Atkinson and Malcolm Taylor. Including a CD of Mike Yates recordings.




Cover picture

EICD003 Rum Scum Scoosh! - Stanley Robertson.

A new double CD from Aberdeen University of the Scottish singer and story-teller.





MTCD339-0 A Story to Tell - Field recordings made in Suffolk by Keith Summers between 1972 and 1979 with no duplication between the veteran release VT154CD Good Hearted Fellows.




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Cover picture

Also a new release of Scottish traditional singing. MTCD335-6 In memory of Lizzie Higgins









Two new releases one form England and one from Scotland and an important re-release from Ireland


SAPCD0061 Rum and Raspberry Retired Northamptonshire farmer Jeff Wesley sings some fine songs on his new CD





Click here to enlarge

Kyloe110 Hamish Henderson Collects Volume 2. Another excellent CD of recording from the School of Scottish Studies archive made in the 1950s.





CC4CD Once I Loved. This is an important CD re-release as it the only album Sarah & Rita Keane currently available from two really great singers 







Here's a release from last year that escaped our attention but is now in stock.


FSCD70 Anglo International is a three CD set featuring the best anglo concertina players around like John Kirkpatrick, Roger Digby, Will Duke and Roger Edwards from England. Noel Hill and Mary MacNamara from Ireland plus some archive tracks including Scan Tester and Fred Kilroy.






New from Devon comes a CD for fans of English traditional dance bands.


CDMM001 'The Pixies Strike Again' features a selection of 17 tracks of very danceable music played by the current line-up of the Dartmoor Pixie Band.







Just released yet another great new CD from Veteran!


VT154CD ‘Good Hearted Fellows’ Traditional folk songs, music hall songs and tunes from Suffolk. Recorded 1971 - 1977 by Keith Summers. Ballads and comic songs from Ted Laurence, Jimmy Knights, Alec Bloomfield, Fred Whiting, Billy List, Ted Cobbin, Fred List, Jumbo Brightwell, Geoff Ling, George Ling, Charlie Whiting and Dinks Cooper. Fiddle tunes from Fred Went, Fred Whiting and Harkie Nesling. Melodeon and mouthorgan tunes from Fred List, Dolly Curtis, Font Whatling and Albert Smith. Plus stepdancing and dancing doll from Charlie Whiting and Cecil Fisk.


32 tracks (20 which have never been released before) and a 36 page booklet.





No news for a couple of months then (just like buses!) lots come at once.

First off two new releases on Veteran.


Viv Legg is the sister of Vic Legg (see VT129CD), niece of Betsy and Charlotte Renals and daughter of Sophie Legg (see VT119CD). Sophie has been living with Viv for some time now and she has encouraged her to learn some of the family songs that have never been recorded before. Viv is a great singer and is carrying on this strong family gypsy singing tradition. Her new CD is VT153CD Romany Roots. follow the link to find out more!






Second up is volume two of our 'Market day' CDs. Another great value CD with 28 tracks of English traditional singers from our back cassette catalogue including: Jeff Wesley, Frank Hinchliffe, George Fradley, Lucy Woodhall, Bob Lewis, Francis Shergold, Walter Pardon, Will Noble, Ted Chaplin, George Withers, Ivor Hill, Johnny Doughty, George Townsend, Freda Palmer, Charlie Bridger, Charlie Hancy, Walt Stevens, The Cantwell family and Ray Hartland. Follow VTC7CD to find out what they sing:



and new from Scotland


Click for full image view (Will Starr "The Very Best of - 1945-1951"  CD)


Legacy02CD The Very Best of Will Starr  25 tracks of the legendary button box player 1945-1951.





YCD12 Three Melodeons and a Piano Good old-fashioned melodeon playing!






Legacy10CD The Best Bothy Album Ever! Compilation of Bothy songs from some of the finest singers





Elgin01 Champions of Champions An album of Bothy songs to Celebrate 21 years of the Elgin Festival.







Two new CDs from Ireland.



PPCD002 Keepers of the Flame - Travellers and fellow Travellers. Produced for the twentieth anniversary of the travellers’ organization Pavee Point, this CD is a celebration of the music of Ireland’s travellers. Travellers featured include Felix Doran, Finbar Furey, John Doherty, John Rooney, Pecker Dunne, Mickey Dunne, Christy Dunne, and Paddy Keenan.




No Cat No They'll be Good Yet Old fashioned Clare music played as it should be played by Kitty Hayes (concertina) & Peter Laban (Uilleann pipes in C)


and one from Scotland.




CD AH002 Here's a Health to the Company - Fife Traditional Singing Weekend - Live festival recordings including: Gordon Easton, Duncan Willimason, Stanley Robertson, Sheila Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart and Roisin White.



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