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American & Blues CDs


A - R

S - W

Dave Arthur

Pete Seeger

WGS435CD 'Someone to Love You'

TECD240 'Rainbow Race'

Sara Grey and Kieron Means

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons

WGS431CD  'Better Days a Comin'

FLED 3100 'Ever Popular Favourites'

FECD225 'Sandy Boys'

Jeff Warner

Rattle on the Stovepipe

WGS425CD 'Roam the Country Through'

WGS432CD 'Through the Woods'

WGS385CD 'Long Time Travelling'

S398CD 'Old Virginia'

Hedy West


FLED 3106 'From Granmaw And Me'


WGS385CD 'Long Time Travelling'


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