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I've Come to Sing a Song

‘Cornish Family Songs’


Vic Legg

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Vic Legg was born into one of the best known West Country travelling family, the Orchards, and many of his relatives sang. His two aunties Charlotte and Betsy Renals and his mother Sophie Legg can be heard on VT119 Catch me if you can. It was from them that he gained his early interest in singing.


Vic has gathered his songs from a variety of sources, but most on this recording have come from his family. As he says; 'Some were learned on purpose, while others were by osmosis!'  Songs have come to him throughout his life, such as the dockyard medley which comes from the days when he served his apprenticeship in the Devonport dockyards. Then there's the anti-drink anthem he picked up somewhere along the line: 'The Hell-bound Train'. There would have been some disappointed listeners if we hadn't included that one!


With such a background of singing it's hardly surprising that Vic has become an integral part of Bodmin Folk club, the local Trigg Morris Dancers and the Bodmin Wassailers. If you're in Cornwall it is certainly worth making the effort to hear this fine singer. Then again you might be lucky enough to catch him on one of his rare sorties out of the West Country, when you can hear Vic Legg Come to sing a song near you, and once you've heard him you will certainly not be disappointed with his CD.



1. I've Come to Sing a Song (3.06)

2. Thorneymore Woods (2.39)

3. Young Man Cut Down (4.15)

4. Garners Gay (2.10)

5. If I do, I do (1.27)

6. The Beggarman (1.40)

7. Just Beginning to Sprout (2.18)

8. The Banks of the Sweet Dundee (3.57)

9. She Crab /Lonely Widow (4.47)

10. Barbara Allen (3.55)

11. The Molecatcher (2.30)

12. Banks of the Sweet Primroses (2.59)

13. Dockyard Medley (6.46)

            (a) Dockyard Children

            (b) Rushing Thro' the Dockyard

            (c) Two Newly-weds

            (d) Barely 23

            (e) Little Bit of Wastage

14. Outlandish Knight (3.09)

15. The Hell-bound Train ( 3.35)

16. Me and my Wife (3.04)


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