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Linkin' o'er the Lea

Traditional folk songs and ballads from Tempo, County Fermanagh


Maggy Murphy

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In 1952 Maggy Murphy (under her maiden name Maggy Chambers) was recorded by Peter Kennedy in Tempo, Co. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. The track ‘The Auld Beggarman’ (Linkin’ o’er the Lea) became one of the highlights on the seminal album series ‘Folk songs in Britain & Ireland’ released first in America (Caedmon 1961) and then in England (Topic 1969). On this new CD we have three archival tracks alongside new digital recordings. Maggy is now in her 70s and her singing has gained the pace and strength that only comes through a life time of singing.



1. Linkin’ o’er the Lea (2.46)

2. Banks of the Silvery Tide (4.09)

3. Killyburn Brea (2.54)

4. Seven years did I Have a Sweetheart (5.28)

5. Stock or Wall (Captain Emmerson) (6.05)

6. Early, Early All in the Spring (2.42)

7. Crockery Ware (2.11)

8. Banks of the Sweet Dundee (5.46)

9. Paddy and the Ass (3.15)

10. My Father’s Servant Boy (4.20)

11. Caroline & the Young Sailor Bold (3.12)

12. The Clock Striking Nine (3.05)

13. Edmund in the Lowlands Low (5.20)

14. There was a Wealthy Woman (3.16)

15. Molly Bawn (3.50)

16. Boy and Girls Courting Down by the Roadside (2.07)


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