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The girls along the road

‘Traditional songs ballads and whistle tunes from Co. Antrim’


John Kennedy

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Sean Corcoran writes - Getting onto a train between Belfast and Dublin I heard the strains of the reel 'Devanney's Goat' tin-whistling down the corridor and I knew immediately who it was. I found John Kennedy entertaining a carriage-load of travellers to while away the journey - "My God, Kennedy! Do you ever cease?"


John Kennedy is one of the great voices of Irish traditional song and also a renowned musician, teacher, songmaker and tunesmith. This album is a selection from John's branbag of songs along with some fascinating pieces from his unique repertoire of old traditional fifing tunes.



1. The Girls along the Road (4.23)

2. The Lass with the Bonny Brown Hair (4.05)

3. (march) The Russian Retreat (2.18)

4. The Flower of Corby Mill (3.34)

5. (hornpipe) The Irishman’s Hornpipe (2.16)

6. The Corncrake among the Whinny Knowes (2.41)

7. (march) The Boys of Sandy Row (2.16)

8. (reel) The Keys of the Kingdom (1.40)

9. Glenone (4.09)

10. The Shipcarpenter’s Wife (4.57)

11. (polka) Willie Nichol’s Polka (1.20)

12. (march) The Great Spy (2.14)

13. Glenarm Bay (4.48)

14. (march) The Heights of Alma (2.18)

15. The Clogmills Factory Girls (3.00)

16. (marches) Jackson’s Return /Open the Door (3.46)

17. Reilly the Fisherman (6.13)

18. The Missus, her Mother, the Bulldog and Me (3.50)


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