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Moor Music


Mark Bazeley (melodeon & concertina) Jason Rice (accordion) with Rob Murch (banjo)  Gareth Kiddier (piano)

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Mark and Jason carry on the Dartmoor traditions of their grandfathers Bob Cann and Jack Rice, as well as writing new material themselves. Their playing is steady and precise yet they play with a youthful zeal and a spring in their step which is the essence of real English country dance music today.



1. KP's Jig /The Rose Garden (jigs - 3.19)

2. The Stein Song (march - 3.07)

3. Christmas Morn (waltz - 3.17)

4. Lady in the Boat /Briarfield Jig /Ford Farm Reel

              /The Cornish Quickstep (jigs & reels - 4.18)

5. Russian Ballet /The Hullichan Jig (jigs - 3.14)

6. Lyrinka (waltz - 3.09)

7. When it's Night-time in Italy /Climbing up the Golden Stairs

              /The Thaxted Square (reels - 4.57)

8. Tin Gee Gee /Walter Bulwer's No.1 (polkas - 3.58)

9. Jolly Ploughboy /Barren Rocks of Aden (reels - 3.14)

10. Major Mackie's Jig /Uncle George's Jig

             /The Blackthorn Stick (jigs - 3.15)

11. Crooked Stovepipe /Jumping Cactus (reels - 3.12)

12. Uncle Jim's Waltz /Uncle George's Waltz

             /Harry Gidley's Waltz (waltzes - 3.09)

13. The Trip to Gidleigh (jig - 2.13)

14. Danish Double Quadrille /Old Comrades' March

             /Whistling Rufus (reels - 6.13)


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