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VT142CD Pass the Jug Round

‘Traditional Songs & Music from Cumberland’


Mickey Moscrop  Tom Brodie  Joe Thompson  Robert Forrester  Norman Alford  Jim Nixon  Harvey Nicholson  Watty Graham  Len Irving  Jim Matthews

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These remarkable recordings were made in the early 1950s. They were instigated by Robert Forrester and Norman Alford who, while cycling around the Cumbrian countryside, sought out some of the old boys who sang and played traditional music in the local pubs.


The recordings, made in the pubs, on a direct cut 78 rpm acetate machine, then lay undiscovered in Carlisle Record Office for nearly thirty years! Now we are able to cast the spotlight on a way of life and a kind of music that is rarely heard today. There are local hunting songs as well as haunting ballads, a comic song and traditional tunes, each introduced by its performer in their true Cumberland dialect.


1. Pass the Jug Round - Mickey Moscrop

2. The Birds Upon the Trees - Tom Brodie

3. The Horn of the Hunter - Joe Thompson

4. Cumberland Waltz - Robert Forrester (mouth organ) & Norman Alford (whistle)

5. Copshawholme Fair - Robert Forrester

6. The Welton Hunt - Joe Thompson

7. The Keach in the Creel - Jim Nixon

8. The Copshawholme Butcher - Harvey Nicholson

9. Joe Bowman - Joe Thompson

10. Story in Longtown dialect /Cumberland Reel - Watty Graham (melodeon)

11. The Lish Young Buy-a-Broom - Len Irving

12. My Uncle Pete - Jim Matthews

13. Corby Castle - Robert Forrester

14. John Peel - Mickey Moscrop


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