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‘Northern Country Monologues’


John Cocking

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John Cocking is one of today's finest exponents of the humorous monologue. Born and bred in the south Peninnes he has learned his craft by listening to the great northern monologue writers and performers. Some are only known in his locality while others have gained national recognition. As John says, 'Let your imagination run free to paint the pictures created by these wonderful words'.



1. The Jubilee Sov’rin (2.52)
2. Troopers (3.43)
3. The ‘Ole in the Ark (2.38)

4. Mother’s Lament (0.44)
5. Widow's Reekin’(5.39)

6. Uppards (2.03)

7. Ordnance at Burton (3.42)
8. Runcorn Ferry (3.32)
9. Tenor Trom’ (1.47)
10. Three Ha’pence a Foot (3.43)

11. How we Saved the Barge (3.48)

12. The Recumbent Posture (3.39)
13. The Bantam Cock (2.14)
14. Grandma (5.46)

15. The Return of Albert (3.38)


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