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Good Hearted Fellows

'Traditional folk songs, music hall songs and tunes from Suffolkí recorded 1971 - 1977 by Keith Summers


Ted LaurenceFred ListJimmy KnightsFred WentAlec Bloomfield Fred WhitingBilly ListDolly CurtisCharlie WhitingTed CobbinJumbo BrightwellGeoff LingHarkie NeslingGeorge LingAlbert SmithDinks CooperCecil FiskFont Whatling   

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During the 1970s Keith Summers trailed the highways and byways of Suffolk, meeting and recording local singers and musicians who all had one thing in common, their songs and tunes had been handed down to them by their families and communities. When Keith died in 2004 he left a huge legacy of recordings of traditional music-making.


The recordings here with twelve singers, three fiddle players and four melodeon and mouthorgan players give us a taste of what he heard, performed by real Good Hearted Fellows.


Tracks (click on the title to see read notes on the tunes or the words and notes on each of the songs)

1. Dicky & Cart (song) Ted Laurence
2. Johnsonís Hornpipe (melodeon tune) Fred List
3. Ratcliff Highway (song) Jimmy Knights
Polka Medley (fiddle tunes) Fred Went
5. Cunning Cobbler (song) Alec Bloomfield
6. The Old Bass Bottle (song) Fred Whiting
7. Harkie's Polkas (fiddle tunes) Fred Whiting
8. Maria Marten (song) Billy List
9. Pigeon on the Gate (melodeon tune) Dolly Curtis (step dancing) Charlie Whiting
10. Spithead (song) Ted Cobbin
11. They Daren't do it Now (fiddle tune) Fred Whiting (song) Charlie Whiting
12. Eggs in Her Basket (song) Fred List
13. Seventeen Come Sunday (song) Jumbo Brightwell
14. A Group of Young Squaddies (song) Geoff Ling
15. Come and Be my Little Teddy Bear (song) Harkie Nesling
16. The Bonny Bunch of Roses (song) George Ling
17. Red River Valley /Pigeon on the Gate (mouthorgan tunes) Albert Smith
18. Boston Burglar (song) Charlie Whiting
19. I Can't Change It (song)
Jimmy Knights
20. Silver Threads (fiddle tune) Fred Went
21. Trawler Song (song) Dinks Cooper
22. Earl Soham Slog (fiddle tune) Fred Whiting (dancing doll) Cecil Frisk
23. The Light Dragoon (song) Fred List
24. She Took Off Her Nightie (song) Charlie Whiting
25. Untitled Tunes (melodeon tunes)
Font Whatling
26. The Lakes of Coolfin (song) George Ling
27. Do your Best (song) Ted Laurence
28. Jack the Drover (song) Fred Whiting
29. Impudence Schottische /Sultan's Polka (fiddle tunes) Harkie Nesling
30. Botany Bay (song) Jumbo Brightwell
31. Shoot them All (song) Alec Bloomfield
32. Polka medley (melodeon tunes) Fred List


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