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Norfolk Bred

'Songs, tunes and stories from a Norfolk horseman’


Ray Hubbard

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Ray Hubbard was born into a musical family. His parents and grandparents played accordeon, mouthorgan and  concertina, and he soon carried on this tradition by playing in local pubs and village halls himself. In the 1950s he formed a travelling Concert Party whose name ‘Norfolk Bred’ gave this CD it’s title. Ray’s other love is working horses and he spent much of his life as a horseman in his native Norfolk.


He is a true countryman and a remarkable comic entertainer.


Tracks (click on the title to see the words of each song and read notes about it)

1.  1. Oh, Joe, the Boat is Going Over (1.42)
2.  Joe the Carrier Lad /Horsey, Horsey (2.54)
3.  The Outing (3.57)
4.  “I’d like to tell you my life story” (4.40)
5.  Heel & Toe Polka (1.34)
6.  The Muck Spreader (2.06)
7.  Teamwork (recitation) (1.21)
8.  “We got on alright from school” (2.22)
9.   Bandy Bertha (1.28)
10. Waltz & March Tunes (2.49)
11. You Can’t Tell Them Nothing, They Know (2.02)
12. Good King George the Farmer (1.38)
13. “Then I started courting” (6.17)
14. Over the Garden Wall (1.12)
15. Day at the Show (recitation) (1.58)
16. Has ya fa'r got a dicky, bor? (1.51)
17. Sarah (2.28)
18. “Yes we got over that!” (3.29)
19. Waltz for the Veleta (2.00)
20. Scaring the Crows Away (3.17)
21. Pudden’ (2.13)


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