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The Cat's Rambles


Michael Sheehy


Michael Sheehy plays music from the Cork, Kerry, Limerick border, an area known as Sliabh Luachra which means 'The Rushy Mountains'. It is one of the most vibrant musical areas of south west Ireland being known for its unusual polkas and slides (single jigs).

Michaelís father played the button accordion and came from West Limerick. He had learned the local style from his father but when he moved the family to Manchester in the 1950ís his music didnít fit in with the reels and jigs in local Irish music pubs. He continued to play at home concentrating on teaching a young Michael to play.

Michael Sheehy plays the piano accordion is now one of the finest exponents of this exciting music. He plays in a style which is firmly rooted in the traditions of Sliabh Luachra and he remembers his father telling him to ĎPut a bit of life into ití. He certainly does that!

A gem of an album presented in an eight panel digipack with extensive biographical and tune notes.


1. The Weaver's Delight /Dan O'Leary's /The Blue Riband - Polkas (3.05)
2. Art O'Keeffe's /Jimmy Doyle's /Tom Billy's - Slides (3.05)
3. The Fairy Reel /The Banks of the Ilen /Tom Billy's - Reels (3.11)
4. Behind the Ditch in Parc Anna /Tom Billy's - Hornpipes (2.58)
5 The Cat's Rambles to the Child's Saucepan /The Boys of Bunratty /The Templeglantine - Slides (2.52)
6. Willy Connell's - Polkas (3.10)
7. I Will if I Can /The Priest in His Boots /John Mahinney's - Jigs (3.15)
8. Garten Mother's Lullaby /We Bring the Summer With Us - Waltzes (2.53)
9. John Walsh's /The Glin Cottage /Bridgie Con Matt's - Polkas (2.54)
10. She Hadn't the Thing She Thought She Had /The Gullane /The Kilcummin - Slides (3.01)
11. O'Sullivan's /O'Callaghan's - Polkas (3.07)
12. Mick Sheehy's /The Glountane - Reels (2.03)
13. An Sean Bhean Bhocht /The Jolly Beggarman - Hornpipes (2.50)
14. A Night at the Fair /The Cat in the Corner - Jigs (3.09)
15. Balliniska Band /The Merry Girl /Thadelo's - Barndances (4.01)
16. I Looked East and I Looked West /The Glin Cottage /The Annaghbeg - Polkas (3.03)
17. The Worn Torn Petticoat /Scattery Island /The Kaiser - Slides (3.52)


Michael is joined by Ed Barrett on fiddle on tracks 3, 9 &17, Alan Block on fiddle on tracks 5 &12 and John Howson on guitar on tracks 6 &15.


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