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Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk

‘Comic Songs, Music Hall Songs & Parodies sung by traditional singers from Suffolk’


Clifford Arbon (Monewden) Charlie Hancy (Bungay) Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Ted Chaplin (Wingfield) Geoff Ling (Blaxhall) Wallie Syer (Bildeston) Tony Harvey (Tannington) Hubert Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Gordon Woods (Framsden) Manny Aldous (Great Bricett) Cyril Barber (Felsham) Hubert Freeman (Bedingfield)

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These recordings come from every corner of Suffolk, from remote rural hamlets to wind-blown coastal hinterlands. These are real traditional singers, village songsters who have had their songs passed down to them by their families or communities. The recordings are studio quality although most were made in the singers’ kitchens. Passing farm wagons, ticking clocks and crowing cockerels are all part of the atmosphere.



1. It Won't Take Very, Very Long - Cifford Arbon (2.40)

2. I've got a Good Idea Where it's Gone to - Charlie Hancy (3.15)

3. Curiosity - Tom Smith (4.57)

4. Beery Bob - Manny Aldous (2.28)

5. The Fella with the Trombone - Ted Chaplin (1.46)

6. The Big Wheel - Geoff Ling (2.38)

7. You've Got a Long Way to go - Tom Smith (2.23)

8. The Baby Boy - Gordon Woods (2.21)

9. The Baby's Names - Wallie Syer (0.31)

10. Paddy Stole the Rope - Tony Harvey (2.41)

11. I'll be up Her Way Next Week - Hubert Smith (3.26)

12. Do Let me Have Another One, Georgie - Gordon Woods (2.18)

13. K-K-K-Kiss me Again - Clifford Arbon (3.07)

14. The Ghost Song - Charlie Hancy (3.35)

15. The Virgin of Nineteen - Gordon Woods (2.02 )

16. Pretty Girls in China - Wallie Syer (1.45)

17. Right in the Middle of Mine - Manny Aldous (2.43)

18. The Egg Song - Clifford Arbon (2.21)

19. Emma Tompkins - Tony Harvey (2.37)

20. Man all Tattered and Torn - Geoff Ling (2.30)

21. Father's Work - Charlie Hancy (1.55)

22. The Tattooed Lady - Gordon Woods (0.57)

23. I Finish Them Off - Hubert Freeman (1.55)

24. The Old Sow - Cyril Barber (2.18)

25. Bobbed-haired Family - Manny Aldous (0.41)

26. I Was There A-watching Them - Tom Smith (2.13)

27. I Took it Home to Maria - Charlie Hancy (3.10)

28. Among my Souvenirs - Geoff Ling (2.20)

29. Violets are Blue and Roses are Red - Gordon Woods (3.07)


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