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'Many a Good Horseman'

Traditional Music Making from Mid-Suffolk recorded 1958 - 1993


Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green) Roy Last (Stonham) Reg Pyett (Mendlesham) Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden)  Jack Pearson (Wickham Skeith) Charlie Carver (Tostock) Charlie Griggs (Stowmarket) Tom Williams (Stowupland) Emma Briggs (Thwaite) John Mitchell (Forward Green) Stan Steggles (Rattlesden) George Wade (Stowmarket) Ernie Lyas (Stowmarket) 'Gipsy' Charlie (Tostock) Clement Pearson (Wickham Skeith)  Charlie Stringer (Wickham Skeith) Ernie Nunn (Wetheringsett) Doddy Thorndyke (Stowmarket) 'Lubidy' Rice (Finningham) Bill Smith (Walsham-le-Willows) Andy Austin (Woolpit) Jimmy Gladwell's Band (Stowmarket) 'Tinker' Parker (Mendlesham Green)  Bert Allen (Tostock) Glynn Griffiths (Cockfield) Hubert Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux)

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This collection tracks John Howson's survey of traditional music making in Mid-Suffolk and includes not only his contemporary recordings, but also fascinating archival recordings made by the few other collectors who ventured into the area. In 1993 these recordings were released as a double cassette. The original recordings, some made as early as 1958, are now housed in the National Sound Archive at the British Library in London so that they are archived for the future. They have now also been digitally edited and enhanced, using modern technology, and are now available for the first time as a double CD which consists of two 39 track CDs each lasting 75 minutes, giving a total running time of two-and-a-half hours. It also comes with a new 32-page booklet, which includes biographies and photographs of each of the performers, as well as extensive notes about the songs and tunes.


Mid-Suffolk was almost virgin territory when this original survey was done in the mid 1980s, and a rich and diverse musical tradition, not unlike that of East Suffolk, was found. Memories and photographs of the musicians, singers, stepdancers and broom dancers are published in the book of the same name which can be found in the Books and DVDs page.


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Tracks (click on the title to see the words of each song and /or read notes about it)

Disc One 

1. The Dark-eyed Sailor - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)

2. The Scarlet and the Blue - Roy Last (Mendlesham Green 1983)
3. Peggy O'Neill (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)
4. Sweet William - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)

5. Cock-a-Doodle (mouthorgan & bones) - Jack Pearson (Felsham 1983)

6. The Faithful Sailor - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)

7. Tune Medley (melodeon) - Charlie Griggs (Stowmarket 1950's/60's)

8. Buttercup Joe - Unknown Singer (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)

9. Phil the Fluter's Ball (mouthorgan) - Tom Williams (Stowupland 1978)
10. Barbara Allen - Emma Briggs (Thwaite 1983)

11. Your Aged Mother and Me - Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux 1985)

12. Heel and Toe Polka (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)
13. In a Beautiful Mansion - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)
14. Polka/ Old Joe the Boat's Going Over (melodeon) - John Mitchell (Forward Green 1984)

15. The Sailor Cut Down in his Prime - Stan Steggles (Rattlesden 1958/59)
16. Shake Hands with your Partner (mouthorgan) - Tom Williams (Stowupland 1978)

17. Cupid the Ploughboy - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)
18. Farewell my Bluebell (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

19. Green Mossy Banks of Lea - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)
20. Trousers on the Door - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)
21. Popular Song Tunes Medley (mouthorgan) - George Wade (Stowmarket 1993)
22. Talk /Farmer's Boy (accordion) - Ernie Lyas (Stowmarket 1983)
23. In & Out the Windows (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

24. 21 Years on Dartmoor - 'Gypsy' Charlie (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)
25. Stepdance - 'Gipsy' Charlie (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)

26. The Mistletoe Bough - Gordon Syrett  (Mendlesham Green 1985).
27. Paddy McGinty's Goat (mouthorgan) - Tom Williams (Stowupland 1978)
28. Eggs and Bacon - Stan Steggles (Rattlesden 1958/59)
29. I Don't Care What you Used to be (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)
30. Sarah - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)
31. Yarmouth Hornpipe (mouthorgan) - Tom Williams (Stowupland 1978)

32. All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)
33. No, Sir, No - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)
34. Redwing (mouthorgan) - Clement Pearson (Wickham Skeith 1983)

35. Blackberry Fold - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)
36. Smile Awhile (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

37. Banks of the Sweet Dundee - Stan Steggles (Rattlesden 1958/59)

38. Which Gate? - Charlie Stringer (Wickham Skeith 1983)
39. The Isle of Inisfree /Hornpipe /She Wore a Tulip /Heel & Toe Polka (melodeon) - Ernie Nunn (Wetheringsett 1984)

Disc Two

1. Talk /My Brother Sylvest - Doddy Thorndyke (Stowmarket 1983)

2. Yellow Rose of Texas (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)
3. Twenty One Years on Dartmoor - 'Lubidy' Rice (Haughley 1983)

4. Yarmouth Hornpipe (mouthorgan) - 'Lubidy' Rice (Haughley 1983)

5. Jim the Carter's Lad - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)
6. Sweet William - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)

7. Merry Widow/ I'll Never Find Another You (mouthorgan) - Tom Williams (Stowupland 1978)

8. Died For Love - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)

9. Sailor's Hornpipe (mel) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

10. Our Goodman - Stan Steggles (Rattlesden 1958/59)

11. Balaclava - Roy Last (Mendlesham Green 1983)

12. The Suffolk's March/ Jig (mouthorgan) - Bill Smith (Walsham-le-Willows 1983)

13. Poor Old Jeff - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)

14. Scotland the Brave (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

15. The Iron Door - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)

16. Talk - Andy Austin (Woolpit 1983) /Quickstep - Jimmy Gladwell's Band (Stowmarket 1950's)

17. Banks of the Sweet Dundee - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)

18. Lassie from Lancashire (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

19. M-o-n-e-y - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)

20. Cuckoo Waltz (accordion & bones)  - Tom Smith & Alf Cresswell (Chelsworth Peacock 1976)
21. Talk -'Tinker' Parker & Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)

      /Love and Duty - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)

22. Cliff Hornpipe (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

23. Bonny Bunch of Roses - Stan Steggles (Rattlesden 1958/59)

24. The Ship that Never Returned - Bert Allen (Stowmarket 1983)

25. Medley (mouthorgan, accordion & bones) - Tom Williams, Tom Smith & Alf Cresswell (Chelsworth Peacock 1976)

26. The Jealous Lover - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)

27. The Grenadier and the Lady - Charlie Carver (Tostock Gardeners' Arms 1960)

28. Zena Zena (mouthorgan) - Glynn Griffiths (Cockfield 1983)

29. The Faithful Sailor - Stan Steggles (Rattlesden 1958/59)

30. Soldier's Joy (mouthorgan) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

31. Ball of Yarn - Hubert Smith (Thorpe Morieux 1983)

32. Sailor's Hornpipe (mouthorgan, accordion & bones) - Tom Williams, Tom Smith & Alf Cresswell (Chelsworth Peacock 1976)

33. Nobody's Child  - Charlie Stringer (Rattlesden 1958/59)

34. Bluebell Polka (accordion) - Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux 1983)

35. They Won't Know I Come From the Country - Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux 1983)

36. The Fox and the Hare - Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden 1958/59)

37. Alf Peachey's Polkas (melodeon) - Reg Pyett (Mendlesham 1980)

38. Jolly Ploughboy - Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green 1982)

39. Irish Medley (mouthorgan, accordion & bones) - Tom Williams, Tom Smith & Alf Cresswell (Chelsworth Peacock 1976)


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