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Always Ask An Expert

'60 years of Lancashire Entertainment'


Sam Sherry

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Sam Sherry was in his seventies when the new recordings on this album were made in 1989 and he had performed most of his life. His father Dan Conroy was a well-known Music Hall artist in the 1890’s and all of Sam’s brothers followed in their father’s footsteps, becoming known as the ‘5 Sherry Brothers’ and performing at Variety theatres throughout the country. In their time they topped the bill from Glasgow to Blackpool and from Great Yarmouth to most of the London theatres. The ‘5 Sherry Brothers’ played musical numbers on three violins, piano and slide guitar, performed comic songs and step and acrobatic dancing (their speciality). They finished in the mid 1940’s and Sam and one of his brothers Peter carried on until they retired from show business in 1956.

Sam of course could not stop performing and he started visiting the local folk club in Lancaster. There he played guitar and sang the songs he had known for years. A chance conversation revealed that the club organisers were looking for a traditional clog dancer to do a spot at a ceilidh. Sam knew they needed to look no further as he had been taught, as a youngster, the Lancashire clog steps by his father.

Sam Sherry soon became well-known as one of the finest exponents of Lancashire clog dancing and he appeared at folk clubs and festivals all over the country as well as making numerous appearances on television including ‘Coronation Street’. He finally retired from dancing after making his final professional performance in the mid-1980s at the Old Vic, alongside Albert Finney and Max Miller. Truly 60 years of entertainment.


1. You can always ask an expert. (Sam & Peter Sherry)
2 .Don't worry mother
3. I Want to be a Sausage (with introduction)
4. Mosquito
5. Say that you're sorry (with actual stepdancing) (The 5 Sherry Brothers)
6. The body in the bag
7. Lancashire clog steps
8. Cassidy's barber's shop
9. My wife's first husband John (Sam & Peter Sherry)
10. Your mother ran away with a soldier.
11. Kiss Kiss
12. Impressions of bird life (The 5 Sherry Brothers)


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