1. Eightsome Reels

2. Jigs

3. Inverness Gathering

4. Waltzes

5. Schottische

6. Highlands/Reels

7. Dashing White Sergeant

8. Waltzes

9. Reels

10. Boston Two-Step

11. Strathspeys

12. Waltzes






































OSSCD92 Jeannie Robertson


1. The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No

2. What a Voice

3. My Plaidie's Awa'

4. The Gypsy Laddies

5. When I Was No' But Sweet Sixteen

6. MacCrimmon's Lament

7. Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch

8..Lord Lovat.












































OSSCD96 'The Stewarts of Blair'

1. Huntingtower

2. Caroline of Edinburgh Town

3. In London’s Fair City

4. Queen Amang the Heather

5. Dowie Dens O’ Yarrow

6. The Lakes O’ Shillin

7. Ower Yon Hill There Lives a Lassie

8. The Convict’s Song

9. Young Jamie Foyers

10. The Corncrake amang the Whinny Knowes

11. Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie

12. Fagail Liosmor

13. 74th Farewell to Edinburgh

14. Shepherd’s Crook

15. Miss Proud








































OSSCD97 'The Singing Campbells'

1. Fur does Bonny Lorna Lie

2. Sleep Till Yer Mammy

3. Nicky Tams

4. Road and the Miles to Dundee

5. Drumdelgie

6. I Ken Fur I’m Gaun

7. My Wee Man’s a Miner

8. Fa Fa Fa wid be a Bobby

9. Foul Friday / Me an’ me Mither

10. We Three Kings of Orient Are

11. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle

12. Cruel Mother

13. Lang a-growing

14. Lady Eliza

15. Will Ye Gang Love

16. I Wish I Wish

17. McGinty’s Meal and Ale.








































CDTRAX132 'Fhuair mi Pog'

1. Fhuair Mi Pog A Laimh An Righ - I Got A Kiss Of The King's Hand
2. Bha Caileag As-T-Earrach - There Was A Girl
3. Cille Pheadair - Kilphedir
4. Dol Dhan Taigh Bhuan Leat - Going To The Eternal Dwelling With You
5. O Mhairi 'S Tu Mo Mhairi - Mary, You Are My Mary
6. I Ho Ro 'S na Hug Oro Eile - Good Health From The Old Country
7. He Na Milibhig - Alas! Sore Is The Disease of Love
8. Slainte Bhon T-Seann Duthaich - The Cattle Fold of Kintail
9. Ochoin A Righ, Gur Tinn An Galair An Gradh - The Wedding in Coistal
10. Cro Chinn T-Saile - Devil in the Kitchen
11. Cumha Mhic An-Toisich - Macintosh's Lament
12. Ruidhlichean Pioba - Pipe Reels
13. Uamh An Oir - Cave of Gold / Lament for the Old Sword
14. 'S Olc An Obair Do Theachdairean Cadal - Sleep is Ill Work For Messengers
15. Port Na bPucai - The Tune of the Fairies










































CDTRAX 9001  'Bothy Ballads - Music from the North-East'


1. The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre  Jimmy MacBeath

2. The Stool of Repentance  Fiddle and mouth organ bothy band

3. As I came ower the Muir o' Ord  James Bowie

4. The Bold Princess Royal  James Taylor

5. The Shepherd Lad o' Rhynie  John MacDonald

6. My Last Farewell to Stirling  Charlie Murray

7. Whistle ower the Lave o't  Jimmy MacBeath

8. Stumpie /The Mason's Apron /Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow (Diddling and Mouth Organ) Mrs Grieg  Jamie Taylor

9. Airlin's Fine Braes Bill Elvin

10. Mrs Grieg Jamie Taylor

11.  The Hairst o'Rettie  Charlie Murray

12. The Smith's a Gallant Fireman  Charlie Bremner

13. The Haill Week o' the Fair  Jamie Taylor

14. The Old Horned Sheep /Atholl Highlanders  Fiddle and Mouth Organ Bothy Band

15. As I gaed up by Auchinleach/Hooch on, My Bonny Lass/We a'Jumped on to the Black Boar's Back/ A man wi' a Tartan Sark/ As I gaed ower the Bonny Brig o'Banff/My Father's Dairy Maid  Frank Steele










































CDTRAX 9002   'Music of the Western Isles'


1. He Mandu Mrs Kate MacLeod and chorus

2. Dheanainn sugradh ris an nighean dubh (I would make merry with the black-haird girl) Mrs Nan MacCleod and Chorus

3. Mhurchaidh Bhig a chinn a' chonaid (Little Murdoch, best at baiting) Miss Penny Morrison and Chorus

3b. Reels Calum Beaton,  Stoneybridge

4. Oran do bhean Mhic Fhraing (Song to Rankin's Wife) Angus MacDonald

5. Fiollaigean (Choral Ceilidh Song) Murdo MacLeod and John Murray

6. Puirt a Beul: Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn (Look at Ewen's Coracle)  Mrs Annie Arnott

6b. Fosgail an Dorus Dh'an Tailleir Fhidhleir (Open the Door to the Fiddling Taylor) Mrs Archie MacDonald

6c. Am Bothan a bh'aig Fionnghuala (Fionnghuala's bothy) Calum Johnson

6d. Canntaireachd Miss Mary Morrison

7. Latha dh'n Fhinn am Beinn Iongnaidh (A Day when the Fenians were in the Mountains of Marvels: Fenian Lay) Mrs Archie MacDonald

8. `S e mis'bhith Fada Bho (Being Far from the Land that I Know) Hugh Matheson

9. Suidhidh sinn a bhainn gu socair (We Will Sit Down at Ease: Love Song) Mrs Christine Shaw

10. Tha Thide Agam Eirigh (It is Time for Me to Rise Up) Angus Kenneth MacIver

11. Cha Till MacCruimean (Macrimmon Will Never Come Back:Piobrach Song) Mrs Archie MacDonald

12. Tha Do Rioghachd Ian do Glair (Your Kingdom is Full of Glory: Evangelical Hymn) Miss Murdina MacDonald











































CDTRAX 9003  'Waulking Songs from Barra'


1. Roch thu `sa' bheinn? (Were you in the mountains?)/ Mo run Ailein (My love Alan)

2. Ho ro hug o hug o

3. Latha siubhal beinne dhomh (One day as I roamed the hills)  Miss Mary Morrison and Chorus

4. Pipe Reels Calum Johnston

5. A chean ad thall a rinn an gaire (Woman over there who laughed) Calum Johnston and Chorus

6. An fhideag airid (The silver whistle) Mrs Kate Buchanan and Chorus

7. Is moch an diugh a rinnmi gluasad (Early today I set out) Mrs Flora Boyd and Chorus











































CDTRAX 9004 'Shetland Fiddle Music'


1. Croft dancing in North Yell: Soldier's joy / Deil among the tailors Willy B. Henderson and Bobby Jamieson with Laury D. Robertson

2. Reels and Wedding tunes from Whalsay: Walking ower da river / Grieg's pipes / Black Jock / an unnamed reel / Ladies' breast~knots Andrew Polson

3. Three reels from Unst: More grog coming / The lass that made the bed for me/ Da teif upon da lum Gibby Gray

4. Slow air from Walls: Auld swarra Tom Anderson

5. Two Herra tunes for the Foula Reel: The shaalds o'Foula / Tilley Plump Lell Roberston

6. Three Reels from Bressay: Da flooers o'Edinburgh / Soldier's joy / The East Neuk of Fife George Sutherland

7. Five reels from Tingwall: The Fairy Reel / Wullafjord / Kail and knockit corn / MacDonald's reel / Cabister Head Bobby Peterson

8. Fiddle Harmonium: Auchdon House Jimmy Johnston with Pat Sutherland

9. Three Vidlin Reels: Pthame da borraed claes / Jeannie choke da bairn / Oot b'aist da Vong Henry Thompson

10. Fiddle and Guitar: Sillocks and tatties / Sleep sound in da morning William Hunter senior and William Johnston

11. Fiddle and Piano: Leaving Lerwick harbour (William Hunter junior and William Kay) / The Left~handed tushkar Miss Susan Cooper William Hunter junior with Ronald Cooper

12. Five reels from North Yell: Da heids o'Vigon / Oot an' in da harbour / Sleep sound in da morning / Speed da Plough / Square da mizzen Cullivoe Traditional Fiddle Band










































CDTRAX 9005  'The Muckle Sangs'


1. Glenlogie John Adams

2. The Gypsy Laddies (Jeannie Robertson) / The Roving Ploughboy John MacDonald

3. The False Knigh upon the Road Bella Higgins and Duncan MacPhee and Nellie MacGregor

4. The Bonnie Banks o' Fordie Minnie Haman

5. The Twa Brothers Sheila MacGregor

6. Tam Lin Betsy Johnston and Willie Whyte

7. The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter Lizzie Higgins

8. The Bold Pedlar Geordie Roberston

9. The Twa Sisters Betsy Whyte

10. The Jollie Beggar Lizzie Higgins

11. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen Jessie Murrary and Willie Edward

12. Young Johnston Betsy Whyte

13. Young Beicham Campbell MacLean and Bella Higgins

14. The Keach in the Creel Jimmy MacBeath

15. Clyde's Water John Strachan and Willie Edward

16. Sir Hugh and the Jew's Daughter Margaret Stewart

17. The Broom o' the Cowdenknowes Jimmy MacBeath

18. Jamie Telfer o' the Fair Dodhead Willie Scott

19. Andrew Lammie Jane Turriff and Sheila MacGregor










































CDTRAX 9006 'Gaelic Psalms from Lewis'


1. Martyrdom: Psalm 84 vv. 11 & 12  Murdina MacDonald

2. Coleshill: Psalm 118 vv. 15-23  Murdina and Effie MacDonald

3. Stroudwater: Psalm 46 vv. 1 & 2  Donald MacLeod and Congregation

4. Dundee: Psalm 103 vv. 1 & 2  Norman MacLeod and Group

5. London New: Psalm 107 vv. 1-4  Murdo MacLeod and Group

6. Martyrs: Psalm 79 vv. 3 & 4  Alasdair Graham and Congregation






































































CDTRAX 9007  'Bard of Skye'


1. Calum Ruadh

2. The Old Home

3. Crofter And Landlord

4. Eviction * It Is All Gone

5. The Ruination Of The Highlands

6. The Church And The Bard

7. The Sabbath Ferry

8. Lament For Archie

9. Composition: The Fairy Visitation - A Series of Variations / The Process Of Composing / Song To The Children / Reciting, Chanting, Singing / The Series Of Variants Concluded / The Message And The Audience

10.  Exposition: The Bard and the Edinburgh Folk Scene / Lament For Arnhem / Reel (Prince Charlie).























































CDTRAX 9008  'Gaelic Songs'


1. Iseabail Nic Aoidh

2. Ho Ro Gum B’ eibhinn Leam

3. Tha Mi Tinn, Tinn, Tinn

4. Latha Inbhir Lochaidh

5. A Nighean Donn na Buaile

6. Moch sa Mhadainn Is Mi Dusgadh

7. Dean Cadalan Samhach a Chuilein mo Ruin

8. Tha Bainne aig na Caoraich Uile

9. Oran don Ghunna

10. Cumha do Iain Garbh MacGilleChaluim

11. Tha Mi Sgith ‘an Fhogar Seo

12. Taladh Choinnich Oig

13. Gur Muladach a Ta Mi

14. Oran don Eideadh Ghaidhealaich

15. Hugaibh air Fear Donn a’ Bhealaich

16. O Chan Eil Mulad Oirnn

17. Cumha Mhic an Toisich

18. Cumha Chailein Ghlinn Iubhair.















































CDTRAX 9009 'The Fiddler and his Art'


1. Lady Madelina Sinclair/ Sandy Cameron Donald MacDonell

2. Mackintosh's Lament Donald MacDonell

3. The Atholl Highlander's March to Loch Katrine / The Inverness Gathering / Corriemonie's Rant / Alexander Duff Donald MacDonell

4. Gabhaidh sinn an rathad mor (We will take the high road) Donald MacDonell

5. The Renfrewshire Militia / Inganess Hugh Inkster

6. The stromsay Waltz/ Jock Halcrow Pat Shearer

7. The Headlands / The Caledonian March / The Standing Stones of Stenness Pat Shearer

8. The Braes of Tullymet / Captain Keeler John Reid snr and John Reid jr

9. Jenny Nettles / Can you here to coort and clap / Mither put me to the well/ The High Road to Linton Andrew Poleson

10. Neil Gow's Lament for Whisky Albert Stewart

11. Mary Hills / Pipe Major J. Stewart / The Lodge of Glentana / Gavin MacMillian Hector MacAndrew

12. James F. Dickie's Delight / J.F. Dickie Hector MacAndrew

13. My heart is broke since they departure Hector MacAndrew

14. Mrs Major Stewart of the island of Java / Madame Frederick / Earl Grey / Waverley Ball Hector MacAndrew



























































CDTRAX 9010 'Pibroch - William MacLean '


CD 1
1. Interview
2. The Finger Lock
3. Donald Of Laggan
4. Lament For The Laird Of Annapool
5. The Desperate Battle
6. Catherine's Lament
7. The Old Woman's Lullaby - Canntaireachd
8. The Old Woman's Lullaby
9. MacLeod's Salute
10. The King's Taxes

CD 2
1. Lament For Donald Dougal MacKay
2. Cill Chriosd
3. MacLeod Of Raasay's Salute
4. The Battle Of Vaternish
5. The Gathering Of Clan Chattan
6. The Earl Of Seaforth's Salute
7. Duntroon's Salute
8. The Unjust Incarceration
9. Lament For Patrick Og MacCrimmon
10. Too Long In This Condition





























































CDTRAX 9013 'Songs, Stories & Piping From Barra'



1. Na Faighinn Gille ri Cheannach

2. Faigh a-nuas Dhuinn am Botul

3. Mo Cheud Iomagain Gach ni Chluinn Mi

4. Gradh Geal mo Chridh

5. Chaidh Moill air mo Leirsinn

6. Calum Beag o Thir a’ Mhurain

7. Ruidhleadh Cailleach, Sheatadh Cailleach

8. Faca Sibh Mairi Nighean Alasdair?

9. Chaidh an Dileag ud ‘nam Cheann

10. Mo Run a’ Mhaighdeann

11. Clo Nan Gillean

12. ‘S Mithich Dhuinn Eirigh mo Nighean Donn

13. Latha Dhomh ‘s mi ‘m Beinn a’ Cheathaich

14. Di-Sathuirne Ghabh mi Mulad

15. Nighean Baillidh a Loch Bhraon

16. March, Strathspey & Reel.



1. Failte Dhruim Fionn

2. Fhir a’ Chinn Duibh

3. Is Fhada Tha Mi an Cul Beinn Eadarra

4. Pilliu pillililileoghain

5. Cha Till Mi Tuilleadh (pipe tune)

6. Port na h-Eala Air an Traigh

7. ‘S Olc an Obair do Theachdairean Cadal

8. Luran

9. Sealgair a’ Choilich Bhuidhe

10. Sgeulachd a’ Choire

11.  He o ho a Raghnaill Ud Thall

12. Oran do’n Mhusg

13. Fhir nan Gormshuilean Meallach

14. Tha thu Suarach Umam an Diugh

15. Nach Coma Leat, ‘ille Dhuibh, Tarruinn an t-Sreang

16. Oran do’n Eideadh Ghaidhealach

17. Latha Chuil-Iodair

18. Oran a’ Bhotuil.

























































CDTRAX 9015 'Pibroch - George Moss'


1. War or Peace

2. The MacGregor’s Gathering

3. Pibroch of Donald Dhu

4. The End of The Little Bridge

5. In Praise of Morag

6. The Blue Ribbon

7. The Desperate Battle and Port Mairi

8. John Garve MacLeod’s Lament

9. The Lament for Mary MacLeod

10. Chisholm’s Salute

11. The Rout of Glen Truin

12. Pibroch Variations: Glengarry’s Lament, The Little Spree, The Company’s Lament and Corrienessan

13. Clan Chattan’s Gathering

14. Catherine’s Lament

15. The Lament For MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart

16. The Big Spree.


























































CDTRAX 9016D 'Gaelic Bards And Minstrels'


1. Mile marbhphaisg air an t-saoghal

2. Mo run geal og

3. Theid mi le m’ dheoin

4. Feasgar Luain

5. Oran an t-Samhraidh

6. O Iain Ghlinn Cuaich

7. A Bhliadhna gus an aimsir seo

8. Oran Coire Cheathaich

9. Moch ‘s a’ mhadainn Di-Domhnaich

10. Moladh air piob-mhor Mhic Cruimein

11. Creach na Ciadaoin

12. Allt an t-Siucair

13. Tri fichead bliadhna ‘s a tri

14. Oran mor MhicLeoid

15. Nis o’n tha mi ‘m onaran

16. Domhnall nan Domhnall

17. Ged is socrach mo leaba.



































































CDTRAX 9017 'Scottish Traditional Tales'



1. One-eye, Two-eyes, Three-eyes - Betsy White, Montrose

2. Daughter Doris - Davie Stewart, Kintyre

3. The Three Feathers - Andrew Stewart, Blairgowerie

4. The Humph ta the Fit O the Glen and the Humph at the Head of the Glen - Bella Higgins, Blairgowerie



1. The Angel of Death - Stanley Robertson, Aberdeen
2. Silly Jack and the Factor - Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen
3. The Boy and the  Broni - Tom Tulloch, Yell
4. Keeping Out the  Sea Man - James Henderson, S. Ronaldsay
5. The Fiddler O' Gord - George Peterson, Papa Stour
6. The Greenbank Pony (The Flayed Horse) - Tom Tulloch, Yell


























































CDTRAX 9018 'Clo Dubh, Clo Donn'


1. Ghuidhinn slan don ribhinn (Uisdean MacRath)

2. Cha teid mi do dh’fhear gun bhata (Peanaidh Mhoireasdan)

3.  Mur bitheadh na bha chrodh agad (Seasaidh NicCoinnich)

4. I ri iu o ro leannain (Aonghas Coinneach Macloimhair)

5. s Am maistreadh a bh’aig Moire (Mairi Chaimbeul, bean Mhic Colla)

6. A fhleasgaich uir leanainn thu Tighinn air a’ mhuir (Kitty agus Marietta NicLeoid)

7. Chuirinn mo ghiollan (Ceit, bean MhicDhomhnaill)

8. a Thig an smeorach as t-Earrach (lain MacDhomhnaill)

9. Ho Ro na Cuir Cul Rium (Seonaidh MacAnndrais)

10. O ‘s mis’ tha cianail faillinneach (Gilleasbaig Mac a’ Chleirich)

11. Ci ‘n fhidheall (Anna Arnott)

12. Griogal Cridhe (Seasaidh NicCoinnich)

13. Anna NicLeoid (Calum Camshron)

14. Mhic larla nam bratach bana (Floraidh NicNeill agus Calum Maclain)

15. Maighleas Men na Guailne Eadar-I-gharradh (Seumas MacDhomhnaill)

16. B’fhearr leam fhin gum beireadh an teile, Gealbhodaich sa Bheinn Duibh (lain MacAonghais agus lain MacLeoid)

17. Ceann Traigh Ghruinneard (Uilleam MacMhathain)

17. Gaol an t-seoladair (Peigi Mhoireasdan).


Translations: I Would Wish Health to The Girl (Hugh MacRae) * I Will Not Go With a Man Who Has No Boat (Penny Morrison) * If It Weren’t For Your Wealth of Cattle (Jessie MacKenzie) * Sweetheart, A Heavy Burden is Love (Angus K. MacIver) * Mary’s Churning (Mary MacColl) * Fine Young Man (Citty and Marietta MacLeod) * I’d Send My Laddie To Drive The Sheep (Mrs. Kate MacDonald) * The Thrush Comes in Spring (John MacDonald) * Horo, Do Not Turn Your Back On Me (Johnny Anderson) * Oh, Sad And Frail Am I (Archibald Clark) * Hand Me The Fiddle (Annie Arnot) * Beloved Gregor (Jessie MacKenzie) * Annie MacLeod (Calum Cameron) * Son of The Earl of White Banners (Calum Johnston and Flora MacNeill) * Big Myles of Gulainn (James MacDonald) * I Wish The Other Pullet Would Lay (John MacInnes and John MacLeod) * At The Head of Gruinard Strand (William Matheson) * On A Summer Sunday Evening (Peggy Morrison).























































CDTRAX 9019  'Seonag NicCoinnich'


1. An Till Mi Tuilleadh A Leodhas?

2. Theid Mi Dhachaigh

3. Ho Bha Mi He Bha Mi

4. Hion Dail-a Horo Hi

5. Tha Mo Dhuil

6. A Nighean Nan Geug

7. An Till Mise Chaoidh

8. Iain Shomaltaich

9. Ailein Duinn O Hi


11. O’s Tu ‘S Gura Tu Th’Air M’Air

12. ‘S E Gillean Mo Ruin

13. Tha Sinn A’ Falbh

14. Oran Chaluim Sgaire

15.  Bothan Airigh Am Braigh Raineach

16. O Co Thogas Dhiom An Fhadachd

17. Agus Ho Mhorag

18. Chuir M’Athair Mise Dhan Taigh Charraideach

19. Ged Is Grianach An Latha

20. Bhon Dh’Fhag Thu Mi’s Mulud Orm

21. Ceud Soiridh Soiridh Bhuam






















































CDTRAX 9020  'The Carrying Stream'


1. Mouth Music (Kenneth MacIver) / Canntaireachd (Mary Morrison)

2. The Muckin o Geordie’s Byre (Jimmy MacBeath)

3. Gaol an t-Seoladair (Peggy Morrison)

4. The jolly Beggar (Lizzie Higgins)

5. Oran Coire Cheathaich (Rev William Matheson)

6. Millhills / PM John Stewart / The Lodge of Glentana / Gavin MacMillan (Hector MacAndrew)

7. Dundee (Norman MacLeod)

8. Iseabail NicAoidh (James C M Campbell)

9. Harlaw (Jeannie Robertson)

10. Soldier’s Joy / Deil Among the tailors (Willy B Henderson and Bobby Jamieson)

11. The Beggin Trade (Edith Whyte)

12. Na Faighinn Gille Ri Cheannach (Calum Johnston)

13. Latha Siubhal Beinne Dhomh (Mary Morrison)

14. The Massacre of Glencoe (PM Robert Brown)

15. An Till Mise Chaoidh (Joan MacKenzie)

16. Glengarry’s / Lady Madelina Sinclair / Reel of Tulloch (Angus Lawrie)

17. Johnnie in The Cradle (Andra Stewart).


































































CDTRAX 9021  'Orkney - Land, Sea & Community'


The Land:

1. The Deerness Jig

2. The Orkney Muckle Supper

3. The Maid o’ Cowdean Knowes

4. Making Beesmilk Pudding

5. Harvest Home Hornpipe

6. Maggie Watson’s Polka

7. Gripping The Cow

8. Circling the Cow

9. Rope Waltz

10. Moon Beliefs

11. Peter Pratt’s Polka.


The Sea

12. Sea Beliefs

13. The Grey Selkie

14. The Strynd

15. The Stolen Dress

16. The Dark-Eyed Sailor

17. New Year’s Day in Da Morning

18. The Minister and The Tinker

19. The Greenland Whale Fishery

20. Orkney Isles Hornpipe.


The Community

21. Mister Frog

22. Choosing The Bride

23. Diddling

24. Wedding Customs

25. Inganess

26. Second Sight

27. Tea Boiled Clean

28. Sam Groat

29. Mindin’ On

30. I’m Weary Night and Day

31. Sleepy Laddie

32. The Ferry Louper

33. Scapa Flow.





































































CDTRAX 9022  'Chokit On A Tattie'


1. There Was a Fairmer’s Dochter

2. Chin Cherry

3. Two Wee Horses

4. Dance Tae Tha Daddy

5. As I Climbed Up The Apple Tree

6. Oor Quine Jeannie

7. All in Together

8. I’ve a Laddie in America

9. There Came a Girl from France

10. Old Mrs Reilly

11. I’ve Come to See Jemima

12. Mister Frog

13. When I Was One

14. Who’ll Come Intae Ma Wee Ring

15. I Lost My Love

16. King Cromalay

17. Poor Doggie is Dead

18. When Suzie Was a Baby

19. Ah Chokit on a Tattie

20. Murder Murder Polis

21. The Cat’s Taen The Measles

22. Aunty Mary

23. Wee Johnny’s Lost His Marble.





































































CDTRAX 9023  'Wooed And Married And Aa'


1. The Wedding Gift

2. The Highland Wedding

3. Oran Ghleann Bhargaill

4. The Contract, The Reiteach

5. The Feet Washing

6. De Chuir Am Mulad Ort

7. Ob Ob Orra Bo

8. Fisher Weddings in Brora

9. Norwick Wedding

10. Mary MacArthur’s Wedding

11. Mairi’s Wedding

12. Bannais Chiostal Odhar

13. Bannais An Dotair

14. Cuttie’s Waddin’

15. The Weddin’ o’ McGinnis & His Cross-Eyed Pet

16. The Gargrie Waddin

17. The Sporin

18. The Bride’s Cog

19. The Spinner’s Wedding

20. The Chanty

21. The Pay-off

22. The Scatter

23. The Scramble

24. Melrose Ba

25. The Wedding Brace

26. Du’s Bon Lang Awa

27. Hoo Can I Leave Faither & Mither

28. Wooed & Married An Aa

29. The Bride’s a Bonnie Thing

30. Breaking The Scone 

31. Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer

32. Tune From Papa Stour

33. The Guiser’s Reel

34. Shetland Weddings

35. The Bedding of The Bride

36. Come to Bed Boots & Aa

37. Greig’s Pipes.


































































CDTRAX 9024 'Songs and Ballads from Perthshire'


Belle Stewart:

1. Ower Yon Hill There Lives a Lassie

2. Frank and Ruby

3. Boggie’s Bonnie Belle

Sheila Stewart:

4. The Maid of Culmore

5. Hatton Woods

Willie MacPhee:

6. Jamie Foyers

Bella Higgins:

7. Late Last Night I Was Asked To A Wedding

Jock White:

8. Tifty’s Annie

Betty (Dolly) White:

9. The Green Bushes

Charlotte Higgins:

10. Jean McLean

11. Susie Pirate (Lord Bateman)

12. Lowlands of Lowlands

John Higgins:

13. In A Garden a Lady Walking

Martha Reid:

14. The Elfin Knight

15. The Banks O Airdery O

16. I’ll Cut Off My Long Yellow Hair

17. The Farmer’s Curst Wife

18. Lord Randal

19. Falkirk Fair

John MacDonald:

20a. The Golden Vanity

John Reid:

20b. The Golden Vanity

Willie Townsley:

21a. The Tinker’s Waddin

Stewart McPhee:

21b. The Tinker’s Waddin

Ruby Kelbie:

22. Bank O Red Roses

Tommy Bonthrone:

23. The Dyin Ploughboy

24. The Boys of Bayview

25. The Flower of Strathmore.

























































CDTRAX 9025  'Gaelic Songs From The North Uist Tradition'


1. Bu chaoin leam bhith ’n Uibhist (Hugh Matheson)

2. An cuala sibh mar dh’èirich dhòmhs’ (Miss Bella MacPhail)

3. Guma slàn don ribhinn òig (Ewen Morrison)

4. Cailleach Mhòr Stadhlaigh (Fred Macaulay)

5. Tha bò dhubh agam (Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald) *

6. Mo bhò dhubh mhòr (Roderick MacDonald)

7. Hud, a bhodaich (Roderick MacDonald)

8. ’Ghruagach dhonn a’ bhrollaich bhàin (Donald MacLean)

9. Òran an ròin (Rev William Matheson)

10. Òran an ròin (Miss Margaret MacLeod)

11. Òran na caillich (Andrew Laing)

12. Hóro, leannain, an cluinn thu (Roderick Macaulay)

13. Tunnag bhàn Mòire / An ràcan a bh’ agamsa (Ewen MacDonald)

14. An Eala Bhàn (Mrs Helen Morrison)

15. ’S ann mu thuath, fada tuath (Ewen Morrison)

16. ’S ann a-raoir a rinn mi ’n dàn seo (Hugh Matheson)

17. Tha mìle long air Cuan Èirinn (Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald)

18. Gur mis’ tha fo mhì-ghean (Donald MacLellan)

19. Hó, mo leannan, hé, mo leannan (Miss Bella MacPhail)

20. Bodaich odhar Hoghaigearraidh (Rev William Matheson)

21. Canntaireachd (Miss Kate MacCormick)

22. Òigh Loch nam Madadh (Donald MacLean)

23. A fhleasgaich òig as ceanalta (Mrs Helen Morrison)

24. O, gur e mo ghaol a’ lasgain (Roderick MacDonald)

25. Horó, chan eil cadal orm (Ronald John MacDonald)

26. Òran an radain (Mrs Rachel MacLeod)

27. Hì ho ró, mo ghruagach dhonn (Donald MacLean)

28. Thug mi ’n oidhche raoir san àirigh (Donald MacLean)

29. Chì mi Clèatrabhal bhuam (Angus MacDonald)

30. Bàs an Fhìrein (Mrs Rachel MacLeod)

31. A Mhàiri bhòidheach (Ronald John MacDonald).



































































CDTRAX 9026D  'Field Recordings of Gaelic Music and Song''


CD 1: Songs From the Highlands and Islands:

1. 'S daor a cheannaich mi an t-iasgach (Calum Maclean)

2. Bràigh Rùsgaich (Angus Nicolson)

3. A Mhic an Tòisich 's ceanalt thu (John Kennedy)

4. An eala bhàn ( Angus C. MacLeod)

5. Òran eile air latha Chùil Lodair (Captain Donald Joseph MacKinnon)

6. ’S mòr mo chùram ’s mi ga stiùireadh (John MacInnes)

7. Ochòin a rìgh, gura mi tha muladach (Ronald MacDonald)

8. Bràigh Loch Iall (Kate Laing)

9. Mo thruaighe lèir thu, ’ille bhuidhe (Angus Campbell)

10. Òran an t-saighdeir (Dr Allan MacDonald)

11. Gura moch rinn mi dùsgadh (Allan S. Gray)

12. ’S muladach mi ’s mi air m’ aineoil (Kate MacDonald)

13. Sabhal Iain ’Ic Ùisdein (Annie Arnott)

14. ’S i a-nochd a’ chiad oidhche ’n fhoghair (Penny MacLellan)

15. Soraidh leis a’ bhreacan ùr (Kate Buchanan)

16. Bu chaomh leam bhith mire ( Daniel MacKenzie)

17. A Cholla, mo rùin (Donald MacPherson) *

18. Nighean na cailliche crotaiche, crùbaich, b. 'S e an t-èileadh beag bu dòcha leam (Catriona MacIntyre)

19. Latha dhan Fhinn am Beinn Iongnaidh (Marion Campbell)

20. A nìghneag a’ chùil duinn nach fhan thu?(Georgina Murray).

CD 2: Instrumental Music From the Highlands and Islands:

1. Miss Elspeth Campbell / MacLellan's Overcoat / The Rejected Suitor (Angus Lawrie)

2. The 79th's Farewell To Gibraltar (Kenny John MacLeod)

3. General MacDonald (Peter MacCormick)

4. Cumha Màiri Nighean (Alasdair Ruaidh And Rona Lightfoot)

5. The Atholl Highlanders' March To Loch Katrine / The Laird Of Thrums / Jenny Dang The Weaver (Farquhar MacRae)

6. Bagpipe Reels (John MacDonald)

7. Highland Wedding (James MacDonald)

8. The Muckin'O’ Geordie's Byre / The New Rigged Ship / The Cumberland Reel (Ceilidh band, Braemar)

9. Pìobaireachd Dhòmhnaill Duibh (Alasdair Boyd)

10. MacIntosh's Lament / The Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell / The Left-Handed Fiddler (Donald Macdonell)

11. To The Late Mrs MacLeod, Morar (Ronald MacLellan)

12. Crò Chinn Tàile (Calum Johnston)

13. Gay Gordons / The 72nd's Farewell To Aberdeen / The Hills Of Perth (Lochailort Dance Band).
























































CDTRAX 9027  'Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna - Traditions Of Tiree'


1. Allaibh Arra Bò Choisinn Co-bheag (Alastair MacNeill)

2. Columba and Mallachdaig (John Henderson)

3. O Ho-Rò, ‘Ille Dhuinn (Margaret MacArthur)

4. Witchcraft (Donald Sinclair)

5. Port a’ Beul (Alex Hector MacPhail)

6. Bean a’ Chòtain Ruaidh (Christine MacArthur)

7. Blar nan Sguab (Donald Sinclair)

8. Blanket Washing (Chrissie MacLean)

9. Mo Nighean Donn à Còrnaig (Alastair MacNeill)

10. Oran an Fhuadaich (Donald Sinclair)

11. Canntaireachd (Hugh MacDonald)

12. Elegy for Mrs Noble (Donald Sinclair)

13. Children’s Play Rhymes (Eilidh Kennedy and Mary Ann Campbell)

14. Diarmaid and Gràinne (Donald Sinclair)

15. Seo an Duan – Gaelic hymn (Flora Bunning)

16. Cinderella (John Henderson)

17. An Imrich (Donald Sinclair)

18. Gilleasbaig Làidir and the Factor (John Henderson)

19. Archibald and Duncan Campbell (Donald Sinclair)

20. Emigrants Leaving Tiree for Canada, 1851 (Chrissie MacLean)

21. Tiree Settlers at McIntyres’ Corners (Alex Lamont)

22. Great Tea Race 1866 – Ariel and Taeping (Donald Sinclair)

23. Manitoba (Hector Kennedy)

24. Oran Mhanitoba (Alastair MacNeill)

25. Hogmanay Rhyme (Hector MacLean)

26. Skerryvore survivor (Donald Sinclair)

27. Tha Mise Seo Gun Chroit Gun Sgoth (Hector Kennedy)

28. Oran a’ Chogaidh (Colin Lamont)

29. Piping (Alasdair Sinclair).

















































CDTRAX 9052 Davie Stewart


1. MacPherson's Rant

2. Jolly Beggar

3. Cantering: the 74th Highlander's Farewell to Edinburgh

4. Piper's Bonnet

5. Mrs MacLeod of Raasay

6. I'm Often Drunk and I'm Seldom Sober

7. Taghter Jack Walsh

8. Connaught Man's Rambles

9. Overgate

10. Merchant's Son

11. Daft Piper

12. Boolavogue

13. Harvest Home

14. Dowie Dens of Yarrow.









































CDTRAX 9053 'The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire'


1. Sleepytoon

2. Mains O' Fogieloon

3. Lord Ronald

4. Burns Waltz

5. Dewy Dens O' Yarrow

6. Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie

7. Majuba Hill

8. Braes O' Balquhidder

9. Ploughin' Match at Duffus

10. Haughs O' Cromdale

11. Jacobite Waltz

12. Farewell Tomintoul

13. Bonnie Lassie Will Ye Gang

14. My Auntie Jean

15. Bonnie Udny

16. Cairgorn Barn Dance

17. Wandering Shepherd Laddie

18. Banks of Allan

19. Ball of Kerrymuir









































CDTRAX 9054 'The Shepherd's Song'


1. Shepherd's Song

2. Piper MacNeil

3. Kielder Hunt

4. Jamie Reaburn

5. Bonnie Wee Trampin' Lass

6. Bloody Waterloo

7. Jock Geddes

8. Dowie Dens of Yarrow

9. Herd Laddie o' the Glen

10. Lads that were Reared Among the Heather





































CDTRAX 9055 'Queen among the Heather'

1. Queen among the Heather

2. Here's a Health to all True Lovers

3. Betsy Belle

4. Berryfields o' Blair

5. Soft Country Chief (The Toon o' Dairy)

6. Whistlin' at the Plough

7. Bonnie Wee Lassie frae Gourock

8. Overgate

9. Blooming Caroline O' Edinburgh

10. Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie

11. Late Last Night

12. Twa Brothers

13. Leezie Lindsay.





































CDTRAX 335 Hector MacAndrew


1. The Atholl Highlanders' March to Loch Katrine Set

2. Eugene Stratton

3. Niel Gow's Lament On The Death Of His Second Wife

4. Loch Tummel Side Set

5. Lady Ann Hope's Favourite

6. Braes o' Mar Set

7. Stirlingshire Militia Set

8. Greig's Strathspey

9. Master Francis Sitwell Set

10. John McFadyen of Melfort Set

11. Mar Castle Set

12. Lament for J. Murray of Abercairney Set

13. 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh Set

14. Auld Robin Gray

15. Harvest Home Set

16. Reel o' Tulloch Set.









































TSCD466 'King of the Highland Pipers'  


1. 6/8 marches: Bundle & Go / Over the Water to Charlie / Campbeltown Loch / Joy Go with My Love / Traigh Gruinard / Morag
2. slow air: Bonnie Argyl
3. pibroch: Salute on the Birth of Rory Mor MacLeod
4. 6/8 marches: Colonel Robertson / The 72nd Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburgh / Major John MacLennan
5. slow air & jig: Leaving Ardtornish / The Geese in the Bog
6. hornpipes: The Snowtailed Coat / The Mallow Men / Pipe Mjr George S Allan / Jockey on the Braes of Abernathy / Wee Alex - Fort William / Paddy Kelly's Stump / The Boys of Bluehill / The Ballachulish Walkabout
7. march, strathspey & reel: Lord Alexander / Tulloch Gorum / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
8. hornpipe & retreat march: Duncan Johnstone / Farewell to Nigg
9. jigs: The Baldoozer / Center's Bonnet / Cork Hill / John MacDonald's Jig
10. air: Loch Monar
11. march, strathspey & reel: The Ewe wi' the Crookit Horn / The Rejected Suitor
12. jigs: Donald MacLean / Paddy's Leather Breeches
13. pibroch: The Desperate Battle of the Birds
14. jigs: The Old Wife's Dance / The Kitchen Maid / The Irish Washerwoman
15. air: The Wandering Piper
16. marches: Parker's Welcome to Perthshire / Achany Glen
17. march, strathspey & reel: The Duchess of Edinburgh / Thick Lies the Mist on Yonder Hill / Rose Among the Heather / The High Road to Linton
18. marches: The Pretty Apron / The Highland Lassie Going to the Fair / The Ladies from Hell / Devlin Side







































TSCD469 THE SILVER BOW 'The Fiddle Music of Shetland'


1. Jack Broke da Prison Door / Donald Blue / Sleep Soond ida /Mornin' / Lasses Trust in Providence / Bonnie Isle o' Whalsay
2. Da Day Dawn / Da Cross Reel
3. Shive Her Up / Ahint da Deakes o' Voe
4. Da Silver Bow
5. Auld Foula Reel / Wynadepla
6. Da Slockit Light / Smith o' Couster / Da Grocer
7. Da Auld Restin' Chair / Hamnavoe Polka / Maggie's Reel
8. Unst Bridal March / Da Bride's a Boannie Ting
9. Jack is Yel Alive / Auld Clettenroe
10. Da Mill / Doon da Rooth
11. Pit Hame da Borrowed Claes / Wha'll Dance wi' Wattie /Bush Below da Gairden
12. Soldier's Joy
13. Shetland Moods / De'il Stick da Minister / Taste da Green
14. Dean Brig / Banks
15. Ferrie Reel / Lay Dee at Dee / Spencie's Reel
16. Up an' Doon da Harbour / Lucky Can You Link Ony /
Da Trig Bag
17. The Silvery Voe / Mrs Babs Anderson / Pottinger's Reel
18. If I Get a Bonnie Lass / Jeannie Shoke da Bairn /
Oo't be Est da Vong
19. Auld Swaara
20. Faroe Rum / Aandowin' at da Bow / Da Forefit o' da Ship
21. Mrs Jamieson's Favourite / Lady Mary Ramsay / Mary Ramsay
22. All da Ships ir Sailin' / Sheldor Geo / Mak a Kishie Needle Dye
23. Freddie's Tune / Da Blue Yow
24. The Full Rigged Ship / The New Rigged Ship
25. Naanie an' Betty / A Yow Cam' to Wir Door Yarmin
26. Maggie O'Ham / Da Foula Shaalds
27. Com Agen Ye're Welcome / Da Corbie an' da Craw
28. Ian S. Robertson / Madam Vanoni







































TSCD601 Melodeon Greats


1. James Brown : Irish Jigs
2. W.F.Cameron : Flowers of Edinburgh
3. Peter & Daniel Wyper : Stranger March
4. James Brown : The Thistle Schottische
5. William Hannah : Pibroch O'Donald Dhu
6. James Brown : Miss Drumond of Perth
7. Peter Wyper : Silverton Polka
8. 'Pamby Dick' : Boston Bells Barn Dance
9. James Brown : Irish Jigs
10. Jack Williams : Queen Mary Waltz
11. Peter Leatham : Shufflin' Samuel
12. Peter Wyper : 79th Highlanders & Champion Marches
13. Peter Leatham : Hornpipe Medley
14. James Brown : Rose Polka
15. Daniel Wyper : Scotch reels - Roll Her On the Hill / Soldier's Joy / Clean Peastrae / Fairy Dance
16. 'Pamby dick' : Stirling Castle Strathspey
17. Peter Wyper : two step - The Dancing Dustman
18. Jack Williams : Bit o'Blarney
19. Peter Leatham : The Laird o'Drumblair
20. William Hannah : Duke of Perth
21. Peter Leatham : Sammie's Schottische
22. Peter Wyper : Lion Quadrilles Figure 4
23. Fred Cameron : Rights of Man Hornpipe
24 Peter & Daniel Wyper : Doon the Burn March
25. 'Pamby Dick' : Irish Reels






































TSCD515 'From the heart of the tradition'


1. Queen Amang the Heather
2. Twa Brothers
3. False, False
4. Hatton Woods
5. Glencoe
6. Bogie's Bonnie Belle
7. The Mill o' Tifty's Annie
8. Wi' My Dog & Gun
9. Blackwaterside
10. Mantle So Green
11. Blue Bleesin' Blind Drunk
12. Willie Leonard
13. Echo Mocks the Corncake
14. The Moving On Song
15. Oxford Tragedy
16. Inverness-shire
17. The Convict's Song
18. A Health To All True Lovers
19. The Nobleman's Wedding
20. The Parting Glass






































SPRC1022 'An Island Heritage'


1. Donald MacLean's Farewell

2. Cameron's Got His Wife Again

3. March

4. Reels

5. Strathspeys

6. Dark Island

7. Srathspeys

8. Jigs

9. The Ale is Dear

10. Calum Crubach as a Ghleann

11. Reels

12. Conundrum

13. Highland Harry

14. Jig of Slurs

15. Devil in the Kitchen

16. Hornpipes

17. Cuttie's Wedding

18. Puirt a Beul; Jigs

19. Reels.








































SPRCD1038 'Singin is Ma Life'


1. A Sailor Lad an a Tailor Lad

2. The Bonnie Blue Hankie

3. The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow

4. If I Had the Wings of a Swallow

5. My Wee Doggie

6. The Cobbler

7. Rigs o' Rye

8. The Derby Ram

9. No One to Welcome You Home

10. Down by the Green Bushes

11. Poor Little Joe

12. The Boston Smuggler

13. Mill o' Tiffy's Annie

14. Wi His Grey Baird Newly Shaven

15. The Ring Your Mother Wore

16. Emphy Saddles; Barbara Allen

17. What Can a Young Lassie

18. A Braw Young Sailor Lad

19. Will the Angels Play the Harps for Me

20. Bonnie Udny

21. The Rovin Ploughboy.








































SPRCD1039 'Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan'

1. Gruel

2. Rhynie

3. Lothian Hairst /Hairsters' Reel

4. Cruel Mother

5. Hash o' Benagoak

6. Bogie's Bonnie Belle

7. Glenlogie

8. Bonnie Udny

9. Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie

10. Sleepytoon

11. Mormond Braes

12. The Hairst o' Rettie

13. Macfarlan o' the Sprotts

14. Plooboy Lads; Drumdelgie

15. The Battle of Harlaw /The Desperate Battle

16. Banks of Inverurie

17. Barnyards o' Delgaty.




















































SPRCD1042 They Smiled as we Cam in


1 Jock HawkÕs Adventures 2.00
2 The Fair o Balnafinnan 3.03
3 The Last o the Clydesdales 2.20
4 The Nutting Girl 3.48
5 Bonnie Ship the Diamond 3.50
6 CalderÕs Clear Stream 3.08
7 Glenlogie (Bonnie Jean o Bethelnie) 2.16
8 Grat for Gruel 3.36
9 Banks of Newfoundland 3.26
10 Atween Stanehive & Laurencekirk 3.39
11 Rhynie 3.53
12 The Bleacher Lassie 2.26
13 My Auld Sheen 3.07
14 Dowie Dens o Yarrow 4.20
15 Ye Boys o Callieburn 2.20


















































SPRCD1043 Over the High Hills


1 The Auld Beggarman 6.47
2 Johnnie Gallacher 3.35
3 Jimmy Drummond 2.55
4 Robin Hood and the Pedlar 3.33
5 Barbara Allen 5.49
6 Fan Diemen's Land 4.22
7 Rovin Eye/ Castlegate 4.32
8 The Banks o Airdrie 4.31
9 The Plooman's Due 2.58
10 John Barleycorn 5.37
11 Earl Richard 4.02
12 Bonnie George Campbell 3.11
13 Willie's Lyke Wake 5.13
14 The Bonnie Wee Lassie 2.56
15 Night Visiting Song 5.26



























































CD1743 Scotland


1. The Glasgow Police Band: Marches.

2. Ewan McColl: The Chevaliers' Muster Roll

3. Town Band and citizens: The Souters of Selkirk.

4. Ewan McColl: Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch;

5. Mrs McGrath: My Love is Like a Red Red Rose.

6. Ewan McColl: The Dowie Dens of Yarrow.

7. Isla Cameron:  O Can ye Sew Cushions?

8. Children of Norton Park School: I Am a Little Orphan Girl /I Paula Tee Paula Taska /Now the War is Over. Jackie Mearns and group of children: The Wind Blows High.

9. Elizabeth Barclay: Bressay Lullabye.

10. Tom Anderson and Willie Johnson: The Hen's March to the Midden.

11. John Strachan: The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie

12. John Strachan: Glenlogie

13. Blanche Wood: Portnockie Girl.

14. Hamish Henderson: Tail Toddle / Wap and Rowe.

15. Jimmy Shand: The Laird of Drumblair / The De'il Amang the Tailors.

16. Jimmy MacBeath: Come All ye Tramps and Hawkers;

17. J C Mearns and friends: Sleepytoon.

18. Jimmy MacBeath: MacPherson 's Lament.

19. John Strachan: The Tinkler's Waddin.

20. Annie Nicholson and group: Tha mulad, tha mulad.

21. Rena MacLean and group: Braighe Loch Iall.

22. Kitty MacLeod: Làrach do thacaidean.

23. John MacLeod and John MacInnis: Dili o idilum /Thoir a nall Ailean.

24. Kate Nicholson: Till an crodh, laochan.

25. Annie Johnston: Thig, a chuinneag, thig; Fuirich an diug.

26. Allan MacDonald: Iomairibh eutrom hó ró.

27. Calum Johnston: Thug mi gaol dhuit.

28. Annie Johnson: Fuirich an diugh.

29. From Lewis: Héman dubh hi rì oro.

30. Hó na filibhig chunnacas bata.

31. From Benbecula: Eho hao rì ó

32. Fail il eileadh.

33. Mary Morrison: The Reel of Tulloch and Mrs MacLeod of Raasay.

34. Group of Barra women: Hó ali ili.

35. John Burgess: Caberfeidh (Strathspey) /MacIntosh's Lament (Pibroch).

36. Iain Murray: Gaelic Psalm.

37. Kitty MacLeod and eight women: A phiuthrag's a phiuthar;

38. Penny Morrison: 'S mise chunnaic vn t-iongnadh.

39. Calum Johnston: Clach mhin mheallain;

40. Ig ig igein.

41. Flora MacNeill: Och, a Theàrlaich òig Stiùbhairt;

42. Kitty MacLeod and group: 'S fliuch an oidhche.

43. Flora MacNeill: Cairistiona.






































RCD1720 'The Queen Amongst the Heather'


1. The Reel of Tullochgorum

2. When My Apron Hung Low

3. She'd a lot of old songs (interview)

4. Son David

5. It's a true song (interview)

6. The Battle of Harlaw

7. Wi' My Rovin' Eye

8. Never Wed an Old Man

9. The Moon Shined on My Bed Last Night

10. The Laird of the Dentidoonbye

11. The Handsome Cabin Boy

12. I doubt she could have been a good girl! (interview)

13. She Was a Rum One

14. Lord Lovatt

15. Introduction to 'Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie'

16. Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie

17. Commentary on 'Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie'

18. The Queen Among the Heather.







































RCD1833 'Go on Sing another Song'


1. The Tarves Rant

2. The Hash O Bennagoak

3. Last Night I Was in the Granzie

4. Onything at all for a few coppers

5. Mormond Braes

6. Go on, sing another song

7. Tramps and Hawkers

8. A wagon of their own

9. McGinty's Meal and Ale

10. The first song that I ever learned

11. MacPherson's Rant

12. [Auld Jock] Bruce O the Fornet

13. Nicky Tams

14. The Highland Tinker

15. Maggie the Milkmaid

16. The Dying Ploughboy

17. Jamie Raeburn

18. Bing Avree Billy

19. The Dowie Dens of Yarrow


































RCD1834  'Tramps & Hawkers'


1. Tramps and Hawkers

2. Drumdelgie

3. The Jolly Carter Lad

4. A dash good drink from the farm servants

5. The Moss O Burreldale

6. The Muckin O Geordie's Byre

7. MacPherson's Lament

8. It Always Beats Up the Ten Minutes Yet

9. Mormond Braes

10. Bonny Portsoy you're aa ma ain

11. The Dowie Dens O Yarrow

12. A threed of blue song (interview)

13. John Anderson My Jo

14. Fined five pounds

15. Teribus

16. Pirns o thread an needles an packets o preens

17. The Gallant Forty-Twa

18. Too verocious like they were hot in the blood

19. McCafferty was a great soldier (interview)

20. McCafferty

21. I'd get shot (interview)

22. I wasn't so far advanced as get tied up

23. Down by the Magdalene Green

24. The Auld Quarry Knowe

25. Bogie's Bonny Belle

26. Neeps Tae Pluck

27. Tramps and Hawkers







































RCD1835 'Songs from Aberdeenshire'


1. The Hairst O Rettie

2. The Miller of Straloch

3. Glenlogie

4. The Beggar Man

5. Rhynie

6. The Merchant's Son

7. The Minister's Daughters They Were There

8. Fin the Bed Began tae Heat

9, Binnorie O Binnorie

10. The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter

11. The Stootest Man in the Forty Twa

12. Bonny Udny

13. The Bonny Lass of Fyvie

14. Clyde's Water

15. The Laird O Drum

16. Robin Hood

17. MacPherson's Rant

18. Johnnie O Braidislie

19. The Guise O Tough

20. The Bogheid Crew

21. Harrowing Time

22. Where the Gadie Rins

23. Lang Johnnie More

24. I Had Some Far Better Verses Than That







































RCD1793-2 'Two gentlemen of the Road'



1. The Merchant's Son
2. Cowpin the Dishes (interview)
3. Hey Barra Gadgie
4. It Wis Aa Beggin That We Did (Interview)
5. Kindness From A Policeman (Interview)
6. Grat For Gruel
7. How To Build A Bender (Interview) 
8. Chantin, Griddlin, And Laldyin (Interview)
9. The Day We Went To Rothesay-Oh
10. Playing For An All-Night Hooley (Interview)
11. March, Strathspey and Reel

12. Were You Always Alone? (Interview)
13. The Forfar Sodger
14. They Put A Different Turns In Their Tunes / Diddling (Interview)
15. Outside, On The Safe Side (Interview)
16. The Ox And The Fox Dug A Hole For Me (Story)
17. It's A Long Drow At The End (Interview)
18. Old Bodies, Five Or Six Pounds Each (Berker Story)
19. Did They Kill Children As Well? (Berker Story, Continued)


1. My Darling Ploughman Boy
2. From the Top of the Deck (interview)
3. Ah Likit Ma Mother (Interview) 
4. He Used To Diddle A Lot O Songs (Interview)
5. We Are Called The Buchan Stewarts (Interview)
6. Dark-Eyed Lover
7. It Wis A Slave Drivery (Interview)
8. The Barnyards Of Delgaty
9. Singin Along At Their Plough (Interview)
10. The Laird O Dainty Doonby
11. The Horseman's Grip And Word (Ritual Initiation Story)
12. It Wis Torn, Rippit, Tattered (Song Fragment And Interview)
13. The Trooper And The Maid
14. The Story Lives Forever (A Story Of Fairy Abduction)









































ROUCD1795 Singing in the Streets


1 London Bridge
2 My Girl's A Corker
3 I've A Sweetheart In America
4 There Are Hundreds Of These
5 The Night Was Dark
6 Harry Lauder and Mussolini Are Dead
7 As I Went Down To Windsor
8 Chinese Government / Interview
9 The Wind, The Wind
10 Poor Mary Sat A-Weeping
11 Here's A Poor Widow
12 Little Sally Walker
13 On the Mountain
14 All The Boys In London
15 The Big Ship Sails

16 In And Out The Windows
17 Up Against The Wall

18 I Paula Tay Paula Taska / Interview
19 Here Comes A Bluebird
20 My Father Bought The Little Coat
21 A Tisket A Tasket
22 In And Out The Dusty Bluebells
23 He's a Navvy
24 Mother, Mother, I Am Ill
25 PK Penny Packet / Mrs Mopp / Chicka Tony
26 One Two Three Alairy
27 Eevy Ivy Over / Interview
28 All The Way To London Town / Interview
29 Queen Elizabeth Lost Her Shoe
30 It Has To Come Out Quite Unconsciously
31 Down in the Valley
32 There's Usually An Argument Which One's Which
33 Jelly On The Plate
34 Cowboy Joe / Ippetty Soopitty
35 My Mother / My Little House
36 Eetle Ottle, Black Bottle
37 Flip Flop
38 One Two Three Four Five
39 My Name Is Sweet Jenny
40 I'm A Little Orphan Girl
41 Broken Hearted, I Wander
42 The Bonny Sailor Boy / Interview
43 When I Was Single
44 An Angel Said To Me
45 All That Shivers / Canaan's Shore / The Burning Deck
46 The World Must Be Coming To An End
47 Robert Burns
48 Put Him In The Bathtub
49 I'm Goin Awa In The Train
50 Paddy Knight
51 When I Was Young
52 Chairlie / The Cotton Spinners / The 42nd
53 Geese, Ducks, Stones, Fires and Rain
54 Aunty Mary Had A Canary / Wee O'Hara
55 The Donkey / The Croft / The Policeman
56 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?






































SLPYCD001 'The Bothy Ballads of N.E. Scotland Vol.1'


1. Sleepytoon Jock Duncan
2. Bandy's Roup Tam Reid
3. A Pair o' Nicky Tams  Joe Aitken
4. The Foreman at Drum Gordon Easton
5. The Buchan Bobby Eric Simpson
6. Oor Fairm Toon Tam Reid
7. Barnyards o' Delgaty Joe Aitken
8. Bonnie Mill Dams o' Binnorie Jock Duncan
9. The Mains o' Drummuir Eric Simpson
10. The Coortin' in the Stable Gordon Easton
11. The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre Joe Aitken
12. Muckle Friday Fair Tam Reid
13. Aikey Brae Jock Duncan
14. The Mains o' Pittendree Gordon Easton
15. MacFarlan o' the Sprotts o' Burnieboozie Eric Simpson







































SLPYCD002 'The Bothy Ballads of N.E. Scotland Vol.2'


1. The Festival o’ Keith Tam Reid
2. The Halflin (Brose A’ Day) Eric Simpson
3. The Traivlin’ Mull Gordon Easton
4. The Bonnie Lass o’ Fyvie Joe Aitken
5. The Plooin’ Match Jock Duncan
6. Drumdelgie Frank McNally
7. The Far Famed Fite Turra Coo Geordie Murison
8. The Hash o’ Bennagoak Eric Simpson
9. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle Joe Aitken
10. The Muckle Gawkit Gype Tam Reid
11. Camaloun Jock Duncan
12. Neeps Tae Pluck Joe Aitken
13. The Buchan Gairdner Tam Reid
14. The Alford Cattle Show Eric Simpson
15. The Dying Ploughboy
Jock Duncan











































SLPYCD003 'The Bothy Ballads of N.E. Scotland Vol.3'


1. The Lispin Leghorn Joe Aitken
2. Sleepytoon John Mearns
3. Country Geordie Tam Reid
4. Pirn Taed Loonie Jock Duncan
5. The Moss o’ Burreldale Frank McNally
6. Gruel Jimmy McBeath
7. The Guise o’ Tough Geordie Murison
8. Imm-Hmm Tam Reid
9. Swaggers Jock Duncan
10. I Am A Miller Tae My Trade Davie Stewart
11. The Buchan Plooman Joe Aitken
12. The Ball o’ Kirriemeer John McDonald
13. Glenlogie John Strachan
14. Goat of the W.R.I. Frank McNally
15. McGinty’s Meal and Ale John Malcolm
































SLPYCD012 'The Bothy Ballads of N.E. Scotland Vol.4'


1. Bonnie Ythanside

2. The Strae Man

3. Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin

4. The Postie

5. The Mains O' Fogieloan

6. The Forfar Sodger

7. It's Lonely In The Bothy

8. The New Lum Hat

9. Ye Canna Pit It On Tae Sunday

10. It's Afa Like It's Father

11. My Big Kilmarnock Bonnet

12. The Buchan Miller

13. The Tinkler's Waddin'

14. The Merchant's Son

15. The Waddin' O' McGinnis



































SLPYCD010 'The Green Woods Gaen'


1. Breemie’s Bonnie Dother
2. The Diamond Ship
3. The Strae Man
4. Jamie Foyers
5. Bonnie Ythanside
6. Lang Johnny More
7. The Moss o’ Burreldale
8. Come A’ Ye Fisher Lassies
9. The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre
10. The Flower o’ Northumberland
11. Tatties and Herrin
12. Johnnie o’ Cocklesmeer
13. The Scranky Black Fermer
14. MacPherson’s Rant
15. The Weddin’ o’ McGinnis
16. Sir Patrick Spens
17. The Last Trip Home





































MTCD308 'Ythanside'


1. The Jolly Ploughboy
2. I Once had a Boy
3. The Bleacher Lass
4. Aikey Brae
5. The Poor and Single Sailor
6. The Banks of Allan Water
7. The Faithful Sailor Boy
8. False Henry
9. The Buchan Bobby
10. Green Grows the Laurel
11. Jim my Raeburn
12. Go and Leave Me
13. Down in the Valley
14. You Gave Me Your True Love
15. My Grannie's Old Armchair
16. Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
17. Kissing in the Dark
18. Donside
19. The Dying Plooman









































MTCD313 'The Broom Looms Bonny'


1. Ye'll Gang tae the Pawn
2. The Laird o' Roslyn's Doughter
3. Oor Young Lady
4. Tam McKissock and the Mermaid - Story
5. Sheath and Knife
6. Paul Jones
7. Achnachie Gordon
8. The White Worm o' the Clachan - Story
9. The Bonny Hind
10. Bogie Man
11. She Wadna Dae It
12. Katharine Johnston
13. The Carline Stane - Story
14. William and Lady Marjorie
15. The Auld Man's Fareweel



































MTCD335-6  In memory of Lizzie Higgins


CD One

1. Three Gypsies
2. Johnny My Man
3. Bonny Udny
4. Banks of Red Roses
5. Proud Lady Margaret
6. Tammie Toddle
7. Beggarman
8. Adieu to Bogieside
9. College Boy (Young Craigston)
10. Sandy is a Sailor
11. Twa Brithers
12. Dottered Auld Carle
13. Deein Plooboy (The Term)
14. Maid of Glenshee
15. Forester
16. She's Only My Old Shoes (The False Bride)


CD Two

1. Alison Gross
2. Auld Roguie Grey
3. Lassie Gatherin Nuts
4. Lord Lovat
5. Macaphee Turn the Cattle
6. MacCrimmon's Lament
7. Cruel Mother
8. Soo Sewin Silk
9. What a Voice (I Wish, I Wish)
10. Muir o Culloden
11. Up and Awa wi the Laverock
12. Butcher Boy
13. London Lights
14. Son David
15. Betsy Bell
16. MacDonald of Glencoe
17. Johnny Sangster
18. Young Emslie





































Kyloe100 Travellers Tales Volume 1


1. Johnny You're a Rover - Duncan Williamson
2. The Lady and the Blacksmith - Duncan Williamson
3. Bonny George Campbell - Duncan Williamson
4. Conversation on Jack Tales - Duncan Williamson
5. Story: Hump-Back Jack - Duncan Williamson
6. The Dowie Dens o Yarrow - William Williamson
7. Story: The White Butterfly - Duncan Williamson
8. Down in Yonder Bushes - Duncan Williamson
9. Tifty's Annie - Stanley Robertson
10. Story: Jack Goes Back to School - Duncan Williamson
11. Hind Horn - Duncan Williamson







































Kyloe101 Travellers Tales Volume 2


1. Medley of Children's Songs - Stanley Robertson
2. The Trees They Are High - Duncan Williamson
3. Those Men of the Forest - Duncan Williamson
4. Story: Jack & the Three Jewels - Stanley Robertson
5. John Barleycorn - Duncan Williamson
6. The Golden Vanity - Duncan Williamson
7. Young Emslie - Gabrielle Ijdo
8. Queen Jane - Duncan Williamson
9. The Butcher Boy - Duncan Williamson
10. Johnny o the Brine - Stanley Robertson
11. Fortune Turns the Wheel - Duncan Williamson
12. Story: The Silkie's Revenge - Duncan Williamson
13. Closing Our Camping Ground Down - Duncan Williamson










































Kyloe102 'Borderers'


1. Set of Jigs - Marian Anderson.
2. The Canny Shepherd Laddie o the Hills - Cathie Johnson.
3. The Brundenlaws - Willie Beattie.
4. Parnell’s March /The Marquis of Lorne - George Brown.
5. Hmm, Hmm - Jock Anderson.

6. The Wee Toon Clerk - Douglas Birch.
7. Boys o Boys - Kathy Hobkirk.
8a. Get Up Old Wife - Wendy Lough.

8b. Medley of Children’s Songs - Elsie Birch.
9. Two Marches - David Anderson.

10. Jimmy Raeburn - Dougie Scott.
11. The Border Hunt Ball - Cathie Johnson.
12. The Brothers - Duncan Williamson.

13. Waltz - Marian Anderson.
14. The Lads That Were Reared Among Heather - Jock Anderson.
15. MacAllister’s Dance Before the King - Sandy Scott.
16. The Threshing Machine - Dougie Scott
17. The Dowie Dens of Yarrow - Willie Beattie.
18. The Christenin’ - Kathy Hobkirk.

19. Set of Reels - David Anderson.
20. Lassie Wi the Yellow Coatie - Douglas Birch.
21. The Belfast Hornpipe - George Brown.
22. Johnny Armstrong - Willie Beattie.

23. Set of Reels - Marian Anderson.
24. Pete McGee - Jock Anderson.

25. Whack-Fa-Doodle - Dougie Scott.
26. The Packman - Cathie Johnson.
27. Tunes for the Gay Gordons - David Anderson.
28. Bruntfauld - Willie Beattie.

29.The Flowers of the Forest - Fred Baxendale.







































Kyloe104 'The Swans on the Loch'


1. Welcome
2. The Swans on the Loch
3. The Worthy Blacksmith
4. The Ghost of Tiel
5. The Three Feathers

6. Fionn and Grainne
7. Crippled Norman
8. Brian and Deidre
9. Farewell


































Kyloe107 'Hamish Henderson Collects'


1.The Nonsense Song

2. Willie Cumming

3. It Wisnae My Fortune To Get Her

4. Fair Rosie Ann & Bonny Baby Livingston

5. The Picket Hoose At E'en

6. As I Went Oot Ae Merry May Morning

7. A Mhàiri Bhàn Òg

8. Auld Jock Bruce O The Fornet

9. The Braes O Strathblane

10. The Lassies In The Coogate / Maggie A-Milking / The Gallant Forty Twa

11. The Tinker

12. The Lowlands Of Holland

13. The Douglas Tragedy

14. Peggy and The Soldier

15. My Bonny Brown Boy

16. Na Hi A Hù Chalamain & Mo Nighean Donn Ho-Gù

17. A Pity I Forgot Me Fiddle

18. Three Good Advices





































Kyloe110 Hamish Henderson Collects Volume 2


1. Willie Mitchell - Nancy's Whiskey.

2. Jimmy Whyte - The Swan Swims so Bonnie.
3. Annie Arnott - Hùbhihàbhi & Iain Mór Fada Gobhlach.
4. Donald MacMartin - The Gardener's Bride.

5. 'Chattie' - Hey Barra Manishee.
6. Willie Mitchell - Glen Breakerie.

7. Rab Morrison - The Starlaw Disaster.
8. Rab Morrison - O My Love is but a Miner.

9. Margaret Birnie - Heather Jock.
10. Donald MacMartin - Fareweel tae Glasgow Green.

11. Ali Dall - Am Bròn Binn.
12. John MacDonald - Jimmy Rose.

13. Martha Stewart - Child Norris.
14. Annie Arnott - Iomaraibh Eutrom.

15. Andrew Stewart - 'The Daemon Lover'.
16. Willie Mitchell - Donal McLean's Coo.

17. Martha Reid - Falkirk Fair.
18. John MacDonald - Blervie Mains.

19. William Sharp Lonie - The Laird o the Drum.
20. Donald MacMartin - Feeing for a Maid.

21. Hamish Henderson - The Rambling Beauty.
22. Willie Johnson - The White Milk Deer.







































YCD03 Sook and Blow


1. Irish Waltz Medley Alan Bisset

2. Atholl Highlanders Donald Davidson

3. Ane Will Powrie

4. The Buchan Waltz Goerge Morris

5. The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre William Hannah

6. Lady Mary Ramsay Peter Wyper

7. Highland Wedding Donald Davidson

8. Irish Medley Jimmy Shand

9. Cock O' the North Willie Kemp

10. Roll her on the Hill Danial Wyper

11. The Buchan Fox George Morris

12. Father Flynn Peter Wyper

13. Money musk Donald Davidson

14. March, Strathspey and Reel Will and Ian Powie

15. The Middy March James Andrews

16. The Sword Dance Pamby Dick

17. Inverness Gathering Donald Davidson

18. Twa Willie Powrie

19. American Medley The Silver City Harmonica Band






































YCD12 Three Melodeons and a Piano


CD1  Bill Stuart & Lena Garden
1. Irish Medley
2. The Keel Row Medley
3. Waltz
4. Marching Medley
5. The Black Mask Waltz
6. Uncle Joshua
7. Scotch Medley
8. Scott Skinner Medley
9. Wheels Medley
10. The Yellow Rose of Texas Medley
11. Waltz
12. Robert Burns Medley
13. John Brown Medley
14. Maggie Medley
15. Roses in Bloom
16. Harry Lauder Medley

CD2.  Fred Davidson & Margaret Smith
1. 10th Battalion HLI Crossing the Rhine
2. Duke of Perth Medley
3. Happy Harry Medley
4. Gay Gordons
5. March
6. Old Fashioned Medley
7. The Meeting of the Waters
8. Waltz
9. Australian Ladies
10. Bunty & Fred’s Ruby Wedding
11. American Medley
12. Loch Ruan Medley
13. Scottish Waltz
14. Kirkwall Bay and Bothy Ballads
15. John MacDonald’s March










































SDP03 King of the Button Box

1. The Dashing White Sergeant
2. Scottish Waltz - Loch Lomond : Ca’ the Yowes to the Knowes; Westering Home
3. Campbell’s Frolic - Intro: Campbell’s Frolic : Lord Cathcart : Monkridge Lassies
4. Dalkeith’s Strathspey - Dalkeith’s Strathspey : Colonel Byng’s Favourite : Miss Betsey Robertson
5. The Veleta
6. Miss Cahoon’s Reel  - Miss Cahoon’s Reel : Miss Rae of Eskgrove : Alyth Burn
7. The Shepherd’s Crook - The Duke of Gordon
8. Peggy O’Neill - Peggy O’Neil : Till We Meet Again : Wyoming Lullaby
9. Medley of Reels - Corn Rigs : Old Bog Hole : The Punch Bowl
10. Gay Gordons No. 1 - Gay Gordons : Australian Ladies : 74th. Highlanders
11. Set of Strathspeys - The Bridge of Nairn : Tom’s Highland Fling : Cameron’s Got his Wife Again
12. Scottish Waltz  - The Auld Hoose : Rothesay Bay : Bonnie Gallowa’ : Braes Aboon Bonawe
13. Primrose Polka
14. Looking for a Partner
15. St. Bernard’s Waltz - Snow in Summer (Hannah)
16. Haddo House - Mrs. David Gordon of Haddo : Miss Alice S.R. MacLennan : Jeanie’s Blue E’en : Meldrum House
17. Queen Mary Waltz
18. De’il Amang the Tailors - De’il Amang the Tailors : Lucky Scaup : The Mason’s Apron

1. Gay Gordons - The Dundee Military Tattoo : The 25th’s Farewell to Meerut
2. St Bernard’s Waltz
3. MacDonald of Sleat - Dovecote Park
4. Set of Strathspeys - Lord Lyndoch : The Duke of Gordon : Laird O’ Thrums : Lady Ann Hope
5. Isle of Skye - Twa Bonnie Maidens : Lass o’ Patie’s Mill : Claverhouse Reel
6. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean : Won’t You Buy My Pretty Flowers
7. Middling Thank You - Middling Thank You : The Banks o’ the Allan : The Drunken Parson
8. Peggy’s Love - Peggy’s Love : Kirrie Kebbuck
9. Ladies’ Fancy - Peggie’s Wedding : Drummond Castle : Elizabeth Adair
10. Hesitation Waltz
11. Dashing White Sergeant - Dashing White Sergeant : My Love She’s but a Lassie Yet : The Rose Tree
12 Grant’s Reel - Mrs. Douglas of Springwood Park : Lady Lucy Ramsay
13. Waltz - Doonaree
14. Irish Jigs - Donnybrook Boy : Biddy from Sligo : Irish Washerwoman
15. Barn Dance - Maggie and Jock
16 Set of Strathspeys - Miss Drummond of Perth : Braes of Tullimet : Miss Drummond of Grantully : Captain Campbell
17. Strathglass House - Mr. Muir MacKenzie’s Favourite : Crow Hillock : Fiddler’s Joy
18. Buchan Waltz - The Northern Lights of Aberdeen








































SDP09 King of the Button Box - Volume Two



1. Happy Hours

2. Jimmy's Fancy

3. The Cobbler Waltz

4. Back of Benachy medley

5. Circassian Circle

6. Balmoral Highlanders medley

7. Eightsome reel

8. Listening Waltz

9. Athlone jigs

10. The Borderers slow march

11. Scott Skinner Selection

12. The Pride of Erin

13. Rocky Mountain medley Part 1

14. March, Strathspey & Reel

15. Crackaboot - Scottish quickstep

16. Irish Waltz & Jig

17. La Russe

18. St. Valery reel



1. The Black dance

2. The Dancing Dustman

3. Shand's Irish special

4. Rocky Mountain med Part 2

5. Piper's Wedding medley

6. Highland Pastoral

7. Strathmore Whirl Strathspey

8. St Bernard's waltz

9. When the Battle's O'er medley

10. March, Strathspey & Reel

11. The Jiggin'

12. L'Entrainante Valse

13. Country dance selection

14. Highalnd Schottische

15. The Balkan Hills medley

16. Scottish Waltzes

17. The Hills of Home

18. Jacky Tar Dance set






































Legacy10CD The Best Bothy Album Ever!


1. The Blue Gray Coo

2. Barnyards o' Delgaty

3. Bonnie Wee Trampin' Lass

4. The Buchan Plooman

5. The Dying Loughboy

6. The Moss o' Burreldale

7. Aikey Brae

8. The Kissin' in the Dark

9. Lang Lang Syne

10. Sleepytoon

11. A Pair o' Nicky Tams

12. Goat of the Rural

13. McGinty's Meal and Ale

14. The Hash o' Bennagoak

15. Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin

16. Rothesbay Bay

17. MacFarlane o' the Sprotts o' Burnieboozie

18. Tramps and Hawkers

19. Auld Maid in the Garret
























































Legacy02CD The Very Best of Will Starr


1. The Atholl Highlanders

2. Medley of Hornpipes

3. Martelette Polka

4. Jacqueline Waltz

5. Quickstep Medley

6. Waltz-Hills o' the Clyde

7. Dashing White Sergeant

8. Circassian Circle

9. Cuckoo Waltz

10. Bluebird Polka

11. Household Brigade

12. Serenade

13. Happy Hours Polka

14. Lass o' Bon Accord

15. Bluebells of Scotland

16. Kate Dalrymple

17. Ash Grove

18. Medley of Hornpipes 2

19. There's a long long Trail

20. Under the Double Eagle

21. Waltz-Bonnie Strathearn

22. Hamilton House

23. Woodland Flowers

24. Kenmuir's on an awa

25. The Glasgow Highlanders
























































SLPYBUD01 King of the Scottish Accordionists Volume One

1. The Bluebell Polka

2. The Flowers of Edinburgh

3. Bourrasque

4. The Heather Polka

5. Gaelic Waltz

6. Under The Double Eagle

7. Atholl Highlanders

8. Robert Wilson Waltz

9. Kenmure’s On An’ Awa

10. Les Triolets

11. Chilliwack Barn Dance

12. The Household Brigade

13. Scottish Waltz

14. Scots Singalong Melodies

















































SLPYBUD02 King of the Scottish Accordionists Volume Two


1. Circassian Circle

2. Bonnie Anne

3. Reine de Mussette

4. Gay Gordons

5. The Cuckoo Waltz

6. Whistling Rufus

7. Bonnie Dundee

8. Robert Burns Waltz

9. Roxburgh Castle Set of Reels

10. Martelette

11. Highland Scottische

12. Scotland The Brave Medley

13. Scottish Waltz - No.2

14. Scots Singalong Melodies - No.2
























































Elgin01 Champions of Champions


1. The Muckin’ o'Geordie's Byre - The Brumley Brae Blin’ Lumps
2. The Muckle Gawkit Gype - Tarn Reid
3. The Alford Cattle Show - Eric Simpson
4. The Foreman at Drum - Gordon Easton
5. Neeps Tae Pluck - Joe Aitken
6. A Question o' Mainners - lan Middleton
7. The Halflin - Willie Clarke
8. The Far Famed File Turra Coo - John Malcolm
9. The Coortin’ in the Stable - Gordon Easton
10. The Plooin' Match - Jock Duncan
11. McFarlane o'the Sprots o’ Burnieboosie - Eric Simpson
12. Muckle Friday Fair - Tarn Reid
13. Drumdelgie - Frank McNally
14. Drumdelgie Nae Mair - lan Middleton
15. The Guise o’ Tough - Geordie Murison
16. The Buchan Plooman - Joe Aitken
17. The Dying Ploughboy - Jock Duncan
18. The Barnyards o’ Delgaty - The Brumley Brae Blin' Lumps












































CD AH002 Here's a Health to the Company


1: The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie - Gordon Easton
2: For Greenland We Are Bound - Jock Duncan
3: Down the Moor - Roisin White
4: Ye Canna Pit It on tae Sandy - Ron Bissett
5: Sir Patrick Spens - Duncan Williamson
6: Maids When You’re Young - Sheila Stewart
7: The Bonnie Hoose o Airlie - Stanley Robertson
8: The Lover’s Ghost - Alison McMorland & Kirsty Potts
9: The Muckin o Geordie’s Byre - Geordie Murison
10: The Plooman Laddies - Elizabeth Stewart & Alison McMorland
11: Bonnie Bessie Logan - Gordon Easton
12: Jock Hawk’s Adventures - Arthur Watson with Pete Shepheard & Tom Spiers
13: The Moorlough Shore - Roisin White
14: Muckle Friday Fair - Jim Taylor
15: Sae Will We Yet - Jock Duncan
16: Dae Ye Mind on Lang Lang Syne - Maggie Macrae
17: The Bonnie Hind - Norman Stewart
18: Twa Recruiting Sergeants - Geordie Murison
19: The Jolly Beggar - Elizabeth Stewart & Tom McKean
20: The Parting Glass - Sheila Stewart






















































CD AH003 For Friendship and for Harmony

1: Joe Aitken: Hairst o Rettie
2: Stanley Robertson: When I Wis New But Sweet Sixteen
3: Elizabeth Stewart: The Butcher Boy
4: Jock Duncan: Ythanside
5: Louis Killen: Bold Princess Royal
6: Chris Miles: I am Wearin Awa John
7: Stanley Robertson: Up a Wild and Lonely Glen
8: Norman Kennedy: Binnorie
9: Joe Aitken: Bogie’s Bonnie Belle
10: John Malcolm: Ferretin’
11: Elizabeth Stewart: The Cruel Mother
12: Jock Duncan: Guise o Tough
13: Louis Killen: When Fortune Turns the Wheel
14: Sheila Stewart: Lakes o Shillin
15: Joe Aitken: Ellon Feeing Market
16: Elizabeth Stewart: Yowie wi the Crookit Horn
17: Norman Kennedy: The Castlegate




































CD AH004 Some Rants o Fun


1: Gordon Easton Barnyards o Delgaty 4:09
2: Anita Best In Bristol there lived a Fair Damsel 3:51
3: Bob Blair The Collier Laddie 6:12
4: Maureen Jelks Bonnie Susie Cleland 6:40
5: Geordie Murison Atween Stanehive and Laurenkirk 2:51
6: Ellen Mitchell Young Johnstone 6:19
7: Anita Best The Bonnie Banks o Fordie 4:03
8: Ron Bissett Amang the Neeps and the Barley 2:22
9: Margaret Spiers A Fair Maid in her Garden Walking 4:02
10: Gordon Easton Briggie's Gerse Park 3:42
11: Duncan Williamson John Barleycorn 3:53
12: Anita Best The Union from St John's 4:48
13: Hamish Grant The Lassie and the Butcher 4:02
14: Susan McClure Traiveller's Joy 6:18
15: Gordon Easton The Beggar Man 5:14
16: Henry Douglas The Brundenlaws 3:59
17: Maureen Jelks Bonnie Glenshee 4:15




































CD AH005 The Last of the Clydedales


1: The Last of the Clydesdales
2: The Banks of Inverurie
3: The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie
4: The Barnyards o Delgaty
5: Bonnie Bessie Logan
6: Briggie’s Gerse Park
7: Fee’d tae the Drum
8: Jimmy Raeburn
9: My ain Native Buchan
10: The Laird o Drum
11: The Randy Piper
12: Yellow on the Broom
13: Mains o Pittendree
14: Muckin o Geordie’s Byre
15: The Beggar Man
16: The Tyrie Song
17: The Bleacher Lassie o Kelvinhaugh




































CD AH006 Nick Knack on the Waa


1. The Wee Toun Clerk : Gordeanna McCulloch

2. Beside Her Faither's Cottage : Alex Clarke

3. Fee'd Tae The Drum : Gordon Easton

4. The Gallant Forty Twa : Elizabeth Stewart

5. I  Must Away : Duncan Williamson

6. The Moss o Burreldale : Hector Riddell

7. I'm a Peer Rovin Lassie : Gordeanna McCulloch

8. The Bureau : Alex Clarke

9. The Muckin o Geordie's Byre : Gordon Easton

10. The Twa Brothers : Elizabeth Stewart

11. Bogie's Bonnie Belle : Hector Riddell

12. The Farmyard Gate : Jock Duncan

13. The Winter It Is Past : Vic Gammon

14. It's Aa Yin Tae Me : Ron Bissett

15. Parting Song : Chris, Aileen & Gordeanna

16. Robin Hood and the Pedlar : Peter Shepheard

17 .Nancy's Whisky : Steve Black

18. Catch Me If You Can : Pete Coe























































CD AH007 Grand to be a Working Man

1. In The Shade of The Lamp : Alex Clarke

2. Pretty Saro : Sara Grey

3. Grand To Be a Working Man : Brian Watson

4. I Once Loved a Boy : Ellen Mitchell

5. Often Drunk : Jimmy Hutchison

6. Low Down in The Broom : Shona Donaldson

7. Pirn-Taed Jockie : Jock Duncan

8. Redesdale and Wise William : Chris Coe

9. John Riley's Always Dry : Alex Clarke

10. The Merry Willow Tree : Sara Grey

11. Bonnie Wee Lassie : Tom Spiers

12. The Rue and The Thyme : Ellen Mitchell

13. The Keilder Hunt : Brian Watson

14. The Gypsy Laddies : Shona Donaldson

15. The Banks of Green Willow : Rod Stradling

16. Young Hunting : Sara Grey

17. Fair Drumallachie : Jock Duncan

18. The Overgate : Jimmy Hutchison

























































CDAH008 There's Bound to be a Row


1. Sleepytoon in the Morning : Jim Taylor

2.Robin Hood and the Tanner : Bob Lewis

3.My Auld Sheen : Chris Miles

4.Erin go Bragh : Jimmy Hutchison

5.Lady Jean : Jo Miller There's Bound to Be a Row : Henry Douglas

6. Rigs o Rye : Jim Taylor

7. The Oxen Ploughing : Bob Lewis

8. The False Lover Won Back : Jimmy Hutchison

9. The Battle o Harlaw : Jock Duncan

10. Whistle O'er the Lave O't : Jo Miller

11. Spread the Green Branches : Bob Lewis

12. The Lothian Hairst : Jimmy Hutchison

13. Sir Patrick Spens : Jock Duncan

14. Mill o Tiftie's Annie : Chris Miles

15. Bandy's Roup : Jim Taylor

16. The Drowned Lovers : Bob Lewis

17. The Parting Glass : Jo Miller




















































CDAH010 Hurrah, Boy, Hurrah


1. The Banks of Sacramento : Jeff Warner

2. The Nutting Girl : Phyllis Martin

3. Foreman at Drum : Geordie Murison

4. The Twa Brothers : Sheila Stewart

5. Cappy the Dog : Terry Conway

6. The Loss of the Royal George : Chris Coe & Annie Dearman

7. Lord Lovel : Jimmy Hutchison

8. The Girl I Left Behind Me : Jill Pidd

9. Barnyards o Delgaty : Joe Aitken

10. Hurrah Boys Hurrah : Jeff Warner

11/ Bobby Blue : Phyllis Martin

12. The Bleached Mutch : Geordie Murison

13. Johnnie o Graidie ; Peter Shepheard

14. Betsy Bell : Sheila Stewart

15. Dolli Ah : Terry Conway

16. The Deadly Wars : Jimmy Hutchison

17. Bonnie Laddie Ye Gang By Me : Jill Pidd

18. MacPherson’s Fareweel : Danny Couper & Carol Anderson

































































CDA011 The Little Ball of Yarn


1: Green Grows The Laurel : Len Graham
2: The Bold Fisherman : Emily Portman
3: Old Yorkie Watson : Brian Dawson
4: Nicky Tams : John Valentine
5: The Russian Jew : Elizabeth Stewart
6: Willie O : Len Graham
7: Princie and Jean : Joe Aitken
8: O Good Ale : Emily Portman
9: The Owls and the Mice : Brian Dawson
10: Aikey Brae : Duncan MacRae
11: Time Wears Awa : Emma Spiers
12: Dobbin’s Flowery Vale : Len Graham
13: Our Captain Calls : Emily Portman
14: Three Score and Ten : Brian Dawson
15: My Last Fareweel Tae Stirling : Jimmy Hutchison
16: The Little Ball of Yarn : Elizabeth Stewart
17: The Day I Met Wi Hector : John Valentine
18: The Bonnie Wee Shirt : Duncan MacRae
19: The Sweet Nightingale : Emily Portman
20: Over The Hills and Far Away : Len Graham
21: Ye Boys o Callieburn : Peter Shepheard

















































E1CD002 'Binnorie'


1 The Butcher's Boy
2 The Yowic wi the Crookit Horn
3 I'm a Big Strong Strapping Young Hlzzy
4 Lord Gordon's Bonnie Boys
5 Peer Wee Jockie Clark
6 The Foreign Sailor
7 The Russian Jew
8 The Gallant Rangers
9 Piano Tunes: Robert Stewart's Farewell to Holland /The Queen o the Dukker /The Cameron Highlanders
10 The Cruel Mother
11 Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen
12 The Jolly Beggar
13 Sailin, Sailin
14 The Wee Toon Clerk
15 Piano Tunes; The Hielan Wedding /The Land o Diurnblaii /The Blue Bells o Scotland


1 Binnorrie
2 I'm a Good Looking Widow
3 Jimmie Foyers
4 Hish-ee-ba
5 The Coast o Spain
6 Little Ball o Yarn
7 The Gypsy Laddies
8 Up Among the Heather
9 Come A' Ye Fisher Lassies
10 Piano Tunes: Auld Betty's Cairty /Jean Stewarts Tunes /Big Hamish
11 The Laird o the Dainty Doonby
12 Two Pretty Boys
13 Hey Donal, Ho Donal
14 I Aince Hid a Lass
15 Plooman Laddies
16 Piano Tunes: /The Maid o the Ugie /McKenzie Hay /The Barren Rocks o Aden


























































EICD003 Rum Scum Scoosh!


CD1 - The Songs

1. Backie Garden Party Songs

2. War Songs; American Influences

3. Silly Songs

4. Ropie Songs

5. Ball Songs

6. Clapping Songs

7. Mouth Music Songs

8. Boy-Girl Songs

9. Warning Songs

10. Roch Songs

11. Murder and Ghostie Songs

12. Song for a Girl

13. Special Occasions

14. Jingles; Parodies

15. Children's Songs

16. Advertising Songs

17. Songs with Dances

CD2 - The Stories

1.The Wee Bannock

2. Monkey See

3. Rum Scum Scoosh

4. The Old Woman in the Vinegar Bottle

5. Silly Jack

6. Nippit Fit

7. Clippit Fit

8. The Lass o Bennachie

9. The Tailor




































EICD004 The College Boy



1. The Yowe Buchts

2. Go Away from My Window

3. Green the Ganger

4. Dark Lowers the Night

5. Jeannie’s Black Ee

6. Lord Gregory

7. The Lark

8. The Prickly Bush

9. The Young Lass Gathering Nuts

10. My Love She Passed Me By

11. Robin Hood and the Pedlar

12. The Lake o Shaleen

13. The Shepherd Lad o Rhynie

14. The Bonnie Hoose o Airlie

15. My Auld Sheen

16, The Star o Banchory's Land

17. Willie o Winsbury

18. Johnnie ma Man

19. Son David



1. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle

2. Tullochorum

3. The Seasons

4. Glenogie

5. Macdonald of Glencoe

6. The Dowie Dens o Yarrow

7. The Fair o Balnafannan

8. The Merchant's Son

9. Sally Wis a Silly Girl

10. The Lobster

11. Lord Donald

12. Bonnie Udny

13. Gin I Were far the Gadie Rins

14. The Fair Flower o Northumberland

15. The Bonnie Banks o Airdrie

16. The College Boy



































OFFCD101 'as time goes on...'


1. The Parrot

2. Rosie

3. The Wooden Ball

4. The Three Wishes

5. Betsy Bell

6. Cod Liver Oil

7. The Trampman

8. Jock Stewart

9. Native Amarican Origin Story

10. Never Wed an Old Man

11. Appley and Orangey



















































































MG01 'On Ae Bonny Day'


1. The Lass of Glenshee

2. Tam Lin

3. Flora Mcdonald's Lament

4. The Border Widow's Lament

5. Both Sides of the Tweed

6. My Bonny Tammy

7. Dunbarton's Drums

8. The Cruel Mother

9. O Can Ye Sew Cushions

10. The Elfin Knight

11. The Silkie

12. Logie of Buchan

13. Lord Lovat

14. The Isle of Mull

15. The Banks of Green Willow

16. My Lagan Love

17. Jackie Munro

18. The Highland Widow's Lament

19. May Colvin

20. Ae Fond Kiss











































LTCD1008 'On Yonder Lea'


1. Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut
2. Clyde's Waters
3. Bonny Boy
4. Mary Mild
5. The Ewe Bughts
6. The Feein' Time
7. Waes Me for Prince Charlie
8. Far Over the Forth
9. Lady Mary Anne
10. Rue and Thyme
11. The Birken Tree
12. Aince Upon a Time
13. The Twa Brithers
14. O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast


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