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Men of Staithes

'Fisherman's Hymns and favourite songs'  


Staithes Fishermans' Choir

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The fishermen of the north Yorkshire coast have for years had a tradition of hymn singing and they sang not only at Sunday services but also at sea and in the village pubs at night.


In Staithes there were three chapels and a church and each had Its own choir. In the late 1950’s a fishermen’s choir, led by Mr Verrill, was formed and they gave concerts all around the district, as well as once travelling to Manchester for an industrial service.


The old choir, gave Its final performance at Slelghts In 1980, and the choir we have here was formed in 1985 wIth four of the old choir as members.


The Staithes Men’s Choir sing the traditional repertoire of fishermen’s hymns and sacred songs, some of which are rarely heard outside this area. They have also, over the years picked up some well-known folk songs. To many though, their popularity lies In their new songs written by one of their members, Joe Skilbeck who wrote their superb opening track ‘Men of Staithes’.



1  Men of Staithes
2  When the roll is called up yonder
3  Down in the valley
4  Heading for the harbour lights
5  Will the anchor hold
6  In my heart there rings a melody
7  Mingulay boat song
8  Beyond the sea
9  Jesus at thy command
10  Who will man the lifeboat
11  Fair stood the wind
12  Songs of the Islands
13  Shadows on the sea
14  The Pilot's psalm
15  Sloop John B
16  Mine eyes have seen the glory
17  Old-time preacher man

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