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Yon Green Banks

'Songs Sung in South Yorkshire’


Will Noble & John Cocking

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Will Noble and John Cocking have now been singing together for twenty one years and this CD celebrates the rich repertoire of songs they have learned in their native South Pennines.

Some songs come from their families while others have been handed down by the older generation of traditional singers, particularly at gatherings with the Holme Valley Beagles.

If you have seen Will and John perform, then you will find all your old favourites here. If you have not seen them perform, then you will enjoy some real Yorkshire singing.


Tracks (click on the title to see the words of each song and read notes about it)

1. Merry Mountain Child (3.32 )
2. Drink Old England Dry (3.28)
3. Old Snowball (3.33)
4. Lish Young Buy-A-Broom (4.14)
5. Friezland Ale (3.42)
6. Renshaw's Mule (3.30 )
7. Echoing Horn (2.50)
8. Little Jack (1.45)
9. Mrs Oldroyd (3.28)
10. The Jolly Waggoner (2.47)
11. The Nutting Girl (4.01)
12. The Muffin Man (2.29)
13. Over the Mountain (3.46)
14. A Man like Thee (3.05 )
15. Young Banker (3.31)
16. Gossip John (4.05)

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