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With thanks - Le buíochas

'traditional singing from Ireland’


Roisín White

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Roisín grew up in the Mourne mountains area in south Co. Down. Her mother was a fine singer and

the family home was full of music and song. Roisín’s love of song was furthered when she moved to Armagh to teach and was able to meet the many renowned traditional singers of the area. In recent years her reputation has grown and she has been invited to sing all over Ireland as well as in other countries across the world.


1. The Bleacher (3.18)
2. Bold Jack Donohue (3.07)
3. Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte (2.48)
4. Erin's Flowery Plains (2.41)
5. McGuinness (3.01)
6. Dobbin's Flowery Vale (3.56)
7. Pat O'Donnell (4.12)
8. Tandragee (2.25)
9. Erin the Green (3.52)
10. An Bonnán Buí - The Yellow Bittern (2.25)
11. Johnnie and Molly (3.06)
12. Mountain Streams (4.21)
13. Lass among the Heather (1.50)
14. The Lakes of Pontchartrain (2.35)
15. Cloughwater (2.39)


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