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It was on a market day - Two

English traditional folk singers’


Jeff Wesley (Northamptonshire) Frank Hinchliffe (Yorkshire) George Fradley (Derbyshire) Lucy Woodall (Worcestershire) Bob Lewis (Sussex) Francis Shergold (Oxfordshire) Walter Pardon (Norfolk) Will Noble (Yorkshire) Ted Chaplin (Suffolk) Ivor Hill (Gloucestershire) Johnny Doughty (Sussex) George Townshend (Sussex) Freda Palmer (Oxfordshire) Charlie Bridger (Kent) Charlie Hancy (Suffolk) Walt Stevens (Gloucestershire) The Cantwell Family (Oxfordshire) Ray Hartland (Gloucestershire)

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For people all over England, market day in their local town was an occasion to meet, shop and trade and it was also the one day that pubs were open all day. Not surprisingly, many old singers have said it was the occasion for a song or two to be sung. Here we have a celebration of traditional English unaccompanied singing, mainly from the southern half of the country, with performers from South Yorkshire to Gloucestershire and from Sussex to Derbyshire. These are not professional singers but working people who sing songs from their own rural and urban back-grounds, who would always be happy to meet up with other singers and entertain the crowd gathered in their local market tavern.


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1.   Hares on the Mountain Jeff Wesley  1.56
2.   Barbara Allen Frank Hinchliffe  2.02
3.   Rhubbub George Fradley  3.07
4.   Rosemary Lane Lucy Woodall  3.53
5.   Horn Fair Bob Lewis  2.08
6.   Needlecases Francis Shergold  2.06
7.   Black-eyed Susan Walter Pardon  4.36
8.   The May Song Jeff Wesley  1.20
9.   Poor Weaver's Daughter Will Noble  2.12
10. The Rose of No Man's Land Ted Chaplin  3.00
11. The Derby Ram George Fradley 0.40
12. List Our Merry Carol  Ivor Hill  4.33
13. Vessel in Distress /Yes I am contented Johnny Doughty  1.43
14. Last Valentine’s Day Bob Lewis  2.12
15. The Ploughboy's Joy George Townshend  2.32
16. Life of a Man Jeff Wesley  2.59
17. Villikins & Dinah Freda Palmer 1.54
18. Zulu Wars Charlie Bridger 4.29
19. Nellie O' Bobs Will Noble  2.13
20. The Volunteer Organist Charlie Hancy  4.34
21 .Old John Bradlum Francis Shergold  1.57
22. Good Morrow Mistress Bright Bob Lewis  2.03
23. Wonderful Musician Walt Stevens  0.57
24. Ninety-nine and Ninety Jeff Wesley  3.10
25. The Yorkshire Blinder The Cantwell Family  2.49
26. The Squire of Tamworth George Fradley  3.43
27. Ball of Yarn Ray Hartland  2.00
28. Stormy Winds do Blow Bob Lewis  2.25


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