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Proper Job!

‘Melodeon playing from Dartmoor recorded 1952-1988’


Bob Cann

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Bob Cann was a true son of his native Dartmoor, where he had been brought up in a family of music, learning tunes from several of his uncles.


He became known as one of England's best melodeon players and in the early days of the English Country Music revival he became the source of repertoire for many budding players.


This CD shows just how good he was, with the first recordings he made for the BBC in 1952 through to recording of him playing with his grandson Mark Bazeley who is now carrying on the family tradition (see VT139CD).


Twenty eight tracks of lively jigs, polkas, hornpipes, waltzes and barndances.





1. Schottische Hornpipe (0.40) /Schottische (0.37)

2. Heel & Toe Polka (0.46)

             /Seven Step Polka (1.03)

             /Uncle Jim’s Polka (0.50)

3. Stepdance tunes: Uncle George’s Hornpipe

             /Schottische Hornpipe

             /Tommy Roberts’ Hornpipe (3.08)

4. Harry Chubb’s Hornpipe /The Cokey Hornpipe (3.08)

5. Cross Hands Country Dance (0.56)

            /Uncle George’s Jig (1.02)

            /Uncle Jim’s Waltz /Kestor Rock (2.33)

6. Polka: Climbing up the Golden Stairs (1.21)

7. Woodland Flowers /Uncle Jim’s Barndance (2.56)

8. Lyrinka (2.22)

9. Ford Farm Reel /Cornish Quickstep (2.09)

10. Smash the Windows /New Rigged Ship (2.32)

11. The Stein Song - with Mark Bazeley, concertina (2.56)

12. Morpeth Rant - with Mark Bazeley, concertina (2.04)

13. Irish Waltzes - with Mark Bazeley, melodeon (2.52)

14. Ripple of the Teign - with Mark Bazeley, concertina (3.04)

15. To-Tore - with Mark Bazeley, melodeon (1.58)

16. Uncle Jim’s (When Daylight Shines) (1.31)

17. Barn Dance - with Mark Bazeley, concertina (4.48)

18. Family Waltzes - with Mark Bazeley, melodeon (3.04)

19. Stepdance to Uncle George’s Hornpipe with Mark Bazeley, melodeon (2.42)

20. The Primrose Polka (2.50)

21. Family Jig (2.00)

22. Harry Gidley’s Waltz (2.58)

23. Dorsetshire Hornpipe (1.55)

24. Hot Punch /Uncle’s Jig (4.00)

25. Uncle George’s Hornpipe played on Oscar Woods’ melodeon (1.28)

26. Manchester Hornpipe with Jim Small, mouthorgan and Ray Andrews, banjo (1.02)

27. Uncle George’s Waltz with Charlie Bate, piano accordion (1.20)

28. Dartmoor stepdancing with Charlie Bate, piano accordion (1.08)


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